The Complete Guide to Planning a Denmark Wedding

Start your happily ever after in one of the happiest places on earth.
The Complete Guide to Planning a Denmark Wedding
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Beth Ann Mayer - The Knot Contributor.
Beth Ann Mayer
Beth Ann Mayer - The Knot Contributor.
Beth Ann Mayer
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Apr 18, 2024
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Quick: What are the happiest places on Earth? You may have said Disney World and Disneyland. And hey, mouse ears and castles may bring you all the joy. However, couples planning a Denmark wedding may be delighted to know they're starting their happily ever after among some of the world's happiest people.

The smallest Scandinavian nation ranks second only to Finland in the World Happiness Report. Heck, the naturally gorgeous Aarhus is located in Denmark and is known as the "city of smiles." Oh, and, like Disney, Denmark is home to castles. While it may not be a white-sand paradise or country known for romantic charm, like other top destination wedding locations, it lets couples write their own fairytale.

A destination wedding in Denmark can be full of contemporary luxury—it's an innovation hub responsible for inventions like Skype and Google Maps. Alternatively, centuries-old landmarks and architecture can give a Denmark destination wedding throwback appeal. Pairs can blend the two for a soiree that's all their own.

Getting married in Europe can be an adventure in so many positive ways. However, couples will want to know some logistics, including travel, booking venues and vendors from afar and legal protocols. Legally, getting married in Denmark is a more straightforward process than in other European counterparts, but you'll still be aware of the details. This guide to planning a Denmark wedding gives you the 411.

Why Couples and Wedding Guests Love Denmark Weddings

Happy couple cycling in Copenhagen, Denmark
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A Denmark wedding can feel off-the-beaten-path. Destination weddings often occur at Caribbean resorts or European locales like Paris and Italy—and they're beautiful. However, choosing a Denmark destination wedding offers something unique. Guests and couples may also relish exploring a new country (or returning to an old favorite).

Denmark may be Scandinavia's smallest country, but it is big on backdrops. There are several to choose from, like Copenhagen's 17th-century waterfront and Aarhus's whimsical trees. Modern hotels offer all the comforts of contemporary life, like WiFi and so much more.

Plenty of flights to and from major airports and a well-oiled public transportation system make it easier to get to a destination wedding in Denmark (and explore the locality when there).

Pro tip: Invite a destination wedding travel expert to join your vendor team. Browse travel agents near you on The Knot Vendor Marketplace for Denmark wedding expertise, group hotel blocks, flight arrangements and more.

The Best Places to Get Married in Denmark

Since a Denmark wedding offers plenty of different types of scenery, it's a good idea to have the lay of the land. Different areas have distinct looks and characters. Each is beautiful in its own way, so the perfect city (or island) for you depends on your vision for a destination wedding in Denmark.


Couple cycling together in Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: urbazon / Getty Images

The capital city offers something for every pair hoping to get married in Denmark. Copenhagen is bustling but not chaotic. People confidently cycle through the city. Though it's a hub for Denmark's modern-day economy, exploring Copenhagen's castles and museums takes guests on a trip down memory lane. Ditto for the idyllic 17th-century waterfront (the Nyhavn).


The romantic old town of Aarhus in Denmark

Denmark's second-largest city is lauded as its most naturally gorgeous. Set on the Jutland peninsula's east coast, Aarhus is near Mols Bjerge National Park, which boasts an enchanting landscape formed during the Ice Age. See blue bays and a charming countryside full of grazing wild horses. The iconic Kalø Castle ruin is located here. Aarhus is a favorite place for hiking enthusiasts.


Egeskov Castle in Odense, Funen, Denmark
Photo: Nick Brundle Photography / Getty Images

Speaking of writing fairytales (and Disney), Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. He wrote The Little Mermaid and Snow White—perhaps you've heard of them. Cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, a museum dedicated to Anderson and a chance to visit a real-life castle, Egeskov, are among the modern fairytale-come-true characteristics of a wedding in Odense.


