The Best Zodiac Engagement Rings

These sun sign-inspired sparklers are eerily spot on.
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Updated Feb 07, 2024
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Whether or not you're a believer in astrology, who isn't curious to find out which zodiac engagement rings suit you based on your star sign? Are you more of a traditional diamond solitaire kind of gal or should you go for something more unique, fashionable, and modern? Perhaps that heirloom ring is destined for your finger after all. It just needs a little reimagining. It is, as the saying goes, already written in the stars.

We consulted two top astrologers to see exactly what type of engagement rings are best suited to each unique sign, with consideration for the overall vibe and style as well as the cut, color, meta, and stone varieties. Read on to discover the sparklers you'll want to add to your Pinterest board, stat, plus some shoppable options to send your partner a little hint.

The Best Engagement Ring Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21-April 19): A Cushion-Cut Diamond Halo Ring

James Allen cushion-cut engagement ring
Photo: James Allen

Aries is passionate, motivated, ambitious, and radiates confidence. These active and natural-born leaders need a bold ring to match their big energy. "If you propose to an Aries, be prepared to rock their world," says Lauren DeGolia, astrologer and clarity consultant. "Their ring is important to them because status is important." She would recommend a larger stone with extra bling, like a cushion-cut diamond halo ring.

Alternatively, Wedding and Relationship Astrologer KJ Atlas suggests an Aries engagement ring to suit their on-the-go lifestyle. "A sturdy platinum, diamond inlay band would be best because it does the job, offers all the glam, and won't get caught on things."

Taurus (April 20–May 20): An Asscher Cut Diamond With A Platinum Band

Lindsey Scoggins asscher cut diamond engagement ring
Photo: Lindsey Scoggins

Taurus may be down to earth, but she also enjoys the finer things in life, jewelry included. As opposed to super flashy, however, she'll gravitate toward something simple but ultra chic. "Keeping it simple, luxurious, and classic, Taurus would go for a four-pronged asscher cut diamond in platinum," says Atlas. "More than other signs, Taurus would also care about the quality of the ring box and the warranty, so make sure both are of high quality." Another great Taurus engagement ring option, according to DeGolia, would be a gorgeous solitaire ring with a platinum band.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Something Unique, Colorful Or Sentimental

Tiffany yellow diamond engagement ring
Photo: Tiffany

Gemini is the life of the party so a Gemini engagement ring is sure to be a conversation starter. "Since Gemini loves novelty and variety, a showcase of big stones of different colors and shapes would suit Gemini's varied taste," says Atlas. "Gemini might also experiment with mixed metals or rose gold, or pull a wild card, perhaps with a canary or pink diamond."

DeGolia also recommends a sentimental ring for this informative air sign. "The stone should have significance to your relationship or them, and the band should have some uniqueness to match your love and commitment."

Scorpio (October 23–November 21): A Dark Blue Sapphire or Black Diamond Ring

Angara sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Angara

Scorpios are known for taking risks and, style-wise, are drawn to darker colors and edgy details. "Mysterious and captivating, Scorpio would identify with a sapphire stone circled in diamonds that draw you into something deeper," says Atlas. "A white gold or platinum setting would match the icy blue without taking away from its beauty." You could also go super dark and moody with a black diamond ring!

Attention to detail is also important when buying a Scorpio engagement ring, adds DeGolia. "Ruled by the planet Uranus, they represent transformative, intentional energy. Scorpios don't need anything fussy, just something with deep meaning. Pair your engagement ring with an eternity band to represent the long-lasting karmic connection of your love," she suggests.

Pisces (February 19–March 20): A Vintage or Past, Present, Future Ring

Clean Origins three-stone engagement ring
Photo: Clean Origins

Pisces are known for their whimsical, boho style so something dreamy and meaningful is the way to go when shopping for a Pisces engagement ring. Atlas agrees, noting that a past, present, and future ring with three diamonds is ideal for this ethereal and timeless sign. "A shiny silver, platinum, or white gold will let the stones steal the show." If Pisces were to add color, she recommends incorporating some sapphire or pink diamonds.

A unique vintage ring or family heirloom is another fitting option, as "Pisces is the most sentimental of the zodiac," notes DeGolia. "Neptune rules this dreamy water sign leaving them with an affinity for family heirlooms or something equally sentimental. Instead of buying something "off the shelf," choose something rare and that holds the energy of a long-lasting, dreamy romance."

