The Best Tweed Suits for Weddings for Every Style and Budget

Dressing for a fall wedding? A tweed suit might be the way to go.
The Best Tweed Wedding Suits
Photos, left to right: House of Bruar, Todd Snyder, Banana Republic
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Updated Oct 31, 2023
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Living in Los Angeles, the sunshine is glorious but I do miss the change of seasons (and my tweed suits). For menswear enthusiasts, the first chill of fall means it's time to really start dressing thanks to the myriad layers and accessories one can begin incorporating into looks. From the fabrics to the prevalent color schemes, there's a depth to fall dressing that you just don't get with spring and summer's lighter fare, and one of the best ways to sartorially embrace the moment is with a timeless tweed ensemble.

A fall staple, tweed suits and jackets aren't solely the domain of professorial types, New England WASPs, or the landed gentry, despite what popular culture may portray. A woven wool fabric of humble beginnings, tweed's origins were primarily utilitarian (thanks to its warmth and durability), emerging in the largely agrarian Scottish Highlands in the 19th century before spreading to Ireland and Wales. The fabric also served as an early form of camouflage thanks to its earthy hues. To this day, landowners commission "estate tweeds" that incorporate the unique palette of their land for hunting attire. Ancestral castle or not, if you're looking for a weather-appropriate garment with soul and history for your next fall wedding suit, tweed is hands down the way to go.

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Where to Buy Tweed Suits for Weddings

It's important to note that while tweed suits are a popular fall wedding suit choice, the fabric is just as (and perhaps even more) popular in sports coats. Tweed is also one of the easiest fabrics to work with if you're planning on wearing suit separates to a wedding thanks to the variety of colors in the weave. Not every suiting retailer is going to carry full tweed suits, but most any designer who even dabbles in formalwear will have a tweed sport coat as a part of their fall and winter collections.

Spier & MacKay: This brand carries just about every staple of British formalwear you can imagine, including some great tweed suits and sports coats. They serve up classic style at a palatable price, with most suits (available up to 44L) coming in between $300-$600. Their pieces come in a range of fits as well, with slim and contemporary options available.

Todd Snyder: Todd Snyder reliably serves up a few killer tweed suits and sports coats with every fall/winter collection. I can speak from experience–I bought mine from them about three years ago and starting around November or so I find myself wanting to wear it nearly every day. Snyder's wares are on the pricier side (you'll likely be paying at least $500 for one if it isn't on sale) but they'll last for years and years. The brand's suiting generally runs up to a 46L and tends to come in a modern fit–think soft shoulders and relatively modest proportions, not too boxy or too slim.

Polo Ralph Lauren: When it comes to classic Americana, it never hurts to go straight to the source. Ralph Lauren's Polo brand has specialized in all things Ivy since its inception. Lauren's tweed sport coats are an investment piece that's worth a bit of a splurge (the brand's Purple Label being a true splurge).

Hockerty: For British-influenced tailoring on a budget, Hockerty is the place to go. Their made-to-measure service can get you in a totally custom tweed jacket for under $300, with every detail made to your specs. Slanted pockets? Three buttons? Wide lapels? It's all up to you.

Magee 1866: Magee 1866 has been making superb Irish tweed out of Donegal since, you guessed it, 1866. Their pedigree is stellar and their suiting is available up to a size 48. Best of all, their expertise comes at an affordable price with some of their tweed suits available for just under $500.

The Best Tweed Suits for Weddings

From preppy sports coats to sturdy suits, these are some of our favorite tweed items in stores now.

Todd Snyder Madison Sport Coat

Madison Sport Coat from Todd Snyder
Photo: Todd Snyder

In a bold glen plaid, Todd Snyder's tweed Madison jacket is the sort of garment you'll get plenty of wear out of after the big day. It's unstructured, making for a soft and laid-back look that's perfect for mixing with suit separates.

J. Crew Crosby Classic Fit English Wool Tweed Suit

Crosby Classic Fit English Wool Tweed Suit from J. Crew
Photo: J. Crew

Think of J. Crew's Crosby suit cut as the older brother of the modern classic Ludlow. A touch more formal than the Ludlow with more classic proportions, Crosby's the brother who went to graduate school and works in finance now (and looks great in a brown English wool blend).

