Bridesmaid Dresses: Should They Help Choose?

by The Knot

When selecting bridesmaids' attire, what is the proper etiquette? Should I get all the maids together and see how they feel, then let them find bridesmaid dresses that suit everyone in cost and style?


There's no real etiquette on how much you should involve your bridesmaids in the choosing of their dresses, but we say the more the better. They're the ones who have to wear 'em, after all! Sure, you should be happy with what they choose, but it's more important for them to like the dresses and feel comfortable. You could get them together, especially if they all know each other well, and try to select a style and shade they can agree on. Or talk to each maid separately to get her preferences. The first time you go shopping, you may want to take just your maid of honor along to scout things out, and when you narrow it down to a few styles, have the rest of the maids come in with you, try the dresses on, and see what they think.

Remember, too, that they don't all have to wear the same dress. If you can't come to a consensus, think about letting them choose from several styles in the same color. It's definitely great that you want them involved. After all, if they like and feel good in their dresses, they're going to look great -- and that'll make you look and feel even better.

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