Aquarius (January 20–February 18): A Unique Pear Cut Ring With Colored Gems

Brilliant Earth pear-cut engagement ring with colored gems
Photo: Brilliant Earth

Of all the signs, Aquarius sets trends, as opposed to following them, so you can expect the unexpected when it comes to Aquarius engagement rings. "Unconventional in nature, Aquarius adds some spice with a pear cut," says Atlas. To push the envelope further, she recommends adding colored gems that nod to each partner's birthstones. "And a rose gold setting would be an eccentric Aquarian expression." DeGolia also suggests sticking to a "unique statement piece to represent your love."

Capricorn (December 22–January 19): A Classic, Showstopping Diamond Ring

Sofia Kaman classic diamond engagement ring
Photo: Sofia Kaman

Capricorn engagement rings are all about the bling. With such high standards, she wants to shine bright while still keeping it classy and classic. "A lover of quality and all things classic, Capricorn's dream ring would be big, high set, high carat, old European-style cut," says Atlas. Think "slightly vintage and always timeless, set in a traditional gold setting with no extra diamonds or stones to take away from the showstopper gem."

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21): A Big, Bold Square-Cut Colored Diamond

Angara pink diamond square-cut engagement ring
Photo: Angara

Outgoing, adventurous, and free-spirited, DeGolia advises choosing something fun and flirty when selecting a token of your love and affection. "Select a unique band style or one-of-a-kind custom design that represents the adventure you're about to embark on together," she says. And don't be afraid to go flashy, as "over-the-top styles are Sagittarius's favorite thing," notes Atlas. "A simple diamond won't do it. Sagittarius would love a bold, square-cut colored diamond lined with a hefty halo of more diamonds." The bigger, the better for a Sagittarius engagement ring.

Leo (July 23-August 22): A Glam Art Deco Diamond Ring

Jennie Kwon Designs art deco engagement ring
Photo: Jennie Kwon Designs

Go big, or go home. The Leo lady isn't afraid to shine bright (literally) when it comes to her jewelry. She's creative, and stylish and won't settle for something cookie-cutter. "Bold and bougie, Leo would play with an expensive vintage art deco gold set diamond ring with ornate details," says Atlas. "Ideally, the more you can't stop staring, the more Leo will love it."

When picking a zodiac engagement ring for a Leo, DeGolia recommends choosing something with flair, like pavé diamonds along the band or accent stones to add a little extra bling, for this feisty fire sign.

Libra (September 23–October 22): An Elegant Mixed Metal Ring

Robbins Brothers mixed metal engagement ring
Photo: Robbins Brothers

Fashionable Libras are one of the most stylish zodiac signs with a love for all things chic, sophisticated and refined. "Libra energy is ruled by the planet Venus, which means love, desire, and connection are top of mind for an engagement ring," says DeGolia. She advises buying a ring that can be paired or stacked with other rings to represent different stages of your relationship and accentuate the beauty of your Libra engagement ring.

"Libras are neutral and you have to be neutral in tone to wear mixed metals," adds Atlas. "A balancing act, Libra will love a mixed metal ring that goes with everything. To balance the scales, two symmetrical round diamonds side by side will appeal to the Libra," she says.

Virgo (August 23–September 22): A Marquise Ring With A Platinum Setting

Vrai marquise engagement ring
Photo: Vrai

The perfectionist Virgo is all about functionality when it comes to fashion. "Minimalistic yet stimulating, Virgo's dream ring would be a durable platinum setting with a mid-size marquise cut," says Atlas. "This ring is interesting, yet practical and timeless, just like Virgo."

According to DeGolia, something modern and elegant with classic clean lines is also ideal for this analytical earth sign. "An emerald-cut solitaire would be an excellent choice" for Virgo engagement rings.

Cancer (June 21–July 22): A Romantic Diamond & Pearl Engagement Ring

Shane Co pearl and diamond engagement ring
Photo: Shane Co

Cancers are super nurturing and caring with an undeniably feminine sense of style. "Cancer energy is ruled by the moon. Astrologically speaking, moon energy governs our emotions and internal dialogue, which brings extra meaning to 'matters of the heart' when buying an engagement ring," says DeGolia. "A classic, three-stone ring signifying past, present, and future would hit them right in the soul-hole."

"The more experimental Cancer might even welcome a pearl over a diamond or incorporate a mix of the two, as Cancer has a close connection to the ocean," says Atlas.

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