How to Write a Keepsake-Worthy Letter to the Bride From a Bridesmaid

Surprise her with a thoughtful letter she can treasure forever.
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Updated May 25, 2023

Your best friend, cousin, sister or family member is getting married and you—as her bridesmaid—want to write her a special note to read on the big day. While you could find the nearest greeting card and sign your name, nothing beats a heartfelt letter to the bride from a bridesmaid.

Whether it's given paired with a bridesmaid-to-bride gift or as a more budget-friendly option on its own, a handwritten letter to the bride from a bridesmaid provides you the opportunity to share your fondest memories and all the qualities you admire in her. No matter if you want to keep it sweet and sentimental or decide to go the funny route, we're here to show you how to write a note so good she'll want to show it off and keep it on display always.

What Is a Bridesmaid Letter to the Bride?

A bridesmaid letter to the bride is a special note that's given to the bride from her wedding party to read on the big day ahead of walking down the aisle. Though it's most common for the soon-to-be spouses to write romantic letters to each other and exchange them before the nuptials, we love the idea of the members of the couple also each getting a special message from close friends and family who are standing up at the altar with them. This letter can be a group effort if multiple maids would like to put their heads together, but you can also choose to give individual letters to the bride from each one of her bridesmaids, gifting them in a pretty box or in a stack of colored envelopes tied up with ribbon.

How to Write a Bridesmaid Letter to the Bride

Here's how to write a letter to the bride on her wedding day from a bridesmaid: Take a moment to pen a handwritten letter filled with memories, what you admire about her and even why you appreciate her. She's your bestie or even family member, so you're sure to have countless stories to pull from. Remember: There are no rules to what you have to include—just write it from the heart and you're off to a perfect start! If you're having some writer's block and are not sure where to begin (or continue or end), we've got a few prompts below that can get the creative juices flowing and kickstart your heartfelt letter.

Consider one of these suggestions to get an idea on what to incorporate:

  • How did the two of you first meet?
  • What's your favorite memory of the two of you together?
  • What are five characteristics that you love about her?
  • A list of all your inside jokes.
  • What is something that always reminds you of the bride?
  • What is a shared memory the two of you love to look back on?
  • What things are you excited to do together?
  • Talk about all the things you're excited for them to experience as a spouse.
  • What makes her such a great friend?
  • Write a little poem about her that's sweet or silly.
  • Tell her how special it's been to be by her side on her journey to the altar.

    Letter to Bride From Bridesmaid Examples

    Now that you've gotten some cute letter prompts to guide your writing process, it's time to see how they look when put to use. Below, we've put together a couple of short sample letters to a bride from a bridesmaid, which will help you get inspired and provide you with an easy-to-copy template that can guide your own letter. Just make sure to keep a box of tissues nearby, as it's sure to be a tearjerker of an experience.

    Sweet Bridesmaid Letter to Bride

    Dear Sarah,

    First off, congratulations on marrying the love of your life! I'm so excited for the future that's to come for you and Alex. It's been such a joy to be a part of your wedding party and I'm so happy I got to help commemorate your special day.

    It seems just like yesterday you and I were cramming for exams in the library, our books piled next to us among a string of coffee mugs. I swear we used to stay in there until the librarians finally had to kick us out. I still remember walking into the classroom freshman year being so nervous, until I spotted an open seat next to you. You seemed so friendly and inviting and when we made eye contact you smiled and waved me over. While we (thankfully) no longer have to memorize conjugations and verbs, I'm so thankful for that time because it's where I met you!

    That moment has led us to many, many days filled with laughter and memories that truly deserve their own book or TV show. While I know I now have to share you with your partner, I'm so thankful to have you in my life and I cannot wait for all the memories we have yet to make together.



    Funny Bridesmaid Letter to Bride

    Dear Issie,

    I can't believe you're actually married! Now who am I supposed to go to ladies night at Starr Bar with? Remember that one night when we jumped on the bar and belted out every Taylor Swift song that came on? That was probably the closest we'll ever get to performing our own live concert. Time is really going by fast—but not as fast as when you ran back to the library in the pouring rain because you forgot your keys.

    While I may be saying goodbye to my treasured wingwoman, I am so happy for you and Char! They are so lucky to have you as their wife, because—like I always say—you are amazing. Though, don't be surprised if I miss you too much and start living in your guest room.

    But, in all seriousness, I am so happy for you and the future of married bliss that awaits you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for me and everyone around you. Here's to the upcoming wine nights and travels we'll have.

    Your bestie,


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