27 Halloween Bachelorette Party Essentials You Need for a Scary-Good Time

Go ahead and put on "Monster Mash."
Black and white 'bride or die' and 'til death do us party' halloween bachelorette party t-shirts
Photo: SasiPrints
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Updated Sep 15, 2023
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Spooky season is upon us, and we're here to help plan your ideal Halloween bachelorette party theme. From turning your hotel room into a haunted house with frightening bach party supplies to finding the right accessories for your ghostly group, we've got you covered. So go ahead and change your group chat name to a fun bachelorette hashtag like #BoosBeforeIDos or #HitchOrTreat, and take note of these must-have party items. These Halloween bachelorette party ideas will have the whole wedding squad ready for a trip to Halloweentown.

Everything you need for a Halloween bach:

Shirts | Decorations | Games | Cake Decorations | Welcome Bag Accessories | Additional Supplies

Halloween Bachelorette Shirts

There are plenty of trendy and cute bachelorette shirts out there, so it might be tough finding the best ones to represent your boo crew. Below are our favorite themed shirts that can double as casual bachelorette Halloween costumes.

Matching Witch Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts

'Miss to Mrs with my Witches' Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts
Photo: TimetechApparel

Ditch the group costume and opt for these fun matching T-shirts instead. After all, every bride-to-be needs her witches by her side.

Sassy Witch Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirt

This Witch Getting Hitched Halloween Bachelorette T-Shirt
Photo: Zazzle

Made from 100% cotton, this white top has the cutest bachelorette shirt saying. Complement your t-shirt with a jet-black witch's hat before you head out on the town.

Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirt With Skulls

Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts Spooky Bride Or Die T-Shirt
Photo: Amazon

This lightweight Halloween bach shirt is great for groups who don't want the conventional look. The shirt comes in eight different colors, like orange, heather gray and baby blue.

Skeleton Bachelorette Party Shirts

Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts Bride or Die Tshirt Til Death Do Us Party Tee
Photo: SasiPrints

Forget coordinating Halloween costumes—these personalized bachelorette t-shirts will make your party weekend a memorable and comfy occasion.

Halloween Bachelorette Decorations

To truly tap into the theme, you'll need creepy Halloween bachelorette party decorations. Use one of our picks to elevate your bach pad.

Black Spider Web Halloween Bachelorette Party Table Runner

Black Spider Web Table Runner for Halloween Bachelorette Party
Photo: Michaels

Use this festive table runner to add a fun detail to your table decor. Put this on your snack, dessert or drink table.

Black Halloween Bachelorette Party Banner

Bride posing in front of RIP Single Life Banner for Halloween Bachelorette Party
Photo: xo, Fetti

This "RIP Single Life" has a luxe black glitter finish that's great for a Halloween-themed bachelorette party photo backdrop. This brings real meaning to the phrase "bride or die."

"Boos Before I Dos" Halloween Bachelorette Party Balloons

Boos Before I Dos Halloween Bachelorette Party Balloons
Photo: CherCanDoIt

Your party decor checklist isn't complete without balloons. Decorate your space with these seasonal balloons for a chilling, photo-ready look.

Custom Black and Orange Boochelorette Banner

Custom BOOchelorette Halloween bachelorette banner
Photo: GlamCelebration

Dress up any hotel room or home rental with epic party decorations to set the mood. We love this charming (and easy) banner, which pairs a classic pun with an even more classic Halloween palette of orange, purple and black.

Witch-Themed Paper Coaster

Cheers Witches paper drink coasters for halloween bachelorette party
Photo: Zazzle

Don't worry about guests leaving water rings on your tables. Use these sturdy and absorbent Halloween coasters.

Halloween Bachelorette Party Games

For the times you and other partygoers want to stay in, pull out some entertaining bachelorette party games. From printable games to charades, you'll find something to help everyone get to know each other better.

Halloween Bachelorette Party Prize Wheel

Halloween themed 'wheel of fate' bachelorette party prize wheel
Photo: Halloween Express

This Wheel of Fate Halloween wheel is great for hosts who plan on giving prizes to game winners. This also can work as a silly and simple drinking game before a night out––land on orange take one shot, land on black two shots.

Would She Rather Halloween Bachelorette Party Game

Halloween Bachelorette Would She Rather Printable Game
Photo: EphemeralAesthetics

Pick up this Halloween edition of "Would You Rather" for a bit of bachelorette party fun (it would also work for a Halloween bridal shower, too). This downloadable game is an 8.5 by 11-inch PDF that's easily printable.

1980s Murder Mystery Halloween Bachelorette Party Game

1980s murder mystery game kit for halloween bachelorette party
Photo: Masters of Mystery

If bar crawls aren't really your group's thing, why not opt for something more creative? This kit allows you to host a murder mystery party for a perfectly on-theme entertainment option.

Death Charades Halloween Bachelorette Party Game

Death Charades: Silly Party Card Game for halloween bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Lots of customer reviews raved about having a blast while playing this classic group game. You can play with up to 20 people and be amused for hours.

