The Morocco Travel Guide for Couples: Things to Do & Vacation Packages

Foodies and adventure lovers will find everything they need in this unique country.
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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Updated Oct 30, 2023
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Morocco is an epic North African travel adventure with plenty to offer. You can surf the dunes in the morning and that very same afternoon, you can brave a snow-capped hike up the Atlas Mountains. There are ancient cities that transport visitors back in time, and a rich culinary scene scenting the streets with mouth-watering tagines and hot zaalouk (don't forget the heavy helping of couscous). Any trip to this colorful destination will truly awaken the senses.

A Morocco trip has plenty of opportunities to slow the pace down, too. Its resorts, most of which are vast and all-inclusive, are the stuff of honeymoon, anniversary trip and romantic getaway dreams. Acres and acres of pristine gardens, arched doorways with an Aladdin's cave of treasures inside, and infinity pools that catch every sparkle of the desert sun are just the ticket to an unforgettable couples retreat.

Most long-haul flights to Morocco come into Casablanca, and US travelers will need to fly east. From New York City or Montreal, you can board a 7.5-hour direct flight all the way there. Here's everything couples need to know before their dreamy Morocco vacation.

Morocco Travel Trips in this Article:

    The Best Time to Travel to Morocco

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    The weather in Morocco is warm year-round, but for the nicest and mildest conditions, it's best to arrive in spring (March to May) or fall (September to October). Winters are also quite pleasant, floating at around 65 degrees, but it can get busy during the festive holidays. Avoid July and August, when heat and humidity set in.

    Morocco Travel Tips

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    Morocco offers an exotic North African escape in the vicinity of Western Europe. It's in Central European Time (CET), the same as France and Spain. Likewise, the travel time to Morocco is comparable to Western Europe cities, especially now that there are direct flights from North America. USDs stretch a good way here, with $1 equal to 10.22 Moroccan Dirhams (a mid-range dinner for two will cost around $20).

    Is Morocco Good for a Romantic Vacation?

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    Pros of a Morocco Vacation

    Morocco offers a wide spectrum of variety at a relatively affordable price compared with what you might be used to in the US and the Caribbean. There really is something no matter what you seek as a couple, be it adventure, relaxation, restaurant hopping, history, shopping or even an off-the-grid detox. There are direct flights from the US, and the flight time from the East Coast is less than eight hours. Many Moroccans speak English and French.

    Cons of a Morocco Vacation

    Morocco is the most liberal of the Arab nations, and while LGBTQIA+ travelers are welcome here, they should still exercise caution. All tourists, regardless of identity, should refrain from public displays of affection and dress appropriately. Bartering can be taxing to shoppers, and you'll need to stay vigilant in crowded cities and souks.

    Places to Visit in Morocco

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    When putting together the perfect Morocco trip itinerary, consider these bases for exploring.


    This port city is a major business hub in Morocco. Aside from the hit movie named after it, Casablanca is famous for Mauresque architecture, particularly downtown, and is home to the enormous Hassan II Mosque.


    The most visited city in Morocco, Marrakech has a dizzying amount of things to do. Its medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the enchanting former home of Yves Saint Laurent can be found here. History buffs should check out the Tombs of the Saadians.


    The colorful Northeastern city is a maze of souks and tanneries, and it has the largest and oldest medina in the world, the Fes-el-Bali.


    The capital, Rabat, is filled with architectural wonders, music festivals and scenic green gardens, and it's the best place to get a feel of real Morocco. Though just a one-hour train ride from Casablanca, it is significantly less touristy (for now), but new hotels and developments mean change looms.

    Things to Do in Morocco

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    We've plucked the best things to do in Morocco for couples, including the most romantic places to eat, unique sightseeing opportunities and where to spoil yourselves in the name of shopping and spas.

    Tour the Hassan II Mosque

    The largest mosque in Africa, Hassan II has enough space inside to fit 25,000 worshippers, and its minaret stands 210 meters tall. You'll discover intricate Moroccan craftsmanship that's best observed on hand-carved stucco, painted wood paneling and detailed mosaic tiling. Viator offers an excellent guided tour of the mosque complete with city center hotel pick-up and queue jump upon arrival.

