Where to Buy Men's Wedding Guest Attire in 2024

The best places to shop this year.
Where to buy men's wedding guest attire 2023.
Photos, from Left to Right: Generation Tux, J. Crew, Todd Snyder
tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Feb 29, 2024
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If you're anything like me, you see men's wedding guest attire as an excuse to finally hit the checkout button instead of just "add to cart" at your favorite online retailer. Maybe your most reliable suit isn't going to keep you cool during a balmy summertime ceremony, or maybe you've just been recycling the same two or three fits for every event you've attended for the last few years and are ready for a new look. In any case, if you're reading this there's a good chance you're looking to pick up some new digs for your 2023 wedding lineup. Whether you're looking for specific dress code-appropriate clothing or hoping to mix some new brands and stores into your usual rotation, I've got you covered. For everything from suits and tuxes to more casual guestwear, here's everything you need to know about men's wedding guest attire and where to find it in 2023.

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What Should a Man Wear as a Wedding Guest?

Oh, if only there were a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. What should you wear as a wedding guest? Well, it's going to depend on several factors: dress code, weather, venue, and personal style among others. There's no easy algorithmic way to put your 'fit together, so let's start with wedding dress codes.

  • White-tie attire requires a tailcoat, waistcoat, and all of the accompanying accessories. It's the most formal dress code.
  • Black-tie attire means a tuxedo is required, full stop.
  • Formal dress code or black-tie optional means that tuxedos are optional, but if you don't wear one you'll need to go with a suit and tie.
  • Semi-formal dress codes don't require a full suit and tie. A suit without a tie or mixed suit separates are going to give you the perfect fit.
  • For dressy casual weddings, you don't need a suit. Stick with polos, oxford shirts, sweaters, and other sharp menswear staples.
  • Beyond that, what you wear is going to be determined by weather, season, venue, and the way you want to style your outfit. Warmer weather? Try a linen suit. Not sure what color to wear? Take cues from seasonal suiting trends. Is the wedding in a religious institution? Make sure to dress in a way that respects the venue's traditions. And don't be afraid to work your personal sense of style into how you dress for the wedding. If you have a favorite color, wear it. Want your tuxedo to stand out from the rest? Consider a shawl collar or a double-breasted style. Work your interests or fandoms (we're talking sports teams, Star Wars, anything) into your accessories via fun cufflinks or pocket squares.

Where to Buy Men's Wedding Guest Attire

Here's the good news: the biggest struggle in buying men's wedding guest clothing these days is that if anything there are too many great designers and retailers to choose from. There are department store standbys that still stock excellent options, high-fashion hubs that can help you get off some wild wedding fits, and smaller (but no less excellent) designers specializing in suiting, shirting, and any number of wedding guest wardrobe staples. What follows is a look at some of the coolest places to buy your next wedding fit, broken down by price, the dress code they're best for, and their range of sizes.

A quick note on our handy dandy price key: we can't break pricing down to an exact silence, as some of these retailers stock a variety of wardrobe pieces at a wide range of prices. If they stock suiting, matching sets, or a variety of weddingwear essentials, you can expect to pay roughly this much for a full suit (minus accessories). If they're a brand that specializes in shoes, shirting, or trousers then the price range is reflective of the cost of a single piece.

  • $ - Under $500
  • $$ - $500-1000
  • $$$ - $1000+


Men's blue wedding guest suit with floral print dress shirt
Photo: Macy's

Some things never change. Macy's is still one of the best places to shop for men's formalwear and casual threads alike. From tuxes to suits to separates and every accessory imaginable, Macy's has whatever you're looking for when putting together your wedding guest wardrobe.

