30 Fun Self-Date Ideas That'll Make You Love Flying Solo

Cancel your plans, you've got a hot date.
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Updated Jun 24, 2022
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There are so many benefits to alone time, especially when that time is spent thoughtfully and doing something you love. One way to make sure you're scoring enough valuable me-time? Taking yourself on dates! Coming up with fun and creative solo date ideas can be easier said than done, especially if you're new to the idea of self-dating. Lucky for you, we've created a list of ideas you can keep up your sleeve (or at the very least, bookmarked on your browser).

Before you can love somebody else, you have to love yourself. And that's not just according to RuPaul, our internal data backs it up too. In 2021, we surveyed over 500 women aged 18–29 in a relationship, and 79% of them agreed. Some of the ways that the respondents said they practice self-love double as perfect self-date ideas, like journaling, meditating, exercising and goal setting. Spending time alone is an essential part of your self-love journey, and we're here to help you do it.

How to Take Yourself on a Date

Consciously spending time with yourself away from other people is really important, and most of us don't make time for ourselves nearly enough. If you're unfamiliar with the idea of a solo date (or you're just a little rusty), not to worry. Scheduling regular self-dates on your calendar is simple—the hard part is prioritizing your self-care by honoring those commitments.

If it's timing that you're struggling with, start with short solo dates that you can complete within 30 minutes, like a quick walk in the park or a trip to the nearest coffee shop with your journal or a book. As you get more comfortable with taking this well-deserved time for yourself, try to plan more elaborate self-dates, like attending a concert or spending a couple of hours at an art gallery.

Have lots of time but running low on inspiration? We've got you. Keep reading for our favorite ways to spend time with yourself, including fun experiences, reflective activities and more.

The Best Self-Date Ideas

Ready to start planning the date lineup of your dreams? These activities and experiences are a great way to build and maintain independence and self-confidence (all while enjoying your own wonderful company). Psst, these self-date night ideas aren't just for singles. It's just as important to set aside meaningful time for yourself when you're in a relationship.

Woman on solo coffee date
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1. Find a cute coffee shop.

The best date idea for catch-ups with friends is also one of the best solo date ideas. If you can, try to find a nearby coffee shop you haven't been to before. That said, if there's a tried-and-true spot that you just happen to know serves the most incredible blueberry muffins, go with your heart (or your stomach). Sitting alone in a busy coffee shop is a fun opportunity for people-watching and a great setting to spark creativity if you enjoy writing or journaling. Or if you prefer peace and quiet, choose somewhere that's off the beaten path, order a tasty slice of cake and take out a book.

2. Explore your hometown.

You've lived there for years, but have you ever looked at your hometown through the eyes of a tourist? This fun solo date idea is the perfect opportunity to explore the landmarks you're all too aware of but haven't actually paid much attention to in the past. It's a great activity to do on your own because you're in familiar territory and know your way around, but you'll still be surprised by all the rich history and beautiful sights there are.

3. Immerse yourself in nature.

Nothing compares to the healing powers of the great outdoors. Getting outside is a fun (and free!) solo date idea, and there are lots of ways to do it. Whether you enjoy breezy bike rides, scenic runs or relaxed ambles through the forest, however you want to drink up the fresh air is your choice. Our internal data shows that a third of young women in relationships prioritize practicing self-love by spending time outdoors. The calming surroundings of nature are an ideal setting for deep thinking and getting to know yourself.

Man cooking at home solo date idea
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4. Get creative in the kitchen.

While, yes, you will have to do all of the washing up by yourself afterward, creating something new in the kitchen is a fun and rewarding activity. Browse the web or flick through one of the cookbooks gathering dust on your shelf until something catches your eye. Want a really spontaneous solo date idea? Open your cookbook on a random page and make whatever recipe you land on. It'll be a fun challenge of your cooking or baking skills (and you get to eat the result—score). There are also cool services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron that can mail you a recipe and all the ingredients that go along with it.

5. Experience a live concert.

Music lovers might be all too familiar with the joy of attending a concert solo, but it's something everyone should experience at least once. Going to a concert by yourself is a great way to get out of your head (and for some, your comfort zone). It's just you and the music—no catering to someone else's needs or desires. There's something very liberating about letting loose and singing along to your favorite songs with a bunch of like-minded strangers. So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket.

6. Take yourself to the library.

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but your local library is one of the best places to take yourself on a date. It's especially great if you're a little nervous about doing things on your own, as people typically visit the library solo. In this quiet haven, you can browse titles in a range of genres, find a comfy chair to settle into and enjoy an hour or two of peaceful personal time (and that's not to mention that delicious book smell). Reading isn't just a fun way to wind down, it's also great exercise for your brain. One thing to note before you plan your library date: If you haven't already, you'll likely need to provide a few documents in order to claim your free membership.

Woman fastening bike helmet joyful movement solo date idea
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7. Engage in joyful movement.

