100+ Marvelous Miami Captions and Quotes to Accompany Your Relationship Posts on Instagram

IG will sparkle with your romantic visit to the Magic City
Miami south beach, couple by lifeguard hut during Sunrise Miami Beach
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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Updated Oct 06, 2023

In a city that marries mischief and luxury, it's hard to resist a cheeky caption in Miami. Bach parties can let loose and unleash their inner wild within an always-on nightlife scene, lit in neons and pumping beats from top-downs, Will Smith style. "Welcome to Miami" is a line you just have to say in the tune of song.

As for couples, it's scorching under these sunny skies. Whether romance to them is beach clubs and champagne, Everglades excursions, or simply lazing around by the pool, there are so many moments to cherish. When capturing and sharing these moments - in the company of the spouse or a posse of pals - you're going to need captions. We've put together over 100 spiffy one-liners and hashtags, plus movie and song quotes to accompany all types of social media posts. Ones that the loved ones back home will adore or chuckle at, and most importantly, ones that you'll return to time and time again to pick up a smile from.

Funny Miami Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Miami Beach, Ocean Drive
Photo: Dmitry Tkachenko Photo / Shutterstock

Playful Miami never takes itself too seriously. If you have a funny photo to share, be it of your tan-tastic bach brigade or the hubby after one too many Vices, we have just the caption for you.

  • Bad bunnies in Miami.
  • Here's a quick lesson in MIA hydration.
  • Vodka: looks like water, tastes like fun.
  • Good girls go to Orlando, fly girls go to Miami.
  • When the rum's fresh, there's only one thing to do with it.
  • Girls just wanna have sun.
  • Because I really hate snow.
  • Me: "I'm never flying Spirit again!"; Also me: (insert photo on plane to MIA).
  • My favorite color is piña colada.
  • Flamingoing crazy for this city.
  • In Miami, they salt margaritas, not streets.
  • Finally, we put our flip-flops to good use.
  • It's always sunny here…except at night.
  • Did somebody say Latin men?
  • You can take the tourist out of Fort Lauderdale…
  • "Working" from Miami.

Popular Miami Hashtags and Short Captions

Miami, Florida skyline
Photo: Mihai_Andritoiu / Shutterstock

For classic Miami photos, we've got just the caption or hashtag. These tried and tested lines are the best way to simply say, "I'm in Miami, baby!"

  • (name) and (name) take Miami.
  • Welcome to Miami.
  • Miami vibes all day long.
  • I'm in Miami b***h.
  • Riding those Miami waves.
  • The real housewives/husbands of Miami.
  • Got that Florida feeling.
  • Cuban food, every darn day.
  • What happens in Miami, stays in Miami.
  • #MiamiBaby
  • #SeasEveryDay
  • #MiamiVice
  • #MagicCity

Miami Beach Captions for Instagram

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida.
Photo: Mia2you / Shutterstock

If you're in Miami, no questions, you're going to the beach. Here are some lines to accompany your sunkissed ocean views.

  • Tan lines, courtesy of South Beach.
  • Splash sand, not snow.
  • Look what washed up on shore.
  • Resting beach faces.
  • In paradise with my beach babe.
  • Keep palm and carry on.
  • Peachy beachy bums.
  • Getting that essential Miami glow.
  • Meet you at the beach club.

Miami Bachelorette & Bachelor Party Captions

Cars speed down Ocean Drive
Photo: Pola Damonte / Getty Images

It's always a party in Miami, so bachelors and bachelorettes will have a swell time. Sum up the weekend with a photo, a slideshow, or a reel, and throw in a playful caption to amuse the gang.

