22 Bachelorette Cake Ideas That Totally Bring the Party

Have your cake and eat it too at your bachelorette.
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Jul 05, 2023

When you're planning your bachelorette party, you're no doubt considering all the different trendy themes, where to host it, and even who to invite. But another thing to take into consideration is having a bachelorette party cake. This dessert is wonderful for any party, and there are so many creative ideas for your bach bash. Let's look at some inspiration to get your started on planning the ultimate bachelorette party, complete with a tasty cake your bridesmaids will love.

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The simple answer? Yes. What party isn't already made better with a cake? And besides, you'll need something to snack on during your late night partying. Just add a cake to your party planning checklist and make sure whoever's paying for the party knows to pick it up from your favorite bake shop.

Just make sure to find a local baker who can fit your vision. California-based bachelorette cake expert Jeremy Jarman, pastry chef and culinary instructor, has some tips for this. The pro, who has nearly a decade of pastry experience, shares that "when you talk to your baker, give them details on what the event is celebrating, the theme of the event, colors, your budget and some inspiration photos. You can ask the cake decorator if they have photos of cakes they have decorated in that style before to give you an idea of how it could look. Every cake is unique and every cake decorator has a different style so making sure you are both on the same page about the design is very important."

What to Write on a Bachelorette Cake

What to write on your bachelorette cake really comes down to the vibe you're going for. If you're a foodie bachelorette, you can keep it simple and just let the cake do the talking. But if you want to write some fun sayings that are on theme, you can always go with catchphrases like "bach before the big bash" or "last fling before the ring." And one important design element when decorating is knowing which type of icing your baker will be using. Jeremy Jarman adds, "When I design cakes, I always think in terms of buttercream. It tastes better than fondant and is easier to store once the cake is decorated. It is also just a gorgeous medium."

Funny Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas

You'll want your cake to match the other bachelorette party decor, and these funny bachelorette cakes are for the bride-to-be who loves a little humor and quirkiness. We're sure these humorous cake ideas for a bachelorette party will have you laughing.

'Til Death (by Chocolate) Do Us Part Cake

If you need bachelorette cake wording ideas, take note of this dessert. When your future spouse rates above chocolate, you know you've found yourself a keeper. But who says you have to pick just one with this cake?

Find your kind of venue

From barns to ballrooms, discover reception venues that feel like you.

Put on Your Best Penguin Suit Bachelorette Cake

Penguins are loyal and mate for life, making them the perfect mascot for your wedding festivities. This bachelorette cake idea adds some floral embellishments for an ultra cute and romantic vibe.

They Fell Hook, Line and Sinker Cake

If there's no other fish in the sea for you, let your cake do the talking at your bach party with this bachelorette cake idea for a bride. Show your wedding party that you two are the perfect catch.

Robots in Love Bachelorette Cake

You don't have to speak binary to appreciate this cute robot cake. You'll want to enjoy a few bytes…sorry, we mean bites of this delectable dessert.

Whoop There It Is Cake

This cake topper puts all the excitement succinctly into two words: Whoop whoop. And if you're just as stoked for your big day, display this cake at your bachelorette party for a night of fun.

Classy Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas

If you want your bachelorette to be classy not sassy, don't fret. We've rounded up a ton of inspo to draw from so that your bachelorette party cake is as elegant as you are. You're sure to love these classy bachelorette cake ideas.

You're So Golden Bachelorette Cake

This takes a simple cake design and spins it on its head. With the gold accents and flowers, there's nothing boring about this sweet treat for your celebration.

A Love Sweet Like Mint and Chocolate Cake

If you and your S.O. go together like mint and chocolate, then this cake will taste as sweet as your love. And let's be honest, it'll be a total hit with your wedding party.

Floral Waterfall Bachelorette Cake

Floral waterfall cake for bachelorette party
Photo: Wendy Laurel

When TLC told us not to go chasing waterfalls, they weren't talking about this classy cake, of course. This display will elevate any bach party, especially with its fresh florals.

Blushing Bride Bachelorette Cake

Here are some mini cakes to serve to your bridesmaids so they feel like bachelorette party royalty. Consider topping these with miniature crowns they can even take home or wear for the weekend.

Watercolor Dahlia Cake

Now this watercolor cake is a wonderful choice for those painting bachelorette parties. Adding your favorite blossom to the cake will elevate it in a classy and sweet way.

Elegant in Green Bachelorette Cake

Green cake for bachelorette party
Photo: BeauMonde Originals,Cake: Cake Life Bake Shop

Here's a simple but elegant cake that can perfectly work in your bachelorette party theme. This could be great for a Bridgerton tea party or even a fairytale picnic.

Best Believe I'm Still Be-Jewel-Toned Cake

No matter which Taylor Swift era you're in, this jewel-toned cake works perfectly for anything from Reputation or Midnights. You can even add a gold snake to the top like the iconic "Look What You Made Me Do" video.

Split Design Gold-Flake Bachelorette Cake

This cakes blends many different design elements for a dessert unlike any other. You can incorporate your wedding colors and textures on this cake as a prelude to your big day.

Cute Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas

Let your personality shine with these cute bachelorette party cake ideas. Especially if "nice," not naughty, is more your thing.

After All This Time? Cake

This cake takes the Golden Snitch vibes and adds a touch of romance. If you really want to elevate the "Harry Potter" theme, ask your baker to use flavors like butterbeer or pumpkin or even play a round of Quidditch as a bachelorette party game.

B-Ball in the Street Bachelorette Cake

If "Love and Basketball" is you and your future spouse's favorite movie, then this is the cake for you. You can also add streets that are significant to you, like where you first met or got engaged.

You, Me, and Kitty Makes Three Cake

Gold bride, groom and cat cake topper for bachelorette party
Photo: Phil Van Nostrand Photography,Cake: City Cakes NY

You've got to incorporate your love of animals, right? Especially if your families, including the four-legged members, are important to your relationship.

Saturday Night Fever Bachelorette Cake

This cakes brings the sparkle to your disco bachelorette dessert table. Just make sure you clear your table when you start disco dancing the night away, but with this scrumptious cake, it'll surely be gone long before then.

'70s Shag Rug-Inspired Cake

This cake is giving Elvis' jungle room, and we're here for it. Make your '70s bash a little more true to style with this shag-carpet inspired design.

Living Like Bachelorette Royalty Cake

Let your cake be the crown jewel of the bachelorette party. And if you're feeling extra royal, why not make this bride-to-be cake idea chocolate-flavored in honor of the Queen's favorite biscuit cake?

Malibu Beach House Bachelorette Cake

If you want to live like Barbie in her beach house, this is the perfect bachelorette Barbie cake for those Malibu vibes. Sit by the pool on your favorite floats and enjoy a slice of this beautiful dessert for your bachelorette.

Hundreds and Thousands Sprinkle Cake

Sprinkles are a classic, and for good reason. These colorful decorations instantly take us back, so adding this to your bachelorette cake will evoke a bit of fun and charm.

Oh-So-Boho Painted Bachelorette Cake

If this cake doesn't make you feel like Sophie dancing by the ocean in "Mamma Mia," then what will? With its bright painted colors and flecks of gold, you'll be bursting into Abba songs in no time.

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