Exercise is good for your mind and body, and it certainly doesn't have to be tough or grueling. Taking yourself on a date centered around joyful movement means moving your body in a way that you love. For some, it could be a leisurely walk, and for others, it could be rollerblading, indoor rock climbing or a Zumba class. It's okay to try something new too! You can make your mind up afterward if you want to do it again or keep searching for fun ways to get active.

8. Let your inner child take the reins.

Taking yourself on a date can be lighthearted, self-care focused or somewhere in between. Scheduling time to tune into your inner child is a great way to practice self-care while also doing something enjoyable or entertaining. There are lots of unique ways to plan a solo date centered around your inner child, like watching films you adored as a youngster, re-reading the Harry Potter books, buying an adult coloring book, playing a sport, or building a challenging Lego set. Reclaim the activities you loved as a kid and find out if they still spark joy.

9. Treat yourself to dinner at a nice restaurant.

Whether your other half is out of town or you're single (and proud!), you shouldn't have to miss out on fine dining just because you don't have a companion for the evening. If the mood strikes, go ahead and make that dinner reservation for one. You'll get to enjoy a fuss-free evening of delicious food and drink (without the distraction of entertaining someone else). Take the opportunity to really savor the experience. You could even continue your self-date at home by writing a review, starting a food blog or researching how to recreate the dish at home.

Woman journaling at home with mug of tea solo date idea
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10. Journal your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling is an excellent self-care date idea, and you don't need to carve out an entire afternoon or evening to do it. There are lots of different ways to journal, from notebooks filled with thoughtful prompts to blank, unlined notebooks and bullet journals. If you prefer structured pages or prompts, you'll find lots of cool options online at stores like Papier. Otherwise, a simple lined notebook from your local stationery shop will do the trick. Slotting regular self-care dates into your routine is a great way to prioritize your well-being.

11. Plan the perfect morning.

Dedicating the first few hours of the day to a date with yourself is one heck of a way to start your day. Whatever the perfect morning is for you, make that your itinerary. You could cook your favorite breakfast or go out to eat, go for a run or hit up an a.m. yoga class, get out in nature or read a book in bed with a cup of coffee. It all sounds great to us.

12. Do something artsy.

Want to get your creativity flowing? There are so many cool, creative dates to take yourself on. Exercise your imagination by trying to write a story or poem, reflect on your life with a blog post or work on your practical skills with a pottery or painting lesson. It's worth checking out what kind of classes are offered in your area, but if you're not finding any (or would rather try your hand at things at home first), there are virtual options available too. Check out YouTube for helpful art tutorials or sign up for an expert-led session like this virtual pet-painting class.

Man reclining on couch with TV remote movie night solo date idea
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13. Have a movie night.

This quintessential at-home date idea is just as fun on your own as it is with a friend or partner. In fact, if you find that your taste in movies isn't always matched by others, you might enjoy a solo movie night even more. You get to choose the lineup from start to finish, whether you want to watch all of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions, of course), a slew of classic horror films or your favorite Disney flicks. But that's not all: You also get to decide on the snacks. Pizza, popcorn and candy? Yes, please.

14. Write yourself a love letter.

Writing a love letter to yourself is one of the best solo date ideas, particularly if the goal of dating yourself is to increase self-love. There's no right or wrong way to do it—you can select pretty stationery (again, Papier has loads), type it on your laptop or even just use the notes app on your phone. It's also up to you where you decide to write your love letter, just choose somewhere you feel comfortable expressing yourself. Include all the things you love about yourself, inside and out.

15. Start learning a new skill.

Use your next self-date for some self-development. It's never too late to start learning a new skill, whether it's something you've wanted to do for a long time or a budding new interest. Services like MasterClass provide access to online classes across a range of categories, from cooking skills taught by Gordon Ramsay to tennis tips from Serena Williams. You could start learning a new language on DuoLingo or advance your music skills with virtual lessons (Fender is great if it's the guitar you're into).

Woman taking selfie with Eiffel Tower solo travel date
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16. Take a solo vacation.

Going on a solo vacay doesn't necessarily mean trekking the Sahara or careening to the top of Everest on your own (and TBH, we wouldn't advise attempting either of those feats alone). Instead, think about taking yourself on a low-key mini-break. A staycation at a local hotel (bonus points if there's a spa) is a simple and relaxing way to wind down. Feeling more adventurous? Book a return ticket to a city you haven't explored before and spend a few nights soaking up the culture. Just remember to keep loved ones in the loop while you're flying solo so they can keep tabs on your safety.

17. Set your intentions for the future.

Sure, dating should be fun, but every once in a while it's necessary to ask serious questions too. In the same way that it's important to bring up topics like future goals and finances with someone you're dating, it's equally necessary to have these conversations with yourself. Setting aside time to think through your ambitions (life goals, career aspirations, financial plans, etc.) is a date with yourself that you definitely shouldn't skip. And on the plus side, you can choose whatever setting you please for this solo activity, whether it's at home with a cup of tea, in a beautiful park or at your local coffee joint.

