15 Stages Every Bride Goes Through

Ask anyone who’s planned their wedding, and they’ll agree that the process evokes a wide range of emotions.
  1. ​You laugh, you cry, and you go through everything else in between. Instead of trying to explain them, we've illustrated the very common, only-when-you're-a-bride emotions and experiences that we're talking about…​

  2. When He Proposed

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  3. When You Told Your Friends You Were Engaged

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  4. When You Said Yes To The Dress

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  5. When You Found Out Your Dream Venue Was Already Booked

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  6. When You Tried To Talk To Your Fiancé About Invitation Motifs

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  7. When You Started Your Wedding Workouts

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  8. When Your Bridesmaid Told You She Didn’t Like The Dress You Picked For Her

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  9. When You Were Trying To Stay Within Budget

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  10. When You Were Getting Ready For Your Bachelorette Party

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  11. When You Had A Meltdown Over Entree Options

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  12. When Your Dad Saw You In Your Gown

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  13. When An Uninvited Guest Showed Up

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  14. What You Thought Your Wedding Night Would Be Like…

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  15. What It Was Actually Like…

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  16. When It Finally Hit You — You’re Married!

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