The Best Wedding Favor Ideas for Each Season

Give your guests the perfect send-off with one of these seasonal favorites.
by Maggie Seaver

Whether you’re tying the knot in the height of summer, the depths of winter or some time in between, it’s always a good a idea to send your guests home with a little something more than a hug and a “thank-you.” The sky's the limit when it comes to wedding favors, but that thought can almost make your decision more overwhelming—we totally get it. No matter which route you take, always consider the time of year, your wedding location and what you think your guests will actually use and enjoy. Gift your guests a treat they can munch on immediately (like candy apples or ice cream cones for the road) or something they’ll savor for a while (think: potted herbs or a cozy hat). Here, our top five favor ideas by season.


  1. 1. Honey

    wedding favor ideas spring
  2. 2. Pressed Floral Coaster

    wedding favor ideas spring
    Dana Fernandez Photography
  3. 3. Mini Succulents

    wedding favor ideas spring
    Adam Kennedy
  4. 4. Seeds

    wedding favor ideas spring
    Erin L. Taylor
  5. Summer

  6. 5. Infused Olive Oil

    wedding favor ideas summer
  7. 6. Flip-Flops

    wedding favor ideas summer
    Boucher Visuals
  8. 7. Barbeque Sauce

    wedding favor ideas summer
    James Anderson Photography
  9. 8. Koozies

    wedding favor ideas summer
    Mon Petit Studios
  10. Fall

  11. 9. Apple Butter

    wedding favor ideas fall
  12. 10. Cider Doughnuts

    wedding favor ideas fall
  13. 11. Homemade Pickles

    wedding favor ideas fall
    Angela King Photography
  14. 12. Bite-Size Pies

    wedding favor ideas fall
    Heather Waraksa Photography
  15. Winter

  16. 13. Maple Syrup

    wedding favor ideas winter
    McKay Imaging
  17. 14. Pashminas

    wedding favor ideas winter
  18. 15. Ornaments

    wedding favor ideas winter
  19. 16. DIY S'mores Kit

    wedding favor ideas winter
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