Brooks Brothers Classic Fit Wool Harris Tweed 1818 Blazer

Classic Fit Wool Harris Tweed 1818 Blazer
Photo: Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers mixes up the classic tweed suit in this navy stunner with peaked lapels as opposed to traditional notched ones. It's a sharp finish on what's sure to become a mainstay in your wedding wardrobe.

Spier & MacKay Neo Cut Brown Herringbone Sport Coat

Neo Cut Brown Herringbone Sport Coat from Spier & MacKay
Photo: Spier & MacKay

With wide lapels and a sturdy Harris Tweed wool, Spier & MacKay's brown herringbone sport coat is a top-tier choice for anyone looking to pick up a tweed suit with a British pedigree for a bargain.

Magee 1866 Finn Tweed Blazer in Grey Sharkskin

Finn Tweed Blazer in Grey Sharkskin from Magee 1866
Photo: Magee 1866

Sharkskin tweed isn't all that easy to come by, but leave it to some of the elder statesmen of tweed suiting to pull it off with style. This option from Magee 1866 is steeped in history (the brand has been making beautiful Irish tweed since their namesake year) but looks modern as hell rather than stuffy and buttoned-up.

Hockerty Custom Tweed Jacket

Custom Tweed Jacket from Hockerty
Photo: Hockerty

Want a tweed jacket that can be whatever you want it to be? Try customizing one at Hockerty, one of our favorite affordable made-to-measure hubs around.

Bonobos Jetsetter Suit in Brown Donegal Tweed

Jetsetter Suit in Brown Donegal Tweed
Photo: Bonobos

Bonobos's signature Jetsetter suit has long been one of our favorite reliable suiting options on the market. It's available in a beautiful brown tweed that makes for a seasonal wedding look that's classy, elegant, and sure to have you looking your best.

Raffa Italian Tweed Suit Jacket from Banana Republic
Photo: Banana Republic

A full tweed suit tends to skew on the formal side. Banana Republic's take is a little bit more relaxed, bringing a touch of southern Europe to this distinctly northern European suiting staple.

House of Bruar Harris Tweed Jacket in Gold Kingfisher Houndstooth

Harris Tweed Jacket in Gold Kingfisher Houndstooth
Photo: House of Bruar

This jacket from suiting hub House of Bruar harkens back to its Scottish roots. Throw this on over a sturdy button-down and a pair of dress pants and you'll look like you're coming in for a drink after a day on the moors.

RRL Unconstructed Wool Tweed Sport Coat

Unconstructed Wool Tweed Sport Coat
Photo: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's RRL label recently released this take on the tweed sport coat. It's got thick buttoned pockets and a lapel with soft notches, making for a unique and sporty take on tweed suiting.

Nautica Tweed Sport Coat

Tweed Sport Coat from Nautica
Photo: Nautica

Looking for a ready-to-wear tweed suit at a bargain price? Nautica has you covered with their smart and versatile brown tweed sport coat.

Hawes & Curtis Green Tweed Slim Suit

Green Tweed Slim Suit from Hawes & Curtis
Photo: Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis modernizes an old-school British classic in the green tweed suit by cutting it with a modernized slim fit. It's the best of the old school and the new for just over $500.

Indochino Newbridge Tweed Suit

Newbridge Tweed Suit from Indochino
Photo: Indochino

For a made-to-measure full tweed suit, look no further than Indochino. The most popular name in made-to-measure suiting has great tweed options, including this Newbridge suit in a smart brown that can be customized to your exact measurements (which you can fill in via their online service) and delivered right to your door if you so choose.

FAQs About Tweed Suits for Weddings

If you need a question or two answered before buying your first (or next) tweed suit, look no further. Here's everything you need to know:

What is a tweed suit?

Originally popularized in Ireland and Scotland, tweed suits are suits made from a specific patterned weave of wool. They tend to be thicker and suitable for fall and winter and are made to stand up to harsh weather. They're available in both solid colors and patterns, though tweed fabric itself has a very specific patterned texture on its own.

Why are tweed suits so expensive?

Tweed suits these days aren't really any more or less expensive than suits in any other material. For a quality tweed suit from any given retailer, your starting price is likely going to be somewhere around $500, which is standard across modern suiting.

How formal is a tweed suit?

Tweed suits aren't going to be appropriate for black-tie affairs, but a full tweed suit can be worn to a formal wedding, and tweed jackets or pants can be worn with suit separates to a semi-formal wedding.

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