23 Amazing Elton John Wedding Songs to Play on Your Special Day

You'll definitely feel the love tonight with the Rocket Man's top tracks.
Lauren Dana Ellman - The Knot Contributor.
Lauren Dana Ellman
Lauren Dana Ellman - The Knot Contributor.
Lauren Dana Ellman
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jul 28, 2023

As one of the most influential singers, songwriters, pianists and composers of the 20th century, Elton John is responsible for dozens of smash hits over the decades. As such, it should come as no surprise that many of his top tunes also double as amazing wedding songs. While narrowing down the best Elton John wedding songs was no easy feat, it was important for us to include a variety of options ranging from slow ballads and love songs to upbeat, danceable hits. Similarly, you'll also find a combination of Elton John's most famous songs, along with some of his more underrated—albeit just as incredible—numbers.

Keep reading for 23 of our all-time favorite Elton John songs to add to your wedding playlist, stat—and be sure to alert your wedding band or DJ ahead of time so they know which tunes to play on your big day!

"Your Song," Elton John

Lyrics you'll love: "I hope you don't mind/I hope you don't mind/That I put down in words/How wonderful life is/While you're in the world"

With its romantic lyrics and timeless melody, this beautiful ballad is ideal for your first dance as a married couple. Although it was released over 50 years ago, the tune has managed to withstand the test of time—and it's easy to see why it's such a popular first dance song.

"Rocket Man," Honky Château

Lyrics you'll love: "And I think it's gonna be a long, long time/'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find/I'm not the man they think I am at home"

Elton John's aptly named "Rocket Man" puts the Rocket Man's pipes on full display. Its catchy chorus will have everyone singing along as they enjoy dinner or dessert; alternatively, consider playing an instrumental version of the song during the cocktail hour.

"I'm Still Standing," Too Low for Zero

Lyrics you'll love: "Don't you know I'm still standin' better than I ever did?/Lookin' like a true survivor, feelin' like a little kid/And I'm still standin' after all this time"

This feel-good anthem is all about resilience, strength and empowerment—and it's perfect for rocking out on the dance floor. Don't be afraid to belt out the lyrics with your closest friends and family in between dance moves!

"Bennie And The Jets," Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Lyrics you'll love: "She's got electric boots, a mohair suit/You know I read it in a magazine, oh"

A karaoke staple, "Bennie And The Jets" is one of Elton John's most popular songs thanks to its upbeat tempo. Overall, it's safe to say that this oh-so-catchy tune is a fan favorite for many a good reason.

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight," The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lyrics you'll love: "When the heart of this star-crossed voyager/Beats in time with yours/And can you feel the love tonight?/It is where we are"

As one of the best Disney love songs—not to mention one of our all-time favorite Elton John songs for a wedding—you can't help but, well, feel all the love in the room when your wedding band or DJ plays "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." Between the singer's signature vocals and the incredible instrumentals, this tender and romantic tune will set the scene for a fun and memorable night ahead, which is why some couples opt to play it at the beginning of the wedding reception. Conversely, it is also a lovely last dance song, especially for couples hoping to cap off the night on a positive and reflective note.

"The One," The One

Lyrics you'll love: "When stars collide like you and I/No shadows block the sun/You're all I've ever needed/Babe, you're the one"

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The lead single from the singer's 1992 album of the same name, "The One" is, hands-down, one of Elton John's best first dance songs. That's because this sweet number features soulful piano instrumentals and some seriously stunning harmonizing.

"Something About the Way You Look Tonight," The Big Picture

Lyrics you'll love: "I need to tell you/How you light up every second of the day/But in the moonlight/You just shine like a beacon on the bay/And I can't explain/But it's something about the way you look tonight/Takes my breath away"

As one of the best love songs by Elton John, "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" is romantic in every sense, from its poetic lyrics to its magnificent melody, which you can't help but sing along to. Overall, we can confidently say that this tender ballad—which, in our opinion, is among our absolute favorite Elton John slow songs- is one of the most underrated first dance tracks.

"Crocodile Rock," Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player

Lyrics you'll love: "But the biggest kick I ever got/Was doing a thing called the Crocodile Rock/While the other kids were rocking 'round the clock/We were hopping and bopping to the Crocodile Rock"

This rock n' roll-esque number is one of the most upbeat Elton John songs of all time. Its fast-paced tempo and piano instrumentals—coupled with the fun lyrics—will lure wedding guests of all ages straight to the dance floor. And, don't forget to check out some of our other upbeat song picks to add to your wedding day playlist!

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (feat. Kiki Dee), Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Lyrics you'll love: "Right from the start/I gave you my heart/Oh-oh I give you my heart"

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is one of the top 1970s wedding songs. Featuring vocals from Kiki Dee, this cheeky duet is world-famous for its fun lyrics and cheery instrumentals. Perhaps you and your new spouse can delight your wedding guests by preparing a surprise sing-along performance as they sit down for dinner!

"I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues," Too Low for Zero

Lyrics you'll love: "Time on my hands/Could be time spent with you/Laughing like children/Living like lovers"

"I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" is one of those classic Elton John songs that everyone knows thanks to its now-iconic melody and piano instrumentals. Since the tune has a somewhat slow pace, it's great for playing during mealtime or cocktail hour, allowing everyone to sit back, unwind and truly enjoy the music.