18. Go to a museum or art gallery.

If you've never been to an art gallery or museum by yourself, we encourage you to do both. On solo dates to these vibrant hubs of history and culture, you can go at your own pace and truly absorb the knowledge and creativity that surrounds you. Spend as long as you want observing the artifacts or artwork you love the most, and skip the things you're less interested in. Take this self-date to the next level by taking a journal to jot down your thoughts and feelings as you experience the exhibitions.

Woman having nails done at spa solo date idea
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19. Go to the spa.

Is there anything more relaxing than a self-love date at the spa? Book yourself in for a quick, hydrating facial or make an afternoon of it and sign up for the full works from head to toe. Trust us, you'll feel like a brand new person afterward (and more than ready to take on some of the other awesome date ideas on our list).

20. Scrapbook your favorite memories from the past year.

Scrapbooking sometimes gets a bad rap as boring or old-fashioned, but it can be a really fun and meaningful activity (AKA the perfect solo date idea). Scrapbooking is more than just sticking photos to the pages of a book. It's a quiet opportunity to reflect on the joyful moments you've experienced recently and jot down your feelings for future you to revel in. Chances are, in a few years you won't remember the exact details of all the big and little events that have been bringing you joy lately. It's a rewarding activity with equally rewarding results.

21. Get intimate.

We don't need to explain this one. Intimacy is different for everyone, so plan whatever kind of romantic solo night in works for you. Want some suggestions? You could try on some sexy lingerie, light candles, take a sensual bath or try out a new adult toy.

Woman at farmer's market browsing vegetables solo date idea
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22. Visit the farmer's market.

You never know what you'll find on a trip to the farmer's market (though you can be sure it will include delicious food). Make it your mission to find your city's best farmer's market with a series of fun solo dates. Try cuisine from different cultures, get your daily caffeine fix and pick up fresh produce you can experiment with later at home.

23. Have an exclusive dance party in your living room.

Is there anything more freeing than dancing like nobody's watching (while also knowing for sure that nobody is watching)? If your social battery is running low, swap out your next night out with friends for a solo date with you, your living room and your best pair of dancing slippers. This solo date night is free and easy to do at home. Plus, you get to choose the playlist. (Taylor Swift dance party, anyone?) Drinks are optional.

24. Get all dressed up (with nowhere to go).

If you always think getting ready is the best part of a night out (closely followed by the A-grade takeout on the way home), this self-date idea is for you. Who said you need plans with someone else to look good? Strutting around in your best dress just for you is a fun way to spend me-time and practice self-love.

Man cuddling cute dog fun solo date idea
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25. Get your fix of furry (or feathery, or scaly) friends.

There's a reason animal-assisted therapy exists. If you're one of many who find comfort in four-legged friends, research volunteering opportunities for your local animal shelter. Prefer to observe from a distance? A solo date to the zoo or aquarium is a fun way to spend an afternoon, learn more about the natural world and get some steps in.

26. Watch the sunrise or the sunset.

Watching the sun do that incredible, beautiful thing it does every morning and night shouldn't be reserved for romantic dates with a partner. Observing this marvel alone is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and really soak in the beauty of the world around you. When it comes to dating yourself, this unique idea is one of our favorite ways to momentarily let go of worries and practice gratitude. Whether you choose to watch the sunrise or sunset depends on one thing: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

27. Take yourself to the movies.

Going to the movies might sound like a simple date night activity, but doing it alone can be a scary thought for many. The truth is, no one is going to the movies to see who else is going to the movies. You and everyone else there are just hoping to see one thing: a good film. Solo dates are a good way to push your boundaries and explore life outside of your comfort zone. Catching a movie by yourself is a small starting point that could lead to big personal growth. The best solo date night ideas combine fun and self-development.

Person planting with hands in soil solo date idea
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28. Get your hands dirty.

We're talking plants here. Gardening has been shown to have numerous health benefits (and you don't need to actually have a garden to do it). If you have an outdoor space, great! Set a date with yourself to really get your hands in the soil and connect with nature. If you don't have an outdoor space, turn your attention to the great indoors instead. You can order houseplants online from websites like The Sill and UrbanStems. Spend time planning where you will place them around your home and get your gardening fix when they need to be repotted.

29. Refresh your home decor.

You can do a lot of these solo date ideas at home, but this one actually necessitates your home. If you enjoy interior design (or just like to rearrange the furniture every once in a while), this is a great way to spend time with yourself. Remember, the aim of a date is to have fun, so really try to get creative. Thinking about ways to inject your personality into your home's decor is a great way to start (plus, it'll get you reflecting on who you are as a person).

30. Do something you've always wanted to do.

You know that thing you've been wanting to do for ages? The one that you just haven't had time to fit into your calendar or haven't found the right person to do it with? Well, the time is now and that person is you. Unless it's necessary for the exciting experience at the top of your bucket list to include a companion (as in, for your safety), don't be afraid to go it alone. Maybe you've always wanted to visit Rome or take a professional chocolate-making course. Whatever the activity, you might be surprised at how much you can achieve on your own (and how much confidence you'll gain from doing it!).

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