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Reception Venues in Nashville

The first thing that any couple will begin thinking about following the proposal is booking a venue. Of course, Nashville, TN has numerous wedding venues to choose from, but which location sounds best to you? Do you imagine saying your vows in the gardens of an old Southern mansion or beneath the exposed steel beams of a trendy factory-turned-event-space? Can you see yourself dancing the night away in an old industrial style club or beneath an airy white tent on a quaint country farm? No matter what your vision or lack thereof, our listings of Nashville wedding venues is sure to please! We provide top-notch spaces that range from the beautifully historic to the shiny and new. When browsing through our listings, be sure to consider the type of mood you want to set for your big day. Do you want a grand space that oozes Southern charm? Then consider a good ol' fashioned farm or plantation venue. Are you hoping to channel contemporary elegance? Take a look at the numerous golf clubs and resort locations throughout the city. Also keep the size of your wedding in mind. No one wants to cram 200 people into a historic boutique hotel or rent a grand ballroom space for a party of 20. No matter what your vision for the big day, our Nashville wedding venue database will give you the best options in Music City!