"True Love" (feat. Kiki Dee), Duets

Lyrics you'll love: "While I give to you and you give to me/True love, true love/So on and on it will always be/True love, true love"

Like "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," "True Love" is another duet featuring Kiki Dee—though this one is slower and more passionate as opposed to playful. With this in mind, it's ideal for a first dance.

"Blue Eyes," Jump Up!

Lyrics you'll love: "Blue eyes/Baby's got blue eyes/Like a deep blue sea/On a blue blue day"

If you and/or your new spouse have blue eyes, then this emotional song is especially apropos for your first dance. The romantic ballad features a slow, steady tempo that's terrific for whirling and twirling around with your new spouse.

"Believe," Made in England

Lyrics you'll love: "I believe in love, it's all we got/Love has no boundaries, no borders to cross"

In this 1995 anthem, Elton John sings about the power of love and how it's the one thing that unites us all—and, besides, who can't get behind that message, especially at such a joyous occasion like a wedding? We recommend playing it at dinner when it can serve as pleasant background music.

"Mama Can't Buy You Love," Milestones

Lyrics you'll love: "Can't you see that it's love you really need?/Take my hand and I'll show what a love could be"

Released in 1980, "Mama Can't Buy You Love" will surely be a hit at your wedding reception. We love the cheery instrumentals, which are great for playing softly in the background during cocktail hour to help set the tone for the fun night ahead.

"Candle in the Wind," Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Lyrics you'll love: "Though I never knew you at all/You had the grace to hold yourself"

Playing a special song is a heartfelt way for newlyweds to honor deceased loved ones at their wedding reception. You can't go wrong with Elton John's poetic "Candle in the Wind," which is perfect for this purpose.

"Little Jeannie," 21 at 33

Lyrics you'll love: "You make me all a man can be/And I want you to be my acrobat/I want you to be my lover"

This slow song is laden with sweet lyrics; however, it's the horn instrumentals—which add a fun jazz-esuqe flair—that really stand out. That said, it makes an excellent choice for dinner or cocktail hour.

"Blessed," Candle in the Wind

Lyrics you'll love: "You'll have the best/I promise you that/I'll pick a star from the sky/Pull your name from a hat/ I promise you that, promise you that/Promise you that you'll be blessed"

"Blessed" is pretty much perfect for mother-son and father-daughter dance. Moreover, it's safe to say that they're won't be a dry eye in the house from the second your guests hear Elton singing about his future child and his unconditional love for them.

"Cold Heart" (feat. Dua Lipa), The Lockdown Sessions

Lyrics you'll love: "It's a human sign/When things go wrong/When the scent of her lingers/And temptation's strong"

"Cold Heart," which also features Dua Lipa, was released in 2021—and, to no one's surprise, it became a smash hit almost immediately. The feel-good single is sure to get the party started with its danceable beat, which pairs perfectly with the Rocket Man's trademark piano riffs. Fun fact: It also features lyrics from four different Elton John songs: "Rocket Man," "Sacrifice," "Kiss the Bride" and "Where's the Shoorah."

"Friends," The Country Bears Soundtrack

Lyrics you'll love: "Making friends for the world to see/Let the people know you got what you need/With a friend at hand you will see the light/If your friends are there then everything's all right"

Right before or after the wedding speeches, have your band or DJ play "Friends" and dedicate the song to your maid of honor, best man and entire wedding party, all of whom have stuck by your side through the wedding planning process! We especially love the line, "If your friends are there then everything's all right"—and we guarantee your friends will, too!

"Circle of Life," The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lyrics you'll love: "In the circle of life/It's the wheel of fortune/It's the leap of faith/It's the band of hope/'Til we find our place/On the path unwinding/In the circle, the circle of life"

Make an epic entrance to your wedding reception by walking out to the wondrous "Circle of Life," a.k.a. the opening song to The Lion King. The triumphant tune also features traditional African percussion, which only enhances the exciting ambiance.

"Kiss the Bride," Too Low for Zero

Lyrics you'll love: "I want to kiss the bride yeah"

As you can guess by its name, this song is especially fitting for your special day. This fast-paced pop-rock number—which features instrumentals like the synthesizer and electric guitar—will get your guests grooving in (almost) no time.

"Are You Ready for Love," Love Songs

Lyrics you'll love: "I'll write a symphony just for you and me/If you let me love you/I'll paint a masterpiece just for you to see/If you let me love you, let me love you"

Between the infectious melody and passionate lyrics, "Are You Ready for Love" makes a welcome addition to any wedding playlist. Tip: Play it towards the end of dinnertime to encourage the guests to get back out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

"The Heart of Every Girl," Mona Lisa Smile: Music From The Motion Picture

Lyrics you'll love: "We'll always love a bride/The gift you give us all/Is the one you hold inside/This lucky life, this crazy mixed up world/Is all because we love what lives/In the heart of every girl"

This romantic jazz song, with its bouncy piano instrumentals—combined with the singer-songwriter's powerful pipes—is an excellent choice for cocktail hour. You may even spot some guests tapping their feet along to the beat!

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