  • So, this happened at happy hour.
  • Let me introduce you to my alcoholic friends.
  • When we pull up you know it's a shutdown.
  • Bad decisions always make great memories.
  • What happens in Miami stays on Instagram.
  • Miami pool parties never let us down.
  • Did somebody say party?
  • What's the point of going to Miami if there's no vodka?
  • Partying like it's Spring Break.
  • Roll the top down, we're in Miami, baby!
  • If you're a party freak then step on the floor.
  • She's gone MIA.
  • Crazier than a coconut.
  • Neon lights and starry nights, this is party city.
  • Miami fling before the ring.
  • Doing something unholy.
  • Shell-ebrating the bride-to-be.
  • When your nights are dictated by Pitbull.
  • Till death do us party.
  • Read the body language.

Miami Instagram Captions for Couples

Colorful artwork on display along the popular Calle Ocho in historic Little Havana.
Photo: Fotoluminate LLC / Shutterstock

Couples looking to share snaps of their romantic Miami meals or poolside canoodles will love these sweet and fun captions.

  • I love you to infinity pool and beyond.
  • The best person to share giant Cuban sandwiches with.
  • Sun-kissing in Miami.
  • Miami summed up in one picture.
  • What 80 degrees looks like.
  • Making MIA memories.
  • Babe-watch.
  • Havana scorching lunch in Miami.
  • Miami routine: buffet, sunbathe, sleep.
  • Migrated South - back in Spring.
  • The Miami heat is real, phew!
  • Keep calm and devour key lime pie.
  • Heated pools are for when it's below 60 in Miami.

Miami Instagram Captions for Honeymoons

Black man, kiss woman hand and outdoor park holiday in miami
Photo: PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / Getty

Couples love Miami for a reason: it's sexy, sultry and luxurious. Make your honeymoon captions a winner with these Miami love lines.

  • I'm coconuts for you.
  • My favorite person to share a hammock with.
  • I only want to swim with you.
  • Marry someone you want to do absolutely nothing with except laze around.
  • You're my shore thing.
  • Bliss on the beach.
  • All you need is love, blue skies, and sunshine.
  • Miami's got all the music and the mofongo we need.
  • Find someone to share your key lime pie with.
  • We know marriage is hard work, but how can you work in paradise?
  • Happy Miami wife, happy Miami life.
  • Diving into a future together.

Miami Captions for Famous Attractions

View along Ocean Drive along South Beach Miami
Photo: littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock

Excursions and attractions are aplenty, and no matter who you're with, there will be sightseeing in Miami. Here's what to say at some of its famed spots.

  • There's no place like Ocean Drive.
  • Mesmerized by the Wynwood Walls.
  • Do Miami like a manatee. That's my motto.
  • Good design is good for the eyes.
  • Meanwhile, in the Everglades…
  • Baby, you croc my world.
  • Little Havana meets Big Havana.

Miami Quotes from Movies & TV Shows for Captions

Miami Vice Poster
Photo: IMDB

Film and TV buffs, do you recognize these famous quotes? Sum your Miami trip up with a line from the screens, then sit back, sip your Miami Vice cocktail, and watch the likes roll in.

  • "If Miami hasn't got it, they haven't invented it yet." (Miami Vice)
  • "Say hello to my little friend." (Scarface)
  • "There are no other crime scenes in Miami today." (CSI Miami)
  • "You got married? By a Cher impersonator?" (Jane the Virgin)
  • "Urh, you're in Miami. South Beach." (Jane the Virgin)
  • "Every time I see ya'll, man, ya'll got the silk shirts on, jewelry, you know, lookin' real Miami." (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Miami Song Lyrics for Captions

Main room at LIV
Photo: LIV

Partying in Miami is best with a Miami chant. Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami, here are some lyrics for IG captions.

  • "Party in the city where the heat is on." - Miami by Will Smith
  • "She gon' make you move to Miami." - Move to Miami by Enrique Iglesias
  • "What I need from is not available in stores." - Love Don't Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez
  • "Drink all day, play all night, let's get it poppin', I'm in Miami b***ch." - I'm in Miami B***h by LMFAO
  • "But there's no place like Miami." - Miami by U2
  • "Mr. 305." - Pitbull
  • "Mr. Worldwide." - Pitbull
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