The Best Colored Glassware for Your Home, From Wine Glasses to Cocktail Coupes

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The Prettiest Colored Glassware for Your Home
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Updated Apr 20, 2023
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Picture the coolest cocktail party you can imagine: The tables are scattered with taper candles, there's an epic cheese board adorned with edible flowers and the drinks are definitely getting served in some gorgeous colored wine glasses or cocktail glasses. From vintage-looking champagne coupes to textured highball glasses, colored glassware has grown from a tabletop trend to a design must-have.

Whether you're in the process of building your wedding registry or just looking to elevate your entertaining game with some technicolor vessels for party punch, we've got you covered with this curated list of some of our favorite colored glasses. Your bar cart will thank you.

What is Colored Glassware?

Colored glassware might seem like it just started popping up on the bars and tables of the super stylish, but it actually has long-standing roots that date back to the 1930s. When the stock market crashed in 1929, marking the beginning of the Great Depression, it became commonplace to forgo luxury items in favor of more affordable options. Handmade glassware crafted from delicate crystal was a staple for upper-class and middle-class families at the time and, of course, was one of the little luxuries that had to be sacrificed at the onset of the Depression. As a response, glassmakers found a new way to make inexpensive glassware feel elevated: tinting pieces with amber, blush, chartreuse and other jewel-like hues. These colorful pieces brought a little joy to daily life, much like they do today, now that colored glass is back in style.

While there are so many wonderful makers of stunning colored glass pieces like Hawkins New York and Sophie Lou Jacobsen, the trend resurfacing should be attributed to one in particular: Estelle Colored Glass. The black-owned and woman-owned business produces delicate colored wine glasses, coupe glasses, martini glasses and other glass goodies—all inspired by founder Stephanie Summerson Hall's grandmother, Estelle, who was an expert entertainer with a deep love for colored glass. This editor may or may not have sacrificed a stack of full-sized dinner plates to make room for a set of blush Estelle Colored Glass coupes in her kitchen, so we can confirm it's worth the hype.

A Curated List of the Best Colored Glassware

It's time to get your table on trend. From vintage mismatched sets of glistening goblets, to delicate fluted martini glasses, to wiggle-edged tumblers that feel almost too cool to own, here are our favorite pieces of colored glassware to add to your registry or shop now.

1. Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coupes

Estelle colored glass champagne coupes, romantic glass gifts

We couldn't resist kicking off our list with these elegant coupe glasses from the luxury brand that brought colored glass drinkware back in vogue. This handblown set of six glasses just begs to be filled to the brim with bubbles, then clinked together to toast everything from a new engagement to the start of a cool dinner party. They're available in a bevy of beautiful, retro tones—from pale lavender to smoky amber—but we prefer the blush best. The soft pastel pink doesn't lean too bubblegum or too orange, but is a perfect middle tone that reminds us of the frosting on a vintage birthday cake. The wide bowl makes the glasses super easy to sip from, while the delicate stem allows you to hold them with the utmost elegance. If you're not yet convinced, this editor owns a set and breaks them out for every cocktail party and pizza party.

2. blomus Modern Colored Wine Glasses

blomus Modern Colored Wine Glasses in muted neutral tones

German producer blomus has crafted sleek, minimalist homewares since the 1960s and this lovely set of four colored crystal wine glasses is the perfect example of that aesthetic expertise. Made in Italy, each vessel is made of shatter-resistant glass, so they can stand up to everyday use. And with three elegant pale hues—a dusty mauve, pale taupe and icy blue—that you can mix and match to your heart's content. Choose between red wine, white wine and stemless glasses.

3. MAMO Cocktail Glasses

MAMO Cocktail Glasses in a variety of vintage retro shades

These adorable little colored cocktail glasses do double duty: The smaller side acts as a two-ounce shot glass, while the larger, seven-ounce side holds a perfect pour of wine or a mixed drink. The rounded silhouette is giving retro in the best way and, of course, every colorway is sublime. The best part? They're sold individually, so you can create a set size and color scheme that's all your own. (We're eyeing that springtime celery green.)

4. Katalog Store Colored Glass Mugs With Wavy Handles

Katalog Store Colored Glass Mugs With Wavy Handles

The colorful glassware trend isn't just for serving pretty cocktails. Add some interest to your daily coffee or tea routine with these wiggle-handled colored glass mugs that look straight out of the coolest girl in LA's apartment. Each one is handmade with heat-resistant glass that's also dishwasher and microwave safe (for those times where you let your coffee get cold again), so you really can use them every day. There are eight different color combos on offer and we're crushing on all of them.

5. JoyJolt Hue Colored All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses

JoyJolt Hue Colored All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses

A set of six subtly tinted colored stemless wine glasses that won't break the bank? These lovely bubble-like vessels fit the bill. Each one is a different shade (no more mixing your bev up with your friend's at your next gathering) and has a hue that's saturated just enough to pop on your table, but light enough to pair well with any tablescape. The color is concentrated at the base and climbs the walls of the glass into a subtle ombre. Just lovely.

