17 Birdcage Veils with Chic Vintage Vibes

This retro veil is just as stylish today.
birdcage veil with sparkles
Photo: Tessa Kim
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Updated Nov 10, 2023
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If you've seen the classic rom-com Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon, then you're familiar with the birdcage wedding veil. Like the name suggests, a birdcage veil almost resembles, well, a birdcage. The retro style also known as a "cage" covers just the top part of your face and is often made of a netted tulle. While birdcage veils may be similar to blushers, the key difference is that a birdcage veil only covers the top portion of your face, while a blusher is longer. Many royal fascinators even feature a birdcage veil detail.

The birdcage style was actually first introduced in the 1940s when long veils were scarce due to fabric shortages caused by World War II. They remained an especially trendy wedding style throughout the '40s and '50s and are still worn by brides today. The birdcage veils on the market now come in many fabrications and can be worn in various different ways. They are typically affixed to the hair with either a comb or a clip, and sometimes even a headband. Whether worn straight on over the face or to the side as a hair accessory, birdcage veils are synonymous with vintage glamor.

The rules of bridal accessories are much more lenient today than in years past. While many traditional brides opt for a veil, you can define your own wedding day style—veil or no veil. If you're planning a vintage-inspired soirée and are choosing to wear a veil, a birdcage style might be perfect for you. Plus, it would pair exceptionally well with some other 2023 bridal trends, such as the return of bridal gloves and streamlined slip dresses.

Retro-loving brides, rejoice. A birdcage veil gives you the perfect dose of vintage flair and we've got you covered with editor-approved picks you can shop now.

17 Birdcage Veils You Can Buy Right Now

Jennifer Behr Voilette Headband

birdcage veil attached to silk headband
Photo: Jennifer Behr

This birdcage veil is attached to a delicate silk-lined headband, making it especially easy to take on and off if you so choose. It comes in both a bridal cream color or black, for the edgy brides out there.

LuciaStofej Bridal Birdcage Veil

classic birdcage veil
Photo: LuciaStofej

This classic birdcage is the perfect accessory for any retro bride. Pair it with a bold red lip for extra punch.

Gigi Burris X REVOLVE Viki Veil

Gigi Burris X REVOLVE fishnet birdcage veil with crystals

Make the whole room shimmer in this silk fishnet veil adorned with delicate crystals. It sits on your head with a dainty white headband.

Monrowe Boater Hat With Veil Hat

birdcage veil attached to hat

This birdcage-hat combo practically screams "Elizabeth James" and we couldn't be more obsessed. This one is perfect for any bride looking for a standout accessory.

Monrowe Bridal Cowboy Hat with Birdcage Veil

Monrowe Bridal cowboy hat with birdcage veil
Photo: Anthropologie

Planning a country wedding? Why not say "I do" in this unique ivory wool cowboy hat, complete with a delicate birdcage veil?

Eugenia Kim Halsey Veil

Eugenia Kim birdcage veil with crystals

This white satin headband is given a retro twist with the addition of a delicately embellished birdcage. Tiny crystals catch the light with every turn, making you look like a princess as you walk down the aisle.

Twigs & Honey Silona Birdcage Veil

birdcage veil with pearls attached to comb
Photo: Anthropologie

This ivory birdcage is classic vintage style at its best. It fastens to the hair with a comb and is made of delicate netting adorned with Swarovski pearls.

Gaios Allie Headband with Birdcage Veil

birdcage veil with pearls attached to embellished floral headband
Photo: Maison Orient

This glamorous veil features a pearl-embellished floral headband and retro netting dotted in pearls. If you're looking to up the ante with your bridal hair accessory, this one's for you.

EmbroiderykingStudio Bridal Birdcage Veil

birdcage veil with pearls and floral details
Photo: EmbroideryKingStudio

Chic flowers and beading make this birdcage a standout. It's the perfect addition to a wedding dress with floral applique!

Tessa Kim ​​Mini Sparkle Birdcage Veil

birdcage veil with sparkles
Photo: TessaKim

Another Tessa Kim favorite, this sparkly tulle rendition adds a touch of elegance to any wedding ensemble. I can almost hear the Bridgerton soundtrack now.

EleganceByKate Gold or Silver Birdcage Veil

bejeweled silver and gold combs
Photo: EleganceByKate

This elegant birdcage serves double duty. The jeweled comb is detachable from the veil, making it perfect for any bride who wants to change up her look from the ceremony to the reception.

Gigi Burris Bandanna Veiling

birdcage veil with pearls across eyes
Photo: Gigi Burris

The designer states it perfectly: This style is "for the cool girl bride searching for something sleek." This modern birdcage can be worn across the eyes like a bandana or tied over the hair like a headband. It also comes in nude and embellished options.

ElenoirAccessorize Headband for Bride with Rhinestone Birdcage Veil

ElenoirAccessorize rhinestone headband with birdcage veil
Photo: ElenoirAccessorize

This stunning mesh tulle birdcage veil sits on your head with a dazzling crystal-embellished headband. It's perfect if you want to make a statement with your bridal headpiece.

Tessa Kim Chiffon Floral Tulle Birdcage Veil

classic chiffon birdcage veil with floral details
Photo: TessaKim

Dreamy chiffon makes for a softer spin on the classic birdcage veil. Hand-sewn chiffon petals and soft illusion tulle come together in this romantic, delicate look. Even better, this veil allows you to customize the color, length and comb color of the veil!

Twigs & Honey Lace Embellished Bandeau Birdcage Veil in White

Twigs & Honey floral bandeau birdcage veil
Photo: Twigs & Honey

This Twigs & Honey birdcage veil is a real showstopper. Handsewn lace flowers adorn the delicate Russian veiling, while two gold-plated wire combs hold the veil in place. This gorgeous piece is available in both White and Ivory.

Blair Nadeau JOLENE Simple Birdcage Veil

Blair Nadeau birdcage veil
Photo: Blair Nadeau

This beautiful birdcage veil from Blair Nadeau is stitched to three silver metal combs that can be pinned into an updo. The combs can be adorned with pearls, crystals, or a mixture of both, depending on your preference. Combined with the soft French veiling, they make for a gorgeously elegant look.

Twigs & Honey Scallop French Lace Birdcage Veil

lace birdcage veil with scalloped edges
Photo: Tessa Kim

An updated version of their bestseller, this Twigs & Honey veil is made of a unique diamond-shaped lace with a sweet eyelash scalloped edge. It's sewn to a gold comb and can be worn in front of the face or behind the head as a mini sixties-inspired veil.

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