Exactly What to Put in Your Wedding Keepsake Box

Here's your sign to create a chest of memories to open on a special anniversary.
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Updated Jan 24, 2023

You'll spend weeks, months, or possibly even years planning your wedding day, only for it to pass by in just that—a day. After dedicating so much time, money and emotional energy toward one day of your life, it's normal to feel a little sad when all the excitement comes to an end. (We even have a name for it: the post-wedding blues.) While you likely already have your wedding countdown going, it's crucial to think about what happens after the big day. And if you're hoping to prolong the excitement for just a little bit longer, we recommend making a wedding keepsake box.

We know what you're thinking: the last thing you want is to add one more item to your wedding to-do list. We're of the mindset, though, that creating a wedding time capsule box (or a marriage box) is one of the most important things you can do before the big day arrives. That's why we've put together this guide that answers every question you have about making a wedding box. We break down what a wedding keepsake box is, how to create one, and what to put inside. When the time comes to open up your wedding time capsule on a special anniversary, you'll be so glad you made it. (Trust us!)

What is a Wedding Keepsake Box?

Also called a marriage box, a wedding box, or a wedding time capsule box, this crafty project is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding box for keepsakes from your nuptials. Although it's not necessary to have one, making a wedding chest is a special way to relive memories from your big day. What you put inside your wedding box and when you open it is completely up to you. Some couples open their marriage box on their first wedding anniversary, while others might open it sooner (or later, if they can withstand the excitement). Think of this keepsake as your wedding in a box. Inside, it can hold anything related to your big day—but more on that below.

When Should You Open Your Wedding Box?

The beauty of making a marriage box is that you decide when to open it. An obvious date to open your wedding time capsule box is your first anniversary. After all, what better way is there to celebrate one year of wedded bliss than to relive your favorite memories? If you'd rather build up the excitement for longer, you can wait to open your wedding box on another milestone, like your second, fifth or tenth anniversary.

Another option is to save your wedding time capsule box for a challenging season of life. Marriage is inevitably filled with highs and lows for you and your spouse to navigate together. While no one wants to think about hard times ahead, they are somewhat inevitable. Perhaps you want to save your marriage box for a particularly tough moment. That way, even when things are hard, you can revisit one of the happiest days of your life. Looking back on your wedding memories—and perhaps re-reading your vows—can be a meaningful way to weather storms together and strengthen your bond in the process.

What to Put in a Wedding Box for a Time Capsule of Your Big Day

Once you've decided to preserve your wedding in a box, you'll have to choose what exactly goes inside. From accessories to beverages and even well-wishes from guests, here are some of our favorite pieces to include in a wedding time capsule box. (Just make sure you store it in a location you won't forget!)

Letters to Each Other

It doesn't get more sentimental than this. On (or just before) your wedding day, write a letter to your partner and place it in your marriage box. Reflect on how you're feeling in that moment. Are you nervous? Excited? What thoughts are running through your mind as you prepare to say your I dos? Share your dreams for married life, along with what you want your partner to know when you eventually open up your wedding time capsule box. Seal up your note, and tuck it away to read in the future.

Your Wedding Vows

Similarly, we love the idea of saving your vows in a wedding keepsake box. After you recite your vows during the ceremony, hold onto them and put them in your box when the day ends. When you open it in the future, you'll love being able to revisit the promises you made to each other on the big day.

A Bottle of Your Wedding Wine

Picture this: It's your anniversary, and you're finally ready to open your wedding time capsule box. You set the mood by lighting candles and playing your favorite wedding songs in the background—and when you open the marriage box, you discover there's a bottle of your wedding wine inside to sip while you reminisce. If you and your partner are going to serve a bottle of your favorite blend (or another special beverage) on your wedding day, put one inside your wedding box. Just like memory is intertwined with scent, it can also be closely linked with food and drinks. By putting your wedding wine in your time capsule box, you'll instantly be transported back to your special day when you take a sip.

Your Invitation Suite

Designing your wedding stationery is one of the more creative elements of wedding planning, and it would be a shame not to keep one set for yourself. So, where should you put it? Your wedding time capsule box, of course! It's always a good idea to have a few extra invitation suites on hand in case of last-minute additions to your guest list, but make sure you have a set for you, too. You'll enjoy looking back on one of the physical memories from your nuptials.

Well-Wishes from Guests

While this marriage box idea requires some planning ahead of time, it'll be worth the effort. Instead of (or in addition to) having a guestbook at your reception, display a small book or pieces of paper for your guests to write their well-wishes on. After the day ends, collect their notes and place them inside your wedding chest. When you open it in the future, you'll be touched to read all of the warm words and tidbits of advice they shared with you.

Goals for Your Marriage

The goal of putting your wedding in a box is to reminisce on the past—but it can also be used to think about the future. Before you seal up your wedding chest, think about the goals you have for your marriage. Record your biggest desires, and have your partner do the same. When you open the wedding box in the future, you can touch base on your dreams, including what you've accomplished so far and where you have yet to go. Not only is this a fun way to make your time capsule more engaging, it'll help you and your spouse strengthen your foundation by prioritizing your shared aspirations.

Accessories or Decor from Your Nuptials

Special details and accents are what make your wedding stand out, and it would be a shame to throw them all away when the day ends. In the aftermath of your nuptials, be intentional about the pieces you set aside to keep. In addition to your invitation suite, as mentioned above, other keepsakes you might want to keep safe in your wedding time capsule box can include wedding day jewelry and accessories, small signage, champagne flutes, a candle from your sweetheart table, preserved or pressed flowers, or one of your favors. Seeing them when you open your marriage box will bring you right back to your wedding day.

A Wedding Portrait

Your wedding keepsake box won't be complete without a photo (or a few!) from your wedding day. From polaroids to framed portraits, complete your wedding time capsule with your favorite wedding snaps. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and there's nothing quite as priceless as photographic memories from your wedding day.

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