15 Ways to Celebrate Your Husband on National Husband Day

Show your guy some appreciation on this special day.
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Updated Feb 23, 2024

No doubt you celebrate your husband all year round, but taking an extra day to lay on the love is always a good thing. That's exactly what National Husband Day is all about. (And don't worry: There's also a National Wife Day, so you'll get the favor returned.) Not only does Husband Appreciation Day make bae feel extra special, but it's a great opportunity to build upon your bond and strengthen your relationship.

Ahead, we're giving you the full rundown on why this holiday is even a thing, when National Husband Appreciation Day is in 2024, and why it makes total sense to celebrate. We're also sharing 15 creative ideas to show some appreciation for your special someone on this day so you can make this year's National Husband Day one for the books.

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What is National Husband Day?

As the name implies, National Husband Day—also referred to as National Husband Appreciation Day—is all about putting your spouse on a pedestal and to show him and the world how much you love and appreciate him.

It's an unofficial holiday, meaning you won't get the day off work. Instead, it's a special, unexpected day set aside just for husbands. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to kindle some romance, share how much you care and make your husband feel special.

When is National Husband Day ?

National Husband Day 2024 takes place on April 20, 2024. The date changes every year since it's always celebrated on the third Saturday in April. This is a great time of year for the holiday since early spring often has gorgeous weather that allows for a range of celebratory activities. It's also a great time of year since it falls between other major holidays like Easter and Mother's Day.

15 Ways To Appreciate & Celebrate Your Husband

Trying to figure out the best way to show your appreciation on National Husband Day? From simple gestures that cater to his love language to grand displays that'll help him feel loved, we've got you covered.

1. Make It a "Yes" Day

As you might guess, a "Yes" Day is all about putting away negative thoughts, sidestepping reluctances and avoiding naysaying, and instead having a "can do!" mentality. Tell your husband that today's a yes day, and the world is his oyster!

2. Plan An Adventure-Filled Day

An adventure day looks different for every husband, so cater plans to his preferences. Maybe he's all about canoeing in the wide open, hitting the golf course or go-karting.

3. Post On Social Media

A simple appreciation post on social media can go a long way in making someone feel special. It also tells the world just how lucky you are to have your husband by your side. Post a picture with a thoughtful caption about how much he means to you and your family on Husband Appreciation Day—and every day.

4. Write a Thoughtful Card

If he prefers a more private "words of affirmation" gesture, then hand over a sweet card filled with a thoughtful, handwritten message. (You can always do both, but may want to save more of the lovey-dovey stuff for your personal note.)

5. Send Him to the Spa

Spa days aren't just for ladies. A little self-care via a deep tissue massage and/or facial can go a long way in helping him feel grounded and loved by you.

6. Take a Road Trip

Pack your bags (and his, too) and hit the road for a spontaneous getaway. Maybe it's a quick day trip to a neighboring town, or maybe it's an overnight stay a few hours away. To personalize the day, make a list of five activities and let him choose one or two so he has a say in the day.

7. Deliver a Personalized Gift

You can never go wrong with a personalized gift that'll make him think of you and your appreciation for him every time he uses it. Some ideas include a monogrammed water bottle, husband-themed mug or a journal with his name on the cover.

8. Cook His Favorite Meal

Some argue that food is the sixth language of love, and we happen to agree. For National Husband Day, whip up his favorite meal and enjoy it together with some nice music in the background and perhaps a flickering candle. Not much of a cook? Order in his favorite meal instead.

9. Give Him a Day Away

Whether life's busy as can be, you've got demanding (but adorable) kiddos, or he's simply someone who loves his alone time, sometimes gifting a "day away" is precisely the right way to show love and appreciation for your husband.

10. Make a List of Things Your Grateful For

If you don't fancy yourself an eloquent writer, a thoughtful list is just as nice. Write down all the ways you're thankful for your husband and share it with him this National Husband Day. Consider making it a unique display. You could create a silly powerpoint, write down each item on a note and put them all in a jar, or create a poster.

11. Visit a Nearby Park or Museum

Make for an exciting day and venture off to a local park or museum to learn something new. Consider grabbing a nice coffee or yummy lunch before or after to help the day feel even more special.

12. Make Him a Playlist

Music can speak volumes! Consider crafting a perfectly catered playlist filled with songs that are meaningful to your relationship, that remind you of him or that you know he loves.

13. Plan a Romantic Date Night

Weave in some romance this National Husband Day with a fun date. This could look like a dinner at that new restaurant everyone's buzzing about, planning a candlelit meal at home or going for a classic dinner and a movie. For a bit of spice, consider breaking out something "more comfortable" later in the night.

14. Handle All the Chores

Chores obviously make for a tidy home, but it's always nice to have a day off from responsibilities. Give him a break by telling him you've got everything covered on National Husband Day.

15. Go for a Hike or Walk

If the weather allows, head into the great outdoors with your husband in hand for a walk through a park or an adventurous hike. Pack some food to enjoy a scenic picnic.

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