20 Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend to Get Her Smiling

What to say to the girl who makes your world go 'round.
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jul 12, 2023

How is it that we can never find birthday cards that accurately explain how we feel about our partners? And even on the rare occasion when we do, the card still needs that special personal touch. One would think it'd be easy to prepare birthday wishes for your girlfriend (given how much you adore her), but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Granted, this may not be your experience: You might be a pro at browsing greeting cards, filling the inside with personalized tidings for your babe and signing, sealing and delivering them all with an equally thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, a little extra inspiration for some girlfriend birthday wishes won't hurt. Here's a wellspring of ideas to kick off your birthday wishes—don't worry, we've got you!

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What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Girlfriend

First off: As her partner, your "happy birthday" wishes for your girlfriend should be pure hype. Tell her how excited you are that she's been alive for X years and how thrilled you are that you've had the privilege of being a part of her world for Y of those (including getting to celebrate her with some special anniversary gifts in between birthdays). Let her know that you love her lots or, if you haven't crossed that bridge yet, tell her how much she means to you and how pumped you are to be together. Give her some hints about how you'll spend this special day/night/weekend (or tell her outright, because not everyone loves surprises) and make a few wishes or predictions for her year ahead. If you are in a serious relationship and have talked about marriage already, then maybe it'll feel natural to make a prediction about a soon-to-come proposal. (But of course, there are plenty of other meaningful questions to ask your girlfriend to deepen your connection that aren't so intense.)

Below, we've penned some of the best messages for your girlfriend's birthday card or to write or type in a more old-school love letter addressed to her. They range from emotional, to funny, to short and sweet, so we're sure you'll find one that suits your boo. We even crafted a sample birthday letter, for reference, if words of affirmation is more your/her love language. Whether you want to use some of these birthday greetings for a girlfriend in their entirety or pick and choose words from a few inscriptions, feel free to DIY your birthday FYI with our sentimental, funny, short and from-the-heart-even-if-you're-far-apart paragraphs.

Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

If you're usually one to gush over your girlfriend, then you probably won't have trouble proceeding with the "regularly scheduled programming" in her birthday card. But if you need to unlock your inner tender-hearted lover, the below "happy birthday" musings for your beautiful girlfriend might prove particularly motivating.

  • Happy birthday my gorgeous girl. You glow every day, but on your birthday, you're a ball of fire (and I mean that in the best way).
  • I know I tell you all the time, but you are the most amazing thing in my life—I'm so happy you were born X years ago today.
  • Life isn't always perfect, but you're pretty perfect all the time. Happy birthday, babe, I adore you.
  • Happy b-day to my ride or die, there's no one I'd rather have by my side as we get older. And let's be honest, "old" has nothing on you.
  • Channeling my inner author here, honey. C.S. Lewis once said: "Someday, you will be old enough to start reading fairy-tales again." But we don't need to read about fairy-tales, do we? We're already living in one. Happy birthday to my dream come true.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Does your love opt for a comedy over a drama any day of the week? Has she referenced at least one Vince Vaughn quote in every birthday card she's ever written to you? Sounds like you need the funniest birthday wishes for your girlfriend to keep up with her quips. Go ahead and get a little silly—she'll love it!

  • "HBD to me, #roseonrepeat!" Did I guess your birthday Insta caption or what?
  • Remember when you'd get mad that you were carded whenever we used to go out to dinner? Well, I know you got upset tonight that they didn't ask to see your license…throwback vodka cran?
  • Taco Tuesday AND your birthday happening on the same day just means we have to go all out tonight. P.S. Can't wait to avo-cuddle you later! (Sorry, had to do it.)
  • [Both of your baby photos (or one of you together, if you've known each other since childhood) next to a recent picture of you] How it started vs. how it's going. Love you boo, I feel mostly okay about getting old and gray with you. Kidding!
  • I bought you this Milk Bar cake for clout. You're welcome.

Short Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Whether you're a person of few words or you like letting the birthday card do the talking most of the time, these snippets are short and sweet, exactly how you like 'em! Nevertheless, you're bound to say a lot more in person.

  • Happy birthday baby! You're my absolute favorite!
  • [Girlfriend's name], you're [their age] today—woohoo! Let's pop some bottles.
  • Make a wish and blow out the candles, baby girl, I did it last year and got you, so there's gotta be some magic at work.
  • I hope this is the best birthday ever! I love you.
  • You don't look a day over flawless, my love—get it!

Long-Distance Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

If you'll be celebrating your girlfriend's birthday from different places this year, you'll want to get that "Good morning! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!" text out ASAP. Follow it with an hours-long video chat or a Zoom candle blow-out/cake-cutting ceremony—whatever her wish, it should be your command. A birthday card covered in your signature scent (if you're comfortable with it) in her mailbox is sure to break up the day and make her feel special, but if you want to send any additional birthday messages from the heart, here they are.

  • No matter where we are, I'll always be the first to say "happy birthday"—have a great day, my girl.
  • I used to think that the phrase "distance makes the heart grow fonder" was kind of lame. But on your birthday, wow, I have ALL the feels. My heart is yours forever.
  • Happy birthday from [your location], sweetheart. Not fun, I know, but that just means we'll have to ring in YOUR new year in a big way when I see you next. Love, Your guy/girl/person
  • I cannot wait to see you soon, [girlfriend's name], I'm going to smother you with birthday kisses. Until then, all my x's and o's will have to do!
  • Did you hear that? I was shouting "happy birthday" from the roof—I hope the echoes got to you. Happy, happy birthday, you.

Romantic Example Birthday Letter to a Girlfriend

Now that you have some inspiration to write up the best birthday wishes for your girlfriend, it's time to start putting pen to paper. After all, Beethoven had to have practiced a few times before wordsmithing those renowned romantic missives to his "Immortal Beloved." Keeping our earlier tips in mind, you can be the architect of your own insightful and emotionally charged epistle. Here's an example of how to write a love letter to your girlfriend on her birthday.

To my very special girl on her very special day,

We've spent so many wonderful days, months and years together, but whenever you celebrate another birthday, I'm reminded of how blessed I am that you were born X years ago. You, [girlfriend's name], are a true gift to the world and I'll never lose sight of that.

Can I tell you something? When I was growing up, I was never really into my birthday. (Crazy, right? What kid doesn't like their birthday?) It wasn't until I started dating you and discovered how ecstatic you got to celebrate with me that made me understand just how special a birthday is to the ones who love and adore you. You were pumped, so I started getting pumped. You found the best cards, so I started looking forward to discovering the best cards. You made a big deal over birthday breakfast, so I started craving birthday pancakes. And you baked and decorated the most amazing birthday cake, so I stopped wanting a plain old cupcake.

I love my birthday now, not as much as I love you, but we're getting somewhere. I hope I can make your day the best ever, because you deserve it. You deserve every happiness in life and, if I can be a part of that joy, I'll forever be grateful for the opportunity.

Happiest birthday, my sweetness. I love you tremendously. I love you completely. I love you with my entire being.

I hope all your birthday wishes come true!


[Your name]

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