6. CB2 Marie Coupe Cocktail Glass

CB2 Marie Coupe Cocktail Glasses in vibrant blue and pink colors

Don't these colored coupe glasses look like they were plucked from an Old Hollywood film? Made in Poland from tinted soda lime glass, each coupe features a blend of unique hues—peony pink, bold cobalt and rich forest green—selected by noteworthy Chicago fashion designer Azeeza, so it's no surprise they're so stunning. The colors appear in a different order on the glass, depending on which of the two colorways you choose. (We say get two of each!)

7. Anthropologie Ramona Wine Glasses

Anthropologie Ramona Wine Glasses in chic and elegant pastel tones

These handmade, modern colored wine glasses are little architectural masterpieces you can drink from—with striking, thick triangular stems and U-shaped bowls. We love the two-tone color scheme and you can't go wrong with any of the three sherbet-like colorways, though we think the blue and purple in particular would accent a summer dinner table decked out with blue hydrangeas perfectly. Sold in a set of four.

8. Rainbow Vintage Goods Mismatched Glass Sets

Rainbow-colored vintage retro ice cream sundae glasses

Colored drinking glasses already have a vintage vibe to them, but if you're interested in getting the real deal, look no further than the gorgeous mismatched glass sets curated by this Etsy shop. Featured on Apartment Therapy, Rainbow Vintage Goods offers sets (mostly of six) of retro colored glass goblets, coupe glasses, wine glasses and more pretty vessels sourced secondhand. Each vibrant glass features a different style and texture—from facets to swirling ridges—and most are from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

9. Sophie Lou Jacobsen Bilboquet Wine Glasses

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Bilboquet Wine Glasses on a table with fruit

These French "ballon" style bubble wine glasses are a chic, modern take on the funky, brightly colored glasses of yesteryear. The rounded bowls are clear borosilicate glass, while the tubular stems and base each feature a different pretty hue. They're sold in sets of two and available in two chic colorways. And if you're more of a cocktail person, opt for the colored martini glasses in the same style, which look plucked straight from a retro jazz club in New York City.

10. IVV Italian Retro Tumblers

IVV Italian Retro Tumblers in cool 70s-inspired toned

Crafted in Italy by glass artisans, these versatile tumblers are pure eye candy—shaded in confectionary hues like cotton candy pink and honey-caramel. We love the varied stippled textures that not only look lovely, but also make these colored glass tumblers easy to hold when they get cloaked in condensation. Whether you're sipping water, juice or lemonade, they'll be the jewels of your table. Sold in sets of two.

11. The Wine Savant Flower Vintage Glass Coupes

The Wine Savant Flower Vintage Glass Coupes in cool retro green

How sweet is this set of four flower-shaped coupe glasses? We can totally see them being a centerpiece at a spring or summer cocktail party or adding a pop of color to bridal shower tables or bach party bars. The bright green feels super retro too, making for a perfect 1960s-esque flower power moment.

12. HAY Tint Glasses

HAY tinted glasses in a variety of retro and vintage colors

Your breakfast table just got so much cuter. HAY's Tint Glasses are the perfect size for holding a morning glass of OJ (you know, if you're not in the mood for a mimosa), but also work for water and wine. The duo of colorful drinking glasses is crafted from tinted borosilicate glass and gets a second pop of color from a contrasting rim.

13. Sophie Lou Jacobsen Large Ripple Cups

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Large Ripple Cups in retro and vintage copper, pink, and lavender

If you're a fan of the Memphis design style that was popular in the 1980s, then these ultra-whimsical colored water glasses are for you. The glasses are thin, but still sturdy, and the unique silhouette makes them so satisfying to hold. Select either a set of two in one hue or opt for the set of four, which features one of each. Regardless of which you choose, they'll bring so much joy to your desk glass of water or morning iced coffee.

14. Hawkins New York Ribbed Martini Glass

Hawkins New York Ribbed Martini Glass in retro colors

As you've probably noticed, we can't resist a blush-colored cocktail glass. Hence why these colored martini glasses are closing out our list. With a delicate fluted texture and thin stem, these cocktail glasses look like they should be perched in the manicured hand of an Old Hollywood actress. They're handmade, to boot. Sold individually.

How to Add Colored Glassware to Your Wedding Registry

Maybe you've picked out some products above that you love and now it's time to make that wedding registry. Or perhaps you'd like to do a little more digging to add even more pretty colored glassware to your wish list. Either way, it's easy to add items from any retailer you'd like when you make your registry on The Knot—just drag our handy browser button into your bookmarks bar and get clicking. You'll be able to find the button in your registry overview page when you log into your account.

And though you have endless shopping options, we suggest beginning your search with The Knot Registry Store. Our expertly curated shop has a robust selection of colored wine glasses and other pretty drinkware—including sought-after pieces from trending brand Estelle Colored Glass. You also have the option to directly register with large retailers, like Saks Fifth Avenue or Crate & Barrel, and synchronize your choices with your registry (which is great incase you decide to shop some other registry categories when you're done perusing the gorgeous glassware).

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