Remarriage: Can We Get a Marriage License if He's Not Divorced Yet?


My boyfriend of several years and I have decided to marry but there's a catch: He's in the midst of a lengthy divorce process and is having some trouble detaching himself from his first wife. It's been five years, and she is still wrangling over details and refuses to sign the papers. We're eager to be married but the legal details of his divorce seem to have no end. Is there any way we can proceed with our plans and at least get a marriage license?


How frustrating! Unfortunately, it's just not possible for you and your sweetie to speed the legal system along. The express purpose of a marriage license is to prove that two people are officially marriageable, which means you must both be single. In other words, of legal age, widowed, and/or officially divorced. Hard as it is, you'll just have to wait until the courts finalize the divorce before you two can move forward with wedding plans, especially the getting a marriage license part. Hang in there, your time will come.

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