Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: Is a Full Meal Expected at a Rehearsal Dinner?


My aunt and uncle are generously paying for my rehearsal dinner, so I want to keep it affordable for them. One restaurant we like can do a menu of appetizers and light bites that works with our wedding budget. Is it okay to serve that or will everyone be expecting more of a "meal"?


In addition to saving money, a "heavy apps" menu can be more fun and festive than a traditional sit down rehearsal dinner. Just manage your guests' expectations by carefully wording the invitation. Instead of using the words "rehearsal dinner" you might choose to call it a "post-rehearsal party" or a "pre-wedding reception." That way if some guests are really concerned about getting a traditional three course meal they can grab a bite beforehand or make restaurant reservations for after your bash. But don't stress about their stomachs—your guests are going to be focused on toasting you and mingling with each other, not with what's on the menu.

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