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Having registry remorse? Easily exchange or return wedding gifts with The Knot.
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Updated Apr 25, 2024

So you've found what you thought were the best items for your registry, shared your wish list with guests and maybe even said your "I do"s—but what happens if you're having regrets (about your gift choices, not your marriage of course)? If you've registered with The Knot, then you don't have to worry. We're outlining The Knot return policy below to answer your questions and get you one step closer to tying a bow on all of your postwedding tasks.

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Can You Return Items From The Knot Registry?

Yes, you can return items from The Knot Registry as long as you're within 90 days of the date of receipt. In order to be eligible for a refund, store credit or replacement, items need to be returned during the time frame in their original condition and packaging. Customized and personalized gifts are not eligible for returns. If you need to return a gift, you can get in touch with the right folks at The Knot customer service at registryhelp@theknot.com or 1-877-843-5668.

How to Return Gifts From The Knot Registry

Making The Knot registry returns is simple and easy, whether you're a couple or a guest who's having second thoughts on the gift you chose. Below, find out how to return gifts to The Knot Registry Store, The Knot registry partners and items added through our browser button.

The Knot Registry Store Returns for Guests

If you're a guest who found a couple's The Knot registry page and ordered a gift to be delivered to your home instead of theirs, you'll likely be eligible for a refund. Here's how to request one:

  1. Get in touch with our registry support team by emailing them at registryhelp@theknot.com with your order number and the name of the item you'd like to return.
  2. Once your request is approved, you'll receive an email authorizing the return that includes a shipping label.
  3. Mail back the gift item using the free return shipping label within 30 days of receiving the email with the label, unless an exception is noted.
  4. Check for your refund to your original form of payment. The money should appear back on your card within seven business days once the supplier confirms they've received the returned item.

The Knot Registry Store Returns for Couples

For couples getting hit with some registry remorse, they can return any gifts they aren't loving to The Knot Registry Store for a replacement (for a damaged item) or store credit. The process is as follows:

  1. Shoot a message to our team at registryhelp@theknot.com with your order number (yes, you'll get one of these even if you didn't order the item yourself) and the name of the item you'd like to return. This is where you should mention any damage or defects if you're requesting a replacement.
  2. Once your request is approved, you'll get an email with a free return shipping label. Mail the item back using the complimentary shipping label.
  3. You'll have a resolution within three business days from the day the supplier confirms they've received the item. If you requested a store credit to TKRS, you'll see it applied to your account within this time frame. If you asked for a swap, your replacement item will be shipped to you within those three days. If the item you'd like to replace is no longer available, you'll get store credit for The Knot Registry Store. Our pro tip: Scoop up a winner from The Knot Registry Awards instead.

Returning Items From The Knot Registry Partners

The Knot has a slew of partner registries that give our couples the capability to easily stock their wish lists with wedding registry essentials from iconic retailers. If you need to return an item from any of our registry partners—like Amazon, Etsy, Crate & Barrel etc.—you'll be beholden to their individual return policies, so be sure to check them out if you've added items from these retailers to your wish list. Get in touch with our registry support team if you have any questions.

Returning Items Added With The Knot Browser Button

If you added anything to your wish list using The Knot universal registry browser button, you'll follow the return policies set by those individual retailers for returns just as you would with The Knot registry partners.

Does the Guest Know You Returned an Item?

If you request a return of a gift you've received from The Knot Registry Store, the gift-giving guest will NOT be notified of the return. Breathe a sigh of relief and know that there'll be no hurt feelings here. Though for non-TKRS items, double check with the retailer's customer service department to make sure word won't get back to the guest.

Is There a The Knot Return Cost?

Nope. If you're returning an item to The Knot Registry Store, you'll never encounter a return shipping cost, restocking fee or any other charge. The process is entirely free. Again, you may incur costs when returning registry items from other retailers—check their individual store policies.

How Long Do You Have to Return Registry Items?

Generally speaking, items added to your wish list from The Knot Registry Store are eligible for returns within 90 days of the date of receipt. Items from registry partners and other retailers will have their own individual return windows as well as a few select brands.

What to Know About Returning Gift Cards or Cash Gifts

Donations made through a couple's cash fund(s) are not eligible for a return or refund in any way. (Not that we anticipate many couples looking to return money—we'd be surprised.) Gift cards purchased via TKRS are also ineligible for a return, credit or exchange except in a handful of states listed in our full return policy.

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