5 Things No One Tells You About Choosing Your Colors

It's easy to get caught up in the details -- here's what to look out for.
by Lauren Kay
Wedding color palette and style
Levi Stolove Photography

1. You'll start to see your wedding colors and theme everywhere you look.

You'll know it when it happens because you'll be doing the most mundane thing ever, like watching TV and all of a sudden the character's amethyst necklace will remind you of your bridesmaid dresses. Totally okay -- you're not crazy, but it may be time to take a break from wedding planning for a bit.

2. Your fiance may care more about your colors than you think.

You learn a lot about each other through the wedding planning process. You might have thought your partner wouldn't care at all about colors, but your other half might actually be totally opposed to your idea of an all-gold-and-white wedding or the thought of using bicycles all over the wedding day details. (PS: If that is the case, that's a good thing – your wedding will look more like the two of you!)

3. Inspiration boards will be your frenemies.

It's on your phone, your laptop at home, your computer at work -- and you're more than happy to settle in for hours on a Saturday night playing around with it instead of going out with friends. As helpful and essential as inspiration boards are for organizing your favorite photos, they can take over your life. Word to the wise: Get inspired and then walk away, or risk second-guessing all the decisions you've already made. Instead, spend the time doing something more productive (you know, like shopping for bridal shower dresses or swimsuits for the honeymoon!).

4. Pairing your colors with real details is harder than it looks.

You have the most gorgeous color palette and inspiration board, and then it hits you —those are just photos. Now you actually have to figure out how to bring all of that to life. The good news: Professional florists, planners and stylists are all clutch in helping you pull together the elements (and making it look even more personalized than the original board). In other words, as soon as you find the right people who really understand your vision and ideas, you'll feel much less stressed about the whole situation.

5. Your wedding style doesn't define you (or your marriage).

We know it's hard to believe when you're in the middle of picking linens and invites, but trust us—whatever shade of green you decide to go with, it's going to be okay. Your wedding day is not a representation of the rest of your lives – it's a very special day with all your friends and family to celebrate and kick off the beginning of married life. So don't take yourselves too seriously and have fun with it!

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