Halloween Bachelorette Party Cake Decorations

You should definitely have some treats at your bachelorette pad, especially for a bride-to-be with a sweet tooth. Get a bachelorette cake in the guest of honor's favorite flavor, then use one of the decorations below to add some personality to the confection.

Halloween Witch Pin-Up Girl Cake Topper

Halloween Witch Pin Up Girl Witch Bachelorette Cake Topper
Photo: Zazzle

We love this unique Halloween cake topper. It's sexy, seasonal and comes in three shapes: rectangle, star and oval.

Witch Boot Halloween Bachelorette Party Cupcake Toppers

Halloween Witch's Boot Bachelorette Cupcake Topper
Photo: Amazon

These Halloween cupcake toppers are made of card stock, non-toxic and come with 60 pieces. Each kit has six styles with different witch boots, leggings and skirts.

Custom Glitter Halloween Bachelorette Party Cake Decoration

Custom Found Her Boo Halloween Bachelorette Cake Topper
Photo: KBpartyCo

This seller offers numerous ways to personalize this glitter Halloween-themed cake topper. There are 18 color options like light purple, rose gold and red, four sizes and the opportunity to add the bachelorette's name.

Pastel Pink Tombstone Halloween Bachelorette Cake Topper

Black and Pink RIP Single Life Halloween Bachelorette Cake Topper
Photo: InGravedStudio

We love the unique pastel color and the spooky bat and spider web adornments. You can keep the topper as is or customize it (but there is a limited character count).

Halloween Bachelorette Party Welcome Bag Accessories

Greet your ghoulish guests with Halloween bachelorette party accessories. Here are a few things you can include in your welcome bags.

Witchy Halloween Bachelorette Party Favor Bags

Drink Up Witches Halloween Bachelorette Party Favor Bags
Photo: DashOfSouthernSass

These party favor bags (that come in a set of 10) are the perfect gift for your coven. Stock 'em with your favorite Halloween candy or party must-haves like hangover helpers and custom temporary tattoos.

Cute Pumpkin Halloween Bachelorette Party Tote

Pumpkin Halloween Tote Bag for bachelorette party favors
Photo: EasyTeesBoutique

Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a bag full of goodies. Gift guests their party favors in these festive tote bags, which they can use again throughout the fall.

White Halloween Bachelorette Party Vampire Fangs

Vampire Fangs Halloween Bachelorette Party Favors
Photo: Target

Not going to lie—a group of friends rocking fake vampire teeth is pretty hilarious. These inexpensive chompers would be a fun addition to party bags.

Custom Temporary Halloween Bachelorette Party Tattoos

Custom Halloween Bachelorette Party Temporary Tattoos
Photo: LoveAndLion

Temporary tattoos are a bachelorette party mainstay at this point, and these Halloween-themed ones could not be cuter. Our favorite part? They encourage fellow revelers to buy bach party members drinks.

"Drink Up Witches" Custom Halloween Bachelorette Party Shot Glass

Custom Halloween Bachelorette Party Drink Up Witches Shot Glass
Photo: Zazzle

Add the bride's name, bachelorette party date, and location on this customizable shot glass. The silhouette of a witch over a purple smoky background is another reason this makes for a great Halloween bachelorette party favor.

Additional Halloween-Themed Bachelorette Party Supplies

Wait, don't put away your Halloween bachelorette party shopping list just yet. Check out these last couple of items so you can add them to your chart.

Colorful Halloween Bachelorette Party Invitation

Where My Witches At Halloween Bachelorette Party Invitation
Photo: Zazzle

For a pop of unexpected Halloween color, look no further than this charming invitation design. With a cheery combo of pink and orange—plus Halloween motifs like black cats and skulls—this paper good is the perfect way to be seasonal if spooky isn't your thing.

Gothic Halloween Bachelorette Party Bridal Veil

Bride headband with black rose veil for halloween bachelorette party
Photo: AbracadabraCompany

White may be a traditional bridal hue—but not when you're a Halloween bride-to-be. Swap sweet ivory for gutsy black accessories during your Halloween bachelorette party weekend.

Edgy Skeleton Halloween Bachelorette Party Button

Edgy Skeleton Hands Buy The Bride A Drink Button for halloween bachelorette party
Photo: Zazzle

Featuring skeleton hands in the shape of a heart, any moody bride will love this design. Edit the text to have the bride's name, bachelorette party date and location. Just remember you have to add your own QR code.

Vibrant Bach Halloween Koozies for 12 Ounce Cans

Halloween Can Cooler Sleeves for bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Spook up your sip with these charming and creative koozies. There are six pieces with different designs, and ensure your favorite beverages will stay cold.

Black Cat Appetizer Halloween-Themed Plate

Halloween Cat Stoneware Appetizer Plate for bachelorette party
Photo: Target

Try to incorporate the classic Halloween color palette as much as possible. Customers loved the design of the plate and how it's microwave and dishwasher-safe.

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