These Are the Best Waffle Makers You Can Buy

Pass the waffles (and the syrup and the whipped cream)! Whip up some mouth-watering waffles with the best waffle makers on our list.
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  1. Best waffle maker making waffles on counter

    Want to rev up your kitchen game by buying a grown-up waffle maker or adding one to your registry? You'll likely be surprised by how quickly your waffle maker becomes your new best friend, but get used to it—these nifty little gadgets are capable of making an array of drool-worthy recipes, from cinnamon rolls to hash browns to pizza (and so much more). And then of course there are waffles—light, fluffy waffles topped with tons of fruit, syrup and whipped cream. Yes, please.

    What to Look for in Waffle Makers

    When you’re ready to upgrade from the frozen orb in the toaster, you’ll want to opt for a good-quality waffle maker. Keep the following features in mind as you search for the best waffle maker: price, reliability, design and functionality and ease of cleanup.

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    Best Waffle Maker All-Around

    Ready to take breakfast to the next level? Opt for one of the best waffle makers that spins out near-perfect waffles every time—waffles are the perfect foundation for so many amazing desserts and breakfasts, which makes them a registry must-have.

  2. Best waffle maker Chef's Choice Waffle Pro

    With a reasonable price point and fantastic features, the Chef’s Choice waffle maker is among the best home waffle makers you can buy. It boasts a large cooking surface, hinged lid for thicker foods and a temperature control dial for various degrees of browning. Also, the quad-coil heating elements allow for perfectly even waffles every time—and it works equally well with homemade and commercial premixed batters. (Oh, and did we mention the non-stick surface makes clean-up a breeze?)

    Chef's Choice WafflePro 854, $87,

    Best Belgian Waffle Maker

    Yes, Belgian waffles are an iconic breakfast food, but the best Belgian waffle maker is capable of so much more than that. 

  3. Best belgian waffle maker Breville Smart Waffle Pro

    The Breville Smart Waffle Pro is the waffle maker that does it all (and manages to look beautiful at the same time). With its high-tech LCD screen and patented “A Bit More” button, this top-rated Belgian waffle maker ends up being worth the splurge. Its five custom settings guarantee the best waffle every time—Belgian (for a fluffier interior), classic (for a crispier crust), chocolate, buttermilk and "custom."And no oil required—you'll have an easy clean-up with its true non-stick surface. 

    Breville Smart Waffle Pro BWM640XL, $200,

    Best Waffle Maker Under $50

    If you’re not convinced that a waffle maker is your thing, why not start small and opt for a more affordable waffle maker? Price and functionality are in harmony on this basic model.

  4. Best waffle maker under $50 Cuisinart WMR-CA

    Cuisinart’s classic waffle maker is an affordable waffle maker that still delivers fantastic results and packs a punch when it comes to functionality. With its five browning control settings and a light-up function to indicate when food is ready, you'll get consistent results nearly every time. Plus, its petite space-saving design makes it ultra-easy to store. 

    Cuisinart WMR-CA waffle maker, $24,

  5. Oster Belgian waffle maker best waffle maker

    Large, delicious waffles won't cost you much with this Oster waffle maker. Crafted in durable stainless steel, this Belgian waffle maker boasts an eight-inch non-stick plate, adjustable temperature control and a cool-touch handle.

    Oster Belgian waffle maker, $14,

    Best Flip Waffle Maker

    If you can’t imagine having a waffle maker without some serious flipping action, we totally understand. Fun fact: Most chefs opt for a flip waffle maker for a reason. You'll feel like a pro with this waffle maker. 

  6. BELLA classic rotating non-stick waffle maker best waffle maker

    It's easy to feel like a pro with a rotating waffle maker. This one has an easy-to-use, cool-touch handle, non-stick coating, a drip tray and a control-knob that offers nine precise browning settings. This waffle maker works with a variety of batters too, so whether you're craving buttermilk, buckwheat or blueberry, your waffles will come out perfectly crisp every time. 

    BELLA classic rotating non-stick waffle maker, $20,

  7. Best flip waffle maker Cuisinart WAF-F10 Rotary Waffle Maker

    Cuisinart’s WAF-F10 is fully capable of creating impressive, near-professional Belgian waffles—we're talking beautiful and fluffy—despite its modest selling price, putting it at the top of our list of best flip waffle makers. You'll find it easy to use with its non-stick surface, six different browning control settings and LED light to indicate when waffles are ready.

    Cuisinart WAF-F10 rotary waffle maker, $56,

    Best Double Waffle Maker

    If you’re hosting a breakfast bridal shower or an intimate Christmas morning gathering, you can count on the best double waffle maker to take your menu to the next level with two perfect, fluffy Belgian waffles every time. Pro tip: Consider providing an array of toppings buffet-style and let your guests or family members create an ultra-personal confection. Trust us, they’ll be coming back for more.

