Wedding Ceremony: Dealing With Late Arrivals at Wedding Ceremony?


I'm worried about wedding guests walking in late to our wedding and distracting attention from our wedding ceremony. What can I do to prevent this?


There are a few ways you can keep those inevitable stragglers from turning heads during your vows. Don't be too rigid about starting the ceremony at the precise minute you listed on the invitation; if guests are still filtering in at that moment, give them a few extra minutes to get settled. If it's getting really late, don't feel trapped waiting for people who may never show. (Very late guests may give up trying to get to the ceremony and catch up with you at the reception.) After the ceremony starts, station someone outside to direct guests in at an appropriate moment. In the end, don't be too concerned with latecomers. Once the ceremony begins, the only person who will have your attention will be your beloved, and all eyes will be on you two -- not on the back door.

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