How Often Do You Clean Your Engagement Ring?

by Engaged & Confused

How long did it take you to get used to wearing “The Ring?" A week? A month? For me, it was almost immediate. The moment I started wearing it, it felt like I had always worn it. It belonged to my great-grandmother and I love that it has some family history. And the first few weeks I wore it, I treated it like, well, the gold it's made out of. I have an irrational fear that our dog will eat it so I store it securely at bedtime in the nightstand. Of course, this will never, ever happen because he's not Marley from Marley and Me. (Never seen it? Netflix it, now. It's a perfect date night movie because it has Owen Wilson for you, Jennifer Aniston for him and a ridiculously adorable yellow lab for the both of you.)

Anyway, back to rings. Like I said, I treated my new bling with real reverence, especially during the first few weeks. That meant cleaning it daily…sometimes twice a day. And this seemed necessary, and, honestly, I still think it sort of was. The first thing thing everyone did after finding out we were engaged was look at my ring, so naturally I wanted it to look its best. I also made sure to get a pale pink manicure (Essie by Mademoiselle if you're interested; it's pretty much the perfect engagement ring pink, in my opinion) to complement and not overshadow it. When I cleaned my beloved bauble, I not only let it have a luxurious soak in the cleaning solution, but I even used that tiny little brush—the one that's so small it would make an excellent Barbie hairbrush—to gently scrub the surface of the diamonds. Now it's a little over a month later, and I still love my ring, but my nails are sometimes back to their polish-less state, and the ring itself? It's lucky to get a quick dip in the cleaning solution on my way out the door twice a week—a sponge bath for jewelry, if you will.

So, how often do you clean your e-ring? Do you get weekly manicures to show off your ring? Was it weird for you to get used to wearing your new favorite piece of jewelry? And how many of you also have heirloom rings? Tell us below!

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