25 Chic Short Wedding Veils That Are Nothing Short of Perfection

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Updated Feb 17, 2023
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When it comes to picking a veil, there are no rules about what length it should be. In fact, short veils can be just as elegant as the long ones that come to mind when you think of a traditional bridal ensemble. Plus, they can often be more comfortable and convenient for all-day wear. Although short veils have become increasingly popular in recent years, their history dates back decades, and because of that, we consider them to be timeless.

If you're considering rocking a short wedding veil for your big day, the first thing to consider is which style and length you like best. Short veils come in a wide variety—from fingertip and elbow lengths, to flyaways, blushers and birdcages. A quick breakdown of each: The terms 'fingertip' and 'elbow' each reference the length of the veil. As the name suggests, a fingertip veil extends from the crown of the head down to the fingertips, while an elbow veil starts at the crown and ends in the general area of the elbow. The terms 'flyaway' and 'blusher' refer to the way in which the veil is worn. A flyaway is worn clipped to the crown or back of the head, while a blusher extends over the head to cover the face. A birdcage veil on the other hand, covers just the face, for a distinctive yet refined look.

Keep reading to discover 25 of our favorite short wedding veils in all different styles. Then, brush up on your history and learn more about the meaning and tradition behind veils.

1. Madeline Fig Pelletier Fingertip Veil

Top off your wedding day look with a timeless touch. This tulle fingertip veil comes with a blusher attached, making it perfect for switching things up between the ceremony and reception.

2. Tessa Kim 18-Inch Bridal Birdcage Veil

There's a reason why the classic birdcage veil look has stuck around all these years: it's positively chic. We love this classic option for brides looking to add a vintage touch to their look.

3. Tania Maras Matisse Elbow Length Veil

Elevate your wedding day look with a veil that's as special as you are. The gorgeous lace and sequin embellishments on this elbow length veil make it a pick that's positively photo-worthy.

4. Ofrenda Solstice Fringe Veil

For the non-traditional bride, this is one short veil option that's guaranteed to make a statement. The fringe trim on this fingertip veil brings all the drama, and frankly we're obsessed.

5. Boohoo Heart Trim Detail Oversize Veil

We have heart eyes for this dainty veil. With a variety of ways to be worn, either as a flyaway or a blusher, this heart-trimmed option is perfect for the bachelorette party or the big day.

6. Twigs & Honey Horsehair-Trimmed Veil

Horsehair trim is one trend that we predict will be sticking around for a while. This structured veil comes complete with a bow for a look that's flirty and feminine.

7. David's Bridal Organza Edge Mid-Length Veil

This elegantly understated veil is a sure way to tie your look together. The fingertip length makes it an excellent option for brides looking for something simple and sweet.

8. WhiteStudioBridal Laila Veil

Vines are said to symbolize connection, which makes this a gorgeous and meaningful pick for your wedding day. This single-tier veil is available in both elbow and finger-tip lengths.

9. A.B. Ellie Roesia Pearl Fingertip Veil

Can't get enough of the 'pearlcore' trend? We can't either. This pearl embellished fingertip veil is a hot pick for 2023.

10. Amborella Katie Veil

Can't decide between a bridal hair bow or a veil? Don't worry—you don't have to. This charming two-in-one option is wedding day ready.

11. Lola Varma Aletta Veil

Lola Varma is certainly one Australian bridal designer to watch, and not just because of their beautiful gowns. The brand's unique selection of veils, including this whimsical polka dot option, push the boundaries of tradition in the most lovely way.

12. Ofrenda Adorno Pearl Beaded Veil

Old meets new with this short beaded veil. The shoulder-length style (that can be worn as a blusher) offers a uniquely modern look, while the pearl-trimming adds a slight vintage touch that we can't get enough of.

13. Tessa Kim Tulle Birdcage Veil with Lace Accents

For a twist on the classic birdcage look, consider this short tulle veil with lace accents. This romantic option is available in multiple colors, so you can find just the right fit.

14. Twigs & Honey Beaded Lace Handkerchief Veil

This lace handkerchief veil was practically made for the boho bride. Delicate lace embroidering and glass bead detailing are just some of the intricate details that make this veil a stunner.

15. Jennifer Behr Allira Voilette Headband

This birdcage clearly has nothing on butterflies. We're simply obsessed with this fun and distinctive wedding look. The veil is conveniently attached to a headband, meaning you won't have to deal with all those pesky hair pins.

16. David's Bridal Floral Lace and Crystal Trimmed Elbow Length Veil

One thing is for sure: florals are simply timeless. The elbow length of this tulle veil allows the beautiful floral trimming to really be shown off. Plus, its delicate crystal detailing gives it a touch of shine.

17. Jennifer Behr Voilette Headband

Whether you're looking for something to wear to a civil ceremony or a grand ball, this veiled headband offers a sleek, minimalist look that you're sure to love. Plus, because it's a headband, it will help make your pre-wedding prep a breeze.

18. Untamed Petals Revelle Elbow Veil

Sometimes a classic just can't be beat. This ivory layered bubble veil in an elbow length is guaranteed to compliment any look, no matter what your wedding dress aesthetic is.

19. Ann Marie Faulkner Meadow Veil

A pop-of-color is the surest way to let your personality shine through on your big day. We love the *real* pansies and meadow flowers that decorate this whimsical French tulle veil.

20. Jannie Baltzer Hunter Veil

Simple veils are always stunning, but sometimes a bride just needs that extra special touch. This silk tulle veil features a French lace appliqué that adds just the right amount of flair.

21. Gaios Allie Headband With Birdcage Veil

If you thought this birdcage veil was stunning, wait till you get a closer look at the attached headband. This gorgeous two-in-one accessory is adorned with pearls and beaded detailing for a look with a true wow-factor.

22. Ofrenda Studio Element Veil

English tulle with a simple trimming of glass beads makes this pick an instant classic. The attached comb allows the elegantly understated veil to be worn as either a flyaway or a blusher.

23. David's Bridal Beaded Scallop Trimmed Fingertip Veil

Sometimes, the details are what really matters. This fingertip veil has a scallop trim that's ornately decorated in beads. Plus, it comes in three different shades, ensuring you'll find the one that matches your gown just right.

24. Lulus

Satin trim gives this short veil a look that's both simple and stunning. Plus, its affordable price tag makes it a perfect choice for brides on a budget.

25. Ever New Bridal Exclusive Tulle Bow Clip-On Veil

When it comes to bows, we believe the bigger, the better. This clip-on oversized bow comes complete with an elbow-length veil that makes for a chic and hassle-free wedding day look.

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