A nighttime cityscape view of Aalborg, Denmark
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Ancient appeal and modern style juxtapose beautifully in Aalborg. The one-time Viking ship port is now a magnet for hipsters. Its cultural offerings, hip bars and restaurants (and a street food market), attractions like the Utzon Centre (heaven on earth for architecture lovers) and an old town are some ways to spend spare time in Aalborg.


Peaceful island of Ærø, Denmark
Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images

To escape city life, look no further than Ærø, a pronounced "air-rue." This remote paradise of an island in the Danish Baltic Sea in the Southern Denmark region is accessible by ferry and generally has little road traffic. A first look at Ærøskøbing's well-preserved, colorful 19th-century homes and cobbled streets will leave couples understanding why it has the nickname of "fairytale town."

Pro tip: As you consider Denmark wedding locations, remember your newlywed vacation. Plan an amazing Denmark honeymoon with our complete guide.

The Top Denmark Destination Wedding Hotels

Villa Copenhagen for the best place to stay in Denmark
Photo: Villa Copenhagen

Whether you're beyond ready to jet off for a destination wedding in Denmark or still weighing your options, getting a feel for the types of venues the country offers is a good idea. Some Denmark wedding venues double as hotels, offering couples and their guests a place to sleep where they celebrate. The venues play into Denmark's beauty and character—think castle digs and waterfront vistas. Some have packages and perks, like on-site wedding planners. These four Denmark destination wedding venues are some of the most romantic you'll find.

Villa Copenhagen

A posh hotel within walking distance of Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park and Copenhagen Central train station, Villa Copenhagen offers easy access to transportation and attractions. It's also a gorgeous spot for a Copenhagen wedding. Couples will work with a dedicated wedding planner who can connect pairs to trusted local pros like florists and invitation designers. They can also extend their wedding night with dinner for two and breakfast in bed the following day. A heated rooftop pool and stylish bars and restaurants are worth toasting.

Hotel d'Angleterre

Victorian elegance meets modern-day Nordic luxury at Hotel d'Angleterre. The hotel is set in a 1755 building with views of Kongens Nytorv. It's a quick walk to the bustling bars and restaurants. However, staying on the grounds to celebrate is also in the cards at this hotel, which is home to a so-cool champagne bar, which couples can use for their afterparty. Other perks include white-glove planning assistance, a chance for pre-wedding pampering at the spa and a wedding night suite.

Dragsholm Castle

Receive the royal treatment at Dragsholm Castle, a baroque 13th-century castle about an hour away from Copenhagen. With enchanting gardens and easy access to the Nekselø Bay waterfront, a wedding here is naturally dripping in romance. Refined ceremonies can take place within a chapel, and couples will have access to halls and salons for their receptions. A spacious getting-ready suite with views of an herb garden is available to couples on their wedding night. Need somewhere to pass the time (or send guests)? Dragsholm Castle isn't far from the Odsherred Zoo, a classic itinerary item for to-be-weds and guests with time to spare.


A seasonal Odense resort set on a private island, Blæsenborg is set on a one-time working farm. Now, it's a lauded spot for intimate stays and relaxed luxury within its 12 suites. Unforgettable weddings feel exclusive and unique. They can also be multi-day affairs and otherworldly ones at that. Venues include a beach and helicopter—seriously. A chef will hand-craft a menu to your tastes. A booking manager will help pairs with all the logistics, like the timeline and transportation, allowing couples to focus on one another and their guests.

Pro tip: Once you've decided on your Denmark wedding venue, send out destination wedding save-the-dates with important info so your guest can book the time off and start thinking about travel plans.

Denmark Wedding Legal Requirements

The romantic town of Sønderborg, Denmark
Photo: Edin Osmanovic / Getty Images

Planning a Denmark wedding can be a fun experience—ditto for the big day itself. Yet, a wedding is more than pomp and circumstance. It's a legally-binding affair. It's possible for your destination wedding in Denmark to be both. However, you'll need to navigate the local laws. For this reason, some couples may opt for a symbolic wedding in Denmark. Below, we discuss the process of legally marrying abroad, including getting your marriage license in Denmark, and what a symbolic ceremony entails. Denmark destination wedding planners and venues may be well-versed in the legal logistics. The Agen­cy of Fa­mily Law in Denmark also has a useful resource.