Best for: Black Tie, Formal, Semi-Formal, and Dressy Casual

Size range: Varies by Product

Price range: $-$$

Generation Tux

Men's Black Peak Lapel Wedding Guest Tuxedo
Photo: Generation Tux

Tuxedo rentals are far from a fashion faux-pas these days. While Generation Tux offers tuxes and suiting for sale, their rental service is top-notch and perfect for anyone who needs to attend a black-tie wedding but doesn't anticipate needing a tuxedo for quite some time afterward.

Best for: Black Tie

Size range: Standard + Big & Tall

Price range: $

Todd Snyder

Men's brown italian cotton wedding guest suit
Photo: Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder has cemented itself as one of the most reliable brands in menswear these days, stocking everything from crewneck sweatshirts to suave suiting. They're a favorite at The Knot because of this–they have something for nearly any occasion.

Best for: Year-round Formal, Cocktail Attire, Semi-Formal, and Dressy Casual. They do it all!

Size range: Standard

Price range: $$


Off-White Striped Wedding Guest Havana Suit
Photo: Suitsupply

Suitsupply is at the top of the made-to-measure suiting game thanks to their high-quality custom options for formal and semi-formal occasions (though their beach wedding suiting is top tier as well). With them, you can order a custom suit made to your exact specifications, all from your laptop screen while curled up on the couch in sweats.

Best for: Formal

Size range: Made-to-measure

Price range: $$

Dandy Del Mar

Ivory linen shirt for men's wedding guest outfit
Photo: Dandy Del Mar

Dandy Del Mar specializes in breezy leisurewear, a favorite of world travelers and celebrities on red carpets and press tours alike. They launched a fun linen suiting line this year as well, but their specialty is their matching sets, which are perfect for destination wedding guest attire.

Best for: Beach and destination weddings with a dress code that skews more White Lotus than coat and tie

Size range: S-XXXL

Price range: $

J. Crew

Gray Ludlow Slim-fit suit jacket mens wedding guest outfit essential
Photo: J. Crew

J. Crew still reigns supreme over mall-brand menswear. Their suiting is the perfect mix of quality and affordability, and they stock enough accessories and shirting options to make it super easy to piece together your perfect wedding guest ensemble all in one place.

Best for: Semi-formal suiting and accessories

Size range: Standard

Price range: $


White cloth button down for mens wedding outfit
Photo: Wythe

Wythe makes, simply put, the best Oxford shirts on the market today. They're built to last and built to look great with suit separates or a semi-formal suiting look. These are the sort of shirts that are great as part of a wedding guest wardrobe but will do just as well for a night out with friends, a job interview, or anything.

Best for: Semi-Formal

Size range: XS-XXL with select Tall variations

Price range: $

Bergdorf Goodman

Men's Peak-Lapel One-Button Wool Tuxedo wedding guest suit
Photo: Bergdorf Goodman

When you need to go all-out for black-tie, go to Bergdorf Goodman. This is the place to shop for stunning tuxes from some of the hottest designers on the planet, including Brunello Cucinelli and Zegna.

Best for: Black Tie

Size range: Varies by product

Price range: $$$

Kit Blake

Tan trousers for mens wedding guest outfit essentials
Photo: Kit Blake

Kit Blake makes trousers and only trousers–and they do it well. These are the sort of pants that will permanently replace those reliable chinos in your wedding wardrobe rotation and elevate a suit separates look in a big way.

Best for: Semi-Formal

Size range: 30-40

Price range: $

Beckett Simonon

Black oxford dress shoes for mens wedding guest outfit essentials
Photo: Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon gets you the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying shoes for weddings. For around $200 they provide handmade dress shoes in every classic style and color you could ask for. They're also incredibly open about their ethical work practices, which are detailed thoroughly on their website right down to their employees' daily hours.

Best for: Formal, Semi-Formal

Size range: 7-14 (with some variance amongst the product line)

Price range: $

Alex Mill

Striped Cotton Linen Pant for mens wedding guest outfit essentials
Photo: Alex Mill

Alex Mill makes high-quality, lowkey everyday menswear essentials. We're talking perfect poplin dress shirts and relaxed linen suit separates, the sort of clothes that are easy to wear to a wedding and even easier to wear in your day to day.

