How to Make a Wedding Website

Looking to create a killer wedding website on The Knot? This cheat sheet is all you need.
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  2. Free = Awesome

    There are lots of scenarios in which you get what you pay for, but making a wedding website isn't one of them. You can create a free personalized site right on The Knot. With more than 100 different color and style combos to choose from, we're positive you'll find one that suits your wedding perfectly. Browse the options to find the template design you like best, and the site will walk you through the entire creation process. For a small fee, you can even create a custom URL. It's so easy—we promise.

  3. Cover the Basics and Then Some

    There are two reasons to make a wedding website. One is to give guests need-to-know info that may not be included on the invite (no need to bulk up envelopes with directions and hotel suggestions). This means you'll want to cover the who, what, when and where, plus how to get there. The second reason is to add more information that guests will want to know, like suggested attire and who will be in the wedding party. Think of the site as a one-stop shop that guests can visit whenever they have questions, instead of having to call you.

  4. Broadcast Your Registry Details Loud and Clear

    You know you're not supposed to say where you're registered on your invite, right? Well, creating a website gives you a chance to tell everyone exactly where you're registered—without seeming inappropriate. You can even add links directly to your registries. In addition to traditional registries, The Knot also allows you to register at a charity of your choice. The best part? Every time someone buys a gift off your page, we'll make a donation!

  5. Add Personal Touches

    Let visitors to your site get to know you better by giving them a bit of background on yourself and your soon-to-be spouse (which is especially helpful for guests who don't know one of you that well). Tell the story of how you met, have a link to the video footage of the proposal (on YouTube or elsewhere), share a few of your favorite couple shots and put up photos of wedding party members so that people will recognize who's who at the wedding. You might also want to upload a photo album and connect it with your wedding hashtag to stream all the moments along your journey to the altar from Instagram and Facebook, or aggregate public snaps posted using your hashtag, on your wedding website.

    Just beware of going too crazy—you can include a lot of info, but it should still be to the point. Our guess is that visitors won't feel like clicking through a slideshow of the story of your life together or a big album devoted to your pet (aka the ring bearer).

  6. Out-of-Towners Will Love You For This

    Post logistical details for guests making travel plans. They'll certainly appreciate a heads-up that you've blocked rooms at a specific hotel and will love having all the info they need to book one. (To make it easy for you, we've partnered with a free hotel room blocking service called Jetaport to launch a simple reservation feature.) You aren't limited to adding just the hotel and venue info, so consider including great restaurants they might want to try and cool things to do while they're in town.

  7. Take Advantage of the Bells and Whistles

    Now for the fun stuff: Create an online RSVP option and collect your guests' plus-one info at the same time; visit your website to see how many days you have left until the wedding. You can also add customized pages to share just about anything, like information about a charity to which you're donating.

  8. Know What to Leave Out

    Remember: Your grandma (and future in-laws) will see this site, so maybe you won't include those pictures from a college keg party or of you wearing one of those double-entendre Halloween costumes. And even though the website doesn't have to be as perfect as your invitation, run your words through spell-check and have a friend proofread it before you post anything. Double-check that all the addresses and other facts are correct. You don't want your guests to get lost or confused!