What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Not quite sure which diamond shape suits your personality? We're here to help.
  1. Oval Engagement Ring

    Your style: In a word (okay three): over the top.
    Your relationship: Together you are more than the sum of your parts.
    Your wedding: Colorful and cool, with a very polished edge. No detail will be overlooked.

    Ring by The Sylvie Collection

  2. Colorful Stone Engagement Ring

    Your style: Untraditional.
    Your relationship: You both do your own things but can’t think of anything better than spending time with each other.
    Your wedding: You want to keep people on their toes when it comes to your wedding. The only thing your guests can count on is that it will be unlike any other they’ve attended.

    Ring by Mark Broumand

  3. Halo-Setting Engagement Ring

    Your style: Glamour girl.
    Your relationship: He can’t believe he gets to spend the rest of his life with you -- and you feel the same way about him.
    Your wedding: Let’s just say your groom will be blinded by all the glitter you’ll be wearing as you walk down the aisle.

    Ring by Parade Design

  4. Black Rhodium Engagement Ring

    Your style: Edgy and slightly wild.
    Your relationship: Your number-one relationship rule: Have fun together!
    Your wedding: A little moodiness only adds to the drama of a wedding, right?

    Ring by Danhov

  5. Bezel-Setting Engagement Ring

    Your style: Minimalistic and modern.
    Your relationship: You guys like things simple and sweet.
    Your wedding: There will be no fuss and frills at your wedding.

    Ring by Mark Schneider Design

  6. Pear Engagement Ring

    Your style: Classic, but with a twist.
    Your relationship: Independent, yet utterly committed. You and your guy have each other's backs. Period.
    Your wedding: Contemporary and chic with trendy shots of color and fun, out-of-the-box ideas.

    Ring by A. Jaffe

  7. Marquise Engagement Ring

    Your style: Old Hollywood (think: silver screen siren).
    Your relationship: He puts you on a pedestal and lets you shine. But he's not afraid to help you laugh at yourself when you get too big for your britches.
    Your wedding: Pure glamour. You'll create an enchanted atmosphere that wedding guests will never forget.

    Ring by Jacob & Co.

  8. Heart Engagement Ring

    Your style: Shameless romantic.
    Your relationship: We bet your man is head over heels. Why? Guys don't exactly gravitate toward heart-shaped objects. So we're thinkin' he's all about making you smile.
    Your wedding: Ball gown? Check. Petal-covered aisle? Check. Ice sculpture(s)? Check. You definitely don't believe that less is more, and it shows.

    Ring by Tiffany & Co.

  9. Gold Engagement Ring

    Your style: Totally classic.
    Your relationship: A perfect date night is one spent cuddling at home.
    Your wedding:You’re going to have all the trimmings of a traditional wedding: veil, roses and, of course, a little "something blue."

    Ring by Hoorsenbuhs for Forevermark

  10. Round Engagement Ring

    Your style: Traditional. You always look utterly put together.
    Your relationship: Bottom line: you're marrying your best friend. Here's to a lifetime of sharing inside jokes and having someone really get you.
    Your wedding: Relaxed, romantic and unfussy. It takes a lot of planning to make things look this effortless, but you'll pull it off.

    Ring by Jeff Cooper Designs

  11. Princess Engagement Ring

    Your style: Lover of all things sparkly.
    Your relationship: He treats you like a...yep, total princess.
    Your wedding: You may or may not arrive by horse-drawn carriage, opt for the biggest ball gown, or sport the tallest tiara -- but you're bound to have a royal blast.

    Ring by ArtCarved

  12. Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

    Your style: Sophisticated socialite -- aka uptown girl.
    Your relationship: You're the girl of his dreams and he's totally in awe.
    Your wedding: Voted "can't miss" event of the season (and not just by your mom). Destined to be the party where everyone hits the dance floor.

    Ring by Simon G. Jewelry

  13. Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

    Your style: You take your cues from the Grace Kellys of the world -- legendary women who demand to be set apart.
    Your relationship: He lets you be...well, you.
    Your wedding: So elegant and timeless that no one will be able to date the wedding photos afterward.

    Ring by Kwiat

  14. Photo by TheKnot.com