Best for: Semi-Formal, Dressy Casual

Size range: Varies by product

Price range: $

Dos and Don'ts for Male Wedding Guest Attire

Don't know where to start when putting together your wedding fit? At a loss as to what a wedding guest is even supposed to wear these days? Fear not, I'm here to help. Read on for some tips, tricks, and no-gos when getting dressed for your next celebration.

Do: Check the Dress Code

This is the most important thing—don't pass go (or collect $200) without checking the dress code first. If the wedding you're attending has a dress code (and most do), it's probably noted on the invitation. Not there? Go to their wedding website? Still no luck? Ask a wedding party VIP to exhaust all your options before going to the couple. You don't want to be the only tux-less guest at a black tie wedding or the only one in a tux at a dressy-casual ceremony. Know the code.

Don't: Overdress (or Underdress)

Dress codes are binding. Even if you've got a new tux that you're just dying to show off, don't wear it to a cocktail attire wedding or a semi-formal affair. Dress codes aren't just for guests–they're set with the couple's outfits in mind as well, and it's a bad look to show up dressed more formally than the folks who are getting married.

On that note, don't underdress either. This one might seem a bit more obvious but it warrants noting. Couples set dress codes for a reason. It's not a great look to overdress but underdressing should also be avoided at all costs.

Do: Consider the Weather

Like I said, in terms of personal comfort the last thing you want is to show up wearing clothing that isn't going to keep you appropriately warm or cool. The season in which the wedding is taking place is going to play into what you wear. Spring and summer weddings are great for linens, seersucker, tropical wools, and light cotton if you're going the suit route. Similarly, fall and winter suits are best suited in fabrics like wool, tweed, and flannel blends.

You should also check the weather forecast a day or two before the wedding. All the seasonal considerations in the world won't mean much if you wear linen on the day a cold front hits.

Don't: Worry About Coordinating with the Wedding Party

Guests are generally not expected to coordinate with the wedding party, save for the unique instance of themed weddings (in which case everyone will be wearing, like, Star Wars-themed attire or maybe just the color blue, depending on the couple). Unless it's been specifically noted, don't worry about considering this when planning.

Don't: Wear a Suit to a Black-Tie Wedding

Black-tie means it's time to bust out the tux. There's not much wiggle room here–don't show up in a suit. Black-tie doesn't necessarily mean a black tux (spoiler alert: white tuxes are trending!) but the dress code strictly calls for a tuxedo. For black-tie optional, a tuxedo isn't required but you should wear a more formal suit–we're talking three-piece or with all the accessories (tie, cufflinks, etc.).

FAQs About Buying Wedding Guest Attire for Men

How far in advance should I shop for a men's wedding guest outfit?

There's no hard timeline in terms of when you should buy your wedding dress clothes as a guy, but I'd suggest having the bulk of your outfit (this is to say a suit, tux, or separates and your dress shirt, if that's what you're wearing) in your closet about two weeks before the wedding. This is to allow a window of time in which you can get your suit altered if needed (a week is a reasonable turnaround to expect if you aren't getting major alterations). Ideally, you'll have all of your accessories (shoes, tie, anything else) in place around the same time, but there's technically nothing wrong with picking out your tie a few days before the wedding.

How much should I expect to spend on wedding guest attire as a man?

This is entirely dependent on your budget–there's no wrong amount of money to spend on a wedding guest ensemble. You can rent a tuxedo or suit for as little as $150 or so, and you can buy them for thousands if you want to go with a top designer or bespoke suitmaker. If you're able to split the difference, I'd personally recommend spending on wedding guest attire with a "buy well, buy once" mentality. There's a good chance you'll need to get dressed for multiple weddings in the future and spending money on the right essential pieces will allow you to have a wardrobe that's ready for any occasion.

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