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    Shop the Souks

    Shopaholics be warned: There's a good chance you'll get carried away in the souks. The Moroccan marketplace is a labyrinth of passageways, and on each lies souvenirs, fashion and handicrafts that no mall back home can ever replicate. We're talking handmade slippers, pottery, rugs, baskets, bags, teapots and so much more. There are souks in every town, and remember: It's customary to haggle for the best prices.

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    Ride a Hot-Air Balloon Over the Desert

    The best way to see the vast North African desert is to soar over it, and there are multiple providers with sunrise tours departing from Marrakech. First, jump in a 4x4 and zoom through the dunes to the launch spot. Then, blissfully drift through the skies over the valleys and the hillsides, taking in the famed Atlas Mountains as the orange sky melts blue. Some tours offer Berber breakfast and camel rides as optional add-ons.

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    Get Pampered by Hammam

    If you've never had a hammam treatment, you're in for a treat. The ancient Arabic bath ritual cleanses the body head to toe, and in luxury spas, you need not lift a finger. Staff steam, scrub and nourish clients using a mix of wraps, soaps and clays, and the result is heavenly soft skin. Note: This is a traditional procedure separated by gender, so heterosexual couples will not be able to do this in tandem.

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    Spoil Your Love at Inara

    One of Marrakech's most romantic hangouts, Inara is just the spot to indulge in elevated traditional cuisine. Dine under this palm-fringed lounge, modeled after a classic riad, on a delicious array of Moroccan specialties like meat, vegetarian and seafood tajines, and chicken couscous. Of course, you'll want to polish it off with fresh Moroccan mint tea and something sweet.

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    Be Charmed by Jardin Majorelle

    Le Jardin Majorelle was created and designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle. In the 1980s, it was purchased and enhanced by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. Also known as the YSL garden, visitors here will discover hundreds of plant species across five continents, a blue Art Deco studio, a museum and a coffee shop. The garden was also one of the filming locations for the Netflix series Inventing Anna.

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    The Best Morocco Vacation Packages and Resorts

    Mazagan Beach Resort birds eye view of pool
    Photo: Mazagan Beach Resort

    We've selected the most romantic stays in Morocco, from seaside spa resorts to city stays with local dining superstars.

    Casablanca Marriott Hotel, Casablanca

    To be in the center of the action in Casablanca, make Marriott your base. This five-star property is within walking distance of all the key attractions, shopping malls and souks. Their BAB Restaurant is a local favorite, offering international and Moroccan delights on the third floor. Rooms are outfitted in modern decor, and there's M Lounge access with complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and desserts for suite-level guests.

    100 Av. des FAR, Casablanca 20000, Morocco

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    Four Seasons Rabat at Kasr Al Bahr, Rabat

    The brand new Four Seasons Rabat is a chance to uncover Morocco's imperial capital, perched on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Its magnificent building was once an 18th-century royal summer residence, and following extensive renovation, it opened as a 12-acre historic site and five-star cliffside retreat. There are 200 lavish rooms and suites (most with sea views), a French and Mediterranean restaurant, and a hammam spa with 10 treatment rooms and a saltwater pool.

    Ancien Hopital Marie Feuillet, Av. Brahim Roudani, Rabat 10000, Morocco

    Mazagan Beach Resort, El Jadida

    If you're a couple that wants activity within the comfort of a resort, then Mazagan is your playground. The massive property has it all. Seven kilometers of coastline allow for water-based experiences, like surfing, paddleboarding and beachside horseback riding. On land, you can hop on a quad bike or even the resident camels and explore nature's charms. Plus, there are 13 restaurants and bars for a change of scenery each date night.

    Km 10, Route de Casablanca, El Jadida 24000, Morocco

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    Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, Marrakech

    After exploring the city by day, you can retreat to serenity at night. The Mandarin Oriental offers a stark contrast between the bustling city in which it's situated. Lie back on 50 acres of gardens with a unique backdrop to admire—the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Couples can select a private villa with their own garden and pool for extra intimacy. It's hard to believe the Medina core is just 10 minutes away.

    Rte Golf Royal, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

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    What to Pack for a Morocco Vacation

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    Although Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, most tourist hot spots do not enforce a strict dress code, so you're fine to pack standard warm climate attire like shorts and tank tops. Do bring sarongs and scarves for visiting religious sites. If outside exploring in the warmer months, also consider packing a wide-brim hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Finally, carry pocket tissues with you wherever you go—some public bathrooms don't have toilet paper.

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