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Wedding Guest Mishaps Guaranteed to Make You Cringe

Here's a list of real wedding guest faux pas that'll make you want to crawl under a rock. Cue the secondhand embarrassment.
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maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
by Maggie Seaver
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
Wedding Planning Expert
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It's no spoiler alert to say that wedding guest fiascos happen everywhere, all the time. Here, we share some of our readers' anecdotes about the many guest blunders they've witnessed, from the slightly disrespectful to the downright disastrous. Read them, laugh at them and never repeat them.

The Women in White

"I've seen women at others' weddings wearing white or ivory dresses when they're engaged and in the process of planning their own wedding." —Michele

"How about desperate women who try to dress like your bridesmaids—or worse, dress in white or ivory?" —Glisela

Breaking the (Wrong) Glass

"One of the worst incidents was seeing a guest rip his shirt off and break a beer bottle over his head on the dance floor." —Chelsey

Unfashionably Late

"I've seen people show up late to the wedding while in the middle of the couple's vows. It was so rude!" —Shelly

"One mother of the groom showed up an hour late to the ceremony. Since the bride refused to start without her, the ceremony was an hour delayed." —Kaley

Come Around Here Often?

"I bartend at weddings, so I see everything. One of the worst things to watch is guests hit on either the bride or groom. You'd be amazed at the nerve of some people when they've had a few cocktails." —Victoria

Hey, Kids

"We had an adults-only wedding and one of our guests showed up with her infant son. She told us he'd only be there for a little while, but then paraded him around the reception like it was all about her baby. My husband and I felt really disrespected." —Amanda

"One time someone showed up late with their grandmother and five kids, none of whom were invited. And the wedding invitations specifically stated it was adults-only. The couple had to accommodate and pay for all of their meals last-minute." —Melody

Take It Away

"Thankfully I didn't personally see it, but a plus-one of a guest ran out of the banquet hall with a vase of our memorial flowers. We got the vase back empty three weeks later." —Lynette

No-Show Business

"I had a guest who was someone's plus-one come, while the person who the invite was actually for didn't show." —Tonya

"When guests who've RSVPed don't show—without a call or apology. I understand emergencies happen, but a heads-up is appreciated." —Kimberly

Table for Three

"Someone once sat at the sweetheart table! It's the only table for two in the middle of the room…" —Anna

Block Party

"I hate when guests block the photographer as the bride goes down the aisle." —Kendall

"Someone started filming the ceremony with their iPad and was literally standing directly in the way and getting in all the pictures. They were blocking everyone!" —Andrea

Hungry Eyes

"One woman started going through the buffet line while someone was still saying the blessing. She was really hungry." —Anne

Head Over Heels

"Myself—I wore stiletto heels to an outdoor wedding (I wasn't aware it was going to be outdoors!) and fell on my face." —Rachelle

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