  8. Best double waffle maker Waring Pro WMK600

    The Waring Pro is the ultimate must-have accessory if you’re super serious about your waffles. It’s capable of making two full-sized waffles so everyone’s food is warm at the same time—huge bonus. Its flip feature will ensure even heating on both sides, its non-stick surface offers seamless clean-up and its durable handles and joints make it comfortable to use. 

    Waring Pro WMK600 double waffle maker, $350,

    Best Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

    We’re totally on board with anything that makes clean-up an easier task, so we love waffle makers with removable plates. Bonus points if they’re dishwasher friendly. Take the work out of your waffle-making with one of these.

  9. Best waffle maker with removable plates Krups GQ502D

    The Krups GQ502D51 is a top-rated Belgian waffle maker in its own right, but it also happens to be equipped with dishwasher-safe removable aluminum plates, claiming the title of best waffle maker with removable plates. The exterior is solidly built with stainless steel and easily stored. 

    Krups GQ502D51 waffle maker with removable plates, $40,

  10. Black & Decker 3-in-1 waffle maker best waffle maker

    As far as kitchen appliances go, this is another waffle maker with removable plates that will come in handy day-in and day-out. You can make an entire breakfast platter using this gadget alone—we're talking eggs, bacon, toast and so on—and the stainless steel and non-stick reversible plates make for easy clean-up. 

    Black & Decker 3-in-1 waffle maker, $44,

    Best Commercial Waffle Maker

    If you’re so serious about waffles that your waffle maker warrants a permanent placement on your counter, consider upgrading to one of the best commercial waffle makers. Note that these are typically reserved for restaurants, so we totally get it if you'd rather opt to keep it simple with a home waffle maker.

  11. Best commercial waffle maker Waring WW250

    If you’re the waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner type—and trust us, we’re totally on board with that—the Waring Pro may be your best bet. This luxe commercial waffle maker is capable of spinning out 50 waffles per hour. Although it's on the pricier side, it allows you to adjust the thickness setting (so you can make everything from crispy ice cream cones to plush Belgian waffles) and its heating elements allow for fast, direct heating. Net-net, it's an excellent investment for anyone who's extra-passionate about waffles. 

    Waring WW250 commercial waffle maker, $640,

    Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker

    Perhaps you’re looking for a waffle maker that you can use for a campfire, or maybe you’re just a traditionalist at heart. Either way, there’s definitely something romantic and old school about a cast iron waffle maker.

  12. Love the idea of waffle s'mores? We have good news—Rome Industries’ waffle iron is the perfect waffle maker for a campfire. It’s made of heavy-duty cast iron and spins out perfectly cooked classic round waffles every time. The durable cast iron will last you a lifetime—and for its reasonable price, that's a pretty great deal. 

    Rome Industries Rome old fashioned waffle iron, $20,

    Best Classic Waffle Maker

    The most traditional waffle maker should make round, crispy, mouth-watering classic waffles.

  13. Best classic waffle maker Williams Sonoma All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker

    Trust us on this one—this compact workhorse of a waffle maker is downright amazing. The steam release system built into the top part of this best classic waffle maker eliminates condensation during cooking to produce the crispiest, most finely textured classic waffles ever. Not only will your waffles be perfectly round every time, but they'll be perfectly browned too (you have seven levels to choose from). The thick cast aluminum grids with smart technology deliver fast, even heating and the effective non-stick coating makes for an easy clean-up every time. What more could you ask for?

    Williams-Sonoma All-Clad classic round waffle maker, $130,

  14. All-Clad WD700162 stainless steel classic round waffle maker best waffle maker

    What's not to love about a classic, round waffle that's crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside? This All-Clad waffle maker will give you just that every time, thanks to its unique steam-release system, seven browning levels and light and sound system to alert you when your waffle's ready. Plus, the non-stick surface will guarantee an effortless release and easy clean-up. 

    All-Clad WD700162 stainless steel classic round waffle maker, $119,

    Best Mini Waffle Maker

    As much as we all love huge, fluffy waffles, sometimes a snackable, bite-sized mini waffle is exactly what you're looking for (especially when you're on the go). This mini waffle maker won't disappoint. 

  15. Dash mini waffle maker machine best waffle maker

    This lightweight mini waffle maker might come at a low price, but it'll pack a huge punch in your kitchen. (Seriously—it makes so much more than just waffles. You can make everything from paninis to hash browns on this little guy.) Not only is it perfect for kids, but this mini waffle maker is compact (great for camping trips!), easy to store and boasts a non-stick surface for easy clean-up. 

    Dash mini waffle maker machine, $10,

    Best Waffle Maker for Kids

    If you're a parent, you probably know how to make meal-time fun—and whether it's for breakfast or dessert, nothing's more fun to make (or eat) than waffles. 

  16. Disney DCM-1 classic Mickey waffle maker best waffle maker

    This waffle maker will make perfect Mickey-shaped waffles every time for your kids (or you—we don't judge). They'll love how they look and taste, and you'll love how sleek and elegant the brushed stainless steel exterior looks in your kitchen and how easy the clean-up is due to its non-stick coating. 

    Disney DCM-1 classic Mickey waffle maker, $30,

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