The 25 Most Popular Last Names of 2018

How common is your married surname?
by Emily Platt

How common is your married last name? US name change service HitchSwitch (which makes changing your last name a total breeze) has the answer. According to founder Jake Wolff, 42,231 surnames were entered into the company's database last year. We're sharing the top 25—but first, something fascinating to mull over.

While many of the most popular last names weren't all that surprising (as their owners can attest), the data did show something super interesting: Though the number one name was technically the most prevalent, it actually accounted for less than one percent of the surnames entered on HitchSwitch. That means that even the most common last names are pretty darn unique—go figure.

There are tons and tons of last names in the United States, thanks in part to the many cultures that live here. But we'd venture to guess that a modern trend also contributes to this breadth of US surnames. Nowadays, more and more newlyweds are making tradition with their monikers. While many people still take their spouse's last name when they get married, other couples choose to combine their last names (with or without a hyphen). Then there are the couples who get really creative and come up with a from-scratch surname to share.

Whatever route you go down, you're probably wondering if your postnuptial surname made it into the top 25. So without further ado, here are the most popular last names of 2018:

  1. Smith
  2. Edwards
  3. Garcia
  4. Brown
  5. Williams
  6. Jones
  7. Sullivan
  8. Thompson
  9. Johnson
  10. Martinez
  11. Gregory
  12. Wilson
  13. Burke
  14. Hayden
  15. Wilson
  16. Mullin
  17. Rodriguez
  18. Lee
  19. Campbell
  20. King
  21. Perez
  22. White
  23. Lopez
  24. Lewis
  25. Park

Whether you're joining the many Garcias, Johnsons and Lees out there or not, there's a lot to sort out before you change your name. Visit our complete guide to see what the process entails. Stressed by all the paperwork? We don't blame you—HitchSwitch is here to help. Sign up for the service and complete just one form—they'll autofill all the rest. Now you can spend less time writing down your deets and more time monogramming anything and everything.

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