Here's the Right Way to Share Your Wedding Registry With Guests

The process couldn't be easier.
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Sep 11, 2020

Once you've added every dream product to your wedding registry, you'll need to spread the word to guests. After all, your registry is the best way to let them know you want that bright red KitchenAid stand mixer or a Dyson vacuum for your newlywed nest. Determining how to share your wedding registry is an important part of the process—otherwise, if guests don't know where to access it, they won't be able to use the guided list you worked so hard to create. Luckily, it's quite easy to share your registry with guests. (And no, the information shouldn't go on your formal invitations.) Sharing your registry is essential, especially because loved ones will want to start buying wedding gifts as soon as possible. Plus, they'll want their gift to get plenty of use over the years. So, how do you share your wedding registry with guests? We break down the simple process here.

How to Share Your Wedding Registry

There's one ideal spot to house all registry information: your wedding website. Once guests have the link to your digital site, they'll gain access to every detail surrounding your wedding. Your wedding website is an ideal spot to share day-of details, directions, recommendations and your love story—and it's also the best place to showcase your registry. The Knot makes it as simple as possible to link your registry to your wedding website, that way all of your important gift information is kept in one spot. Not only is this easier for you and your S.O. to manage, it'll make the guest experience much simpler. They can use your wedding website to find a registry gift, get directions to your venue or even secure a hotel room from the block you've organized, among other things.

You might wonder why you can't simply put your registry info on formal invites, since that may seem like the easiest route. Traditional wedding etiquette says gifts aren't mandatory (though highly encouraged), along with how registry information on your invites could be interpreted as if you're expecting a gift. Instead, include an insert in your invitation suite with wedding website information. Since your registry will be linked to your site, guests will have immediate access to your curated wishlist.

It's also important to note, though, you can put registry information on bridal shower invitations too. Guests who are invited to a bridal shower will be prepared to purchase a gift anyway, and having the info on a less formal invitation is acceptable.

One final way to pass along your registry information is via word-of-mouth. Before guests have access to your wedding website, they could ask where you're registered so they know where to shop. (They might also ask your parents, your wedding party members or other guests.) Since loved ones will want to start buying wedding presents as soon as you get engaged, it's best to create your registry and wedding website as soon as possible. This will streamline the shopping process and ensure you get gifts you know you'll use. You don't have to finalize your wedding website or registry right away either. It's encouraged that you edit both frequently throughout the planning process. Include updated wedding details as they come together, and add more registry gifts as some get purchased so guests always have plenty of options.

It's for these reasons we recommend setting up a universal registry tool (like The Knot Registry). Having every gift in one, easy-to-access place will make the shopping experience exponentially easier for guests. Instead of navigating different store registries and a handful of URLs, your loved ones can browse gifts from every store in one spot on your wedding website. Plus, The Knot Registry Store allows guests to buy any gift without leaving our site. (Pretty convenient, right?) Or, if guests ask you where you're registered, it's easier to remember one store instead of three or four.

Ultimately, your registry and wedding website are two of the most important resources for guests. To eliminate potential confusion or questions, link the two together. Doing so will make the shopping experience enjoyable for all—they'll know exactly what to purchase, and you'll receive gifts you really want for your newlywed life.

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