15 Stages Every Bride Goes Through (in GIFs)

All the emotions.
by Maggie Seaver & Niky Sampedro
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  1. Whether you’ve just said yes or you’re only days from “I do”, you’ll definitely relate to these 15 emotional stages of being a bride. And no, brides-to-be, you’re not going crazy—you just want your day to be fabulous! We promise, the best moments will stick with you forever and all the hiccups will eventually make hilarious stories.

  2. When your fiancé proposes and you say “yes”:

    how i met your mother excited gif
  3. When you tell your friends you’re engaged:

    splendor in the grass excited gif
  4. When you ask your bestie to be your maid of honor:

    broad city gif
  5. When you make your first visit to the bridal salon:

    friends phoebe gif
  6. When you find out your dream venue is already booked:

    shocked gif
  7. When you finish your first bridal bootcamp workout:

    mindy kaling gif
  8. When you and your fiancé finally figure out the seating chart:

    toddlers and tiaras gif
  9. When you have a meltdown over menu options:

    kim kardashian gif
  10. When your parents and in-laws start driving you crazy with requests:

    help me gif
  11. When you’re going over the budget with your fiancé and it’s getting a little out of hand:

    winona ryder gif
  12. When you hear how much you’re loved during rehearsal dinner toasts:

    beyonce gif
  13. When somehow, inevitably, you end up running late to your own ceremony:

    maya rudolph bridesmaids gif
  14. When your parents tell you you’ll always be their little girl:

    emma stone crying gif

  15. When an uninvited guest has the nerve to show up:

    buffy gif

  16. When you finally make it to the honeymoon suite:

    blackish gif

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