What to Wear to a Virtual Wedding

Here's what couples and guests should know about choosing attire for a Zoom wedding—and the mistakes to avoid.
what to wear to a virtual wedding
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Updated Sep 30, 2020

Post-COVID nuptials may look different, but there are still things to consider when deciding what to wear to a virtual wedding (Hint: Showing up in the rumpled shirt you've been lounging in is not an option.) Here, our tips for guests and couples looking to pull together wedding-worthy looks for a Zoom wedding.

What to Wear to a Virtual Wedding As a Guest

Logging onto a virtual wedding from the comfort of your couch may feel more casual by nature, but you should still dress for the occasion (even if you've traded your dancing shoes for slippers). Here's how to pull together an outfit that will look great on screen—and the fashion faux pas to avoid.

Skip the Athleisure

You don't have to wear a floor length gown or a tuxedo (unless specifically requested by the couple), but you should ditch the trendy tie dye sweat suit and opt for an outfit that looks polished on screen—after all, screen shots and recordings are a definite possibility.

Don't Go Business Casual

While many of us associate Zoom meetings with working from home, a virtual wedding is also not the place to sport your standard office attire—especially if your workplace dress code leans more laid back. Instead, dip into your special occasion clothing and accessories for a look that's a little less corporate, and a little more chiiic. (More on this below.)

Dress Up

If the couple has given you guidance on what to wear to their virtual wedding, adhere to their instructions. Otherwise, a dressy blouse, a dress with some detail at the top (think: a ruffle, neck bow or embellished collar) or a button down shirt and tie are all safe bets. And, don't be afraid to go out all like you would at pre-COVID nuptials. For example, if the virtual wedding you're attending is taking place in summer, opt for a look with a fun, seasonal pattern like paisley or floral print, or mix it up with bright statement earrings or a vibrant tie—it'll add a pop of color to the screen and show the couple you're still excited to celebrate.

Have Outerwear Handy

It can be tough to know the exact dress code of a virtual wedding—and admittedly some are extremely casual. If there is no dress code stated or if you're wearing an unfussy outfit (say, a plain button down or blouse) it's a good idea to keep a suit jacket or blazer on hand, just in case the vibe turns out to be dressier than expected.

Wear Makeup

One big pro to a virtual wedding: You may be able to forgo pants and shoes. One big con: Computer and phone cameras can make you look extra washed out. Even if makeup isn't your thing, you may want to consider putting on the basics, like a touch of concealer, blush, mascara and a lip color—that way, you're ready for your close-up if anyone takes a screenshot.

What to Wear if You're Having a Virtual Wedding

Similar to pre-COVID weddings, there are no hard and fast rules where virtual wedding attire is concerned. Below, some of our favorite ideas for what to wear to your own virtual wedding.

Stick to Your Original Plan

There's nothing wrong with wearing your wedding dress or suit to your minimony—it actually makes for great photo ops and lends some formality (and dare we say, gravitas) to the moment you say your virtual "I dos." Bonus: If you've postponed and are planning a sequel ceremony, you'll get to wear your wedding outfit twice, solving the, "Will I ever wear this again?" dilemma once and for all.

Go Off-the-Rack

If you want to save your wedding attire for your sequel ceremony, your virtual wedding is your chance to mix it up—and your off-the-rack options are pretty much endless. A little white dress or more casual suit (nix the jacket if it feels too stuffy) are always timeless. If you're worried about breaking the bank by splurging on a second outfit, don't be. There are lots of affordable outfits available.

Make it Personal

A minimony is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate statement accessories that pack a personal punch. Perhaps you've been lusting after a bejeweled headband, custom denim jacket or pair of glittery shoes, but they didn't feel quite right for your pre-COVID ceremony—now's the time to take the plunge. At the very least, a fun accessory moment adds some visual interest to the screen.

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