Legal Weddings vs. Symbolic Weddings

Couples can have a legal or symbolic wedding in Denmark. For a symbolic wedding, couples will take care of the legal aspects of getting married in their hometown. They'll present the necessary documents and sign paperwork at their local town hall. Then, couples will jet off to Denmark for a symbolic ceremony with all the personal trimmings, like vows and decor, in front of loved ones in Denmark. A legal wedding is also possible for US citizens in Denmark, but it will require some extra to-dos on your way to saying, "I do."

Required Legal Documents

To get married in Denmark, you'll need a valid passport issued within 10 years and still valid for three months beyond your stay. The passport needs at least two empty pages. Couples will also need a Schengen C Visa (or a tourist visa) that permits them to stay in Denmark. Any partner who has previously been married must present proof the marriage has been dissolved in the form of a divorce decree or death certificate for the former spouse. Military members need written permission from their commanding officer. Unlike some European countries, there's no need for translation—English is one of the acceptable languages for documents required to get married in Denmark.

Legal Marriage Timeline

Couples who want to get married in Denmark will send an application, or notice of marriage, to the Agency of Family Law. If everything checks out, the agency will issue a marriage certificate. Once it's issued, couples have four months to say, "I do."

Legal Marriage Cost

Couples should expect to send a fee of DKK 1,900 (Danish kroner), about $276, along with their application.

Denmark Wedding Planning Tips

The town of Gudhjem in Bornholm, Denmark
Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images

Once you have the legal process squared away, it's time to plan a Denmark wedding that's uniquely you. Sure, Denmark destination wedding planners can help you dot every I and cross every T, but knowing what to expect regarding transportation, weather and costs is a great idea. These insights should help.

How to Get to Denmark

Getting to Denmark is pretty straightforward, especially for travelers from the northeast. For instance, a nonstop flight from New York to Copenhagen can last under eight hours. To-be-weds and guests flying in from San Francisco and Dallas will have longer treks—around 10-12 hours with a layover.

Once there, getting around Denmark is blissfully breezy. It has a well-connected transportation system, the Danish national rail operator (DSB). that runs between the four major cities. Ærø is connected by boat. Couples can also rent a car, though there's a strong cycling culture in Denmark.

Best Months to Marry in Denmark

Denmark is home to quintessential four-season weather. Think chilly temperatures and snowfall in the winter and long, sunny days in the summer. The best month to marry will depend on your vision. However, if you're dreaming of an al fresco ceremony, opt for the summer months (June through September) when the temperatures are the mildest.

Choosing Your Denmark Wedding Venue and Vendors

When planning a Denmark destination wedding, you'll likely need to schedule meetings with pros from afar. Unless a friend or family member also had a Danish wedding and can share recommendations, you may need help finding pros that meet your vision and budget. Denmark destination wedding planners and on-site coordinators at your venue can hook you up with pros like florists, bands and DJs they trust. It's always a good idea to ask for samples of previous work, like video links and portfolios, and read reviews to see what previous couples thought about the vendor's work. Thanks to Zoom (and Danish-invented Skype), it's a cinch to hop on a virtual call to get some face time with pros.

Budgeting Tips

What's the destination wedding cost for a Denmark fete? That's the $1 million question. The truth is—like any wedding—this answer depends on the season,venue, headcount and vendors you choose. A simple town hall ceremony will cost pairs 500 Danish kroner ($75). Smaller destination weddings in Denmark can cost around $1,500, not including travel expenses, which is lower than in many European countries and even the US. However, more lavish affairs with larger headcounts will be pricier.

Choosing a wedding package and shoulder season, like the spring or fall, is one way to lower costs.

Pro tip: Set up a free destination wedding website on The Knot with all the event details including your Denmark wedding itinerary, things to do, guest travel information, RSVPs and more.

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