Here's How to Plan a Tasty Wedding Taco Bar You & Your Guests Will Love

This is the perfect way to spice up your special day.
Chapelle Johnson
by Chapelle Johnson
Updated Feb 07, 2023

Tacos are one of the most beloved fares in the world. It fits in the palm of your hand, can be sweet or savory and has a plethora of different fillings and toppings. So why not include this delicious meal on your special day by having a wedding taco bar? Taco bars are all the rage right now, and we think it's a great way to spice up your wedding with food just about everyone loves. If you want to know how to create the taco bar of your dreams, read our tips on finding the best caterer and creating an appetizing menu. Plus, check out our roundup of 13 creative wedding taco bars ideas from real weddings you can use to add some flavor to your reception.

How to Find Wedding Taco Bar Catering

Food is one of the most important parts of a wedding because its delicious (or unpleasant) taste will stick in your and your guests' minds for a long time. This is why finding the best wedding caterer is crucial. In no particular order, we recommend you ask your wedding venue, vendors and recently married loved ones for taco bar options. You can also check out The Knot Marketplace for top-rated wedding catering options. To help you with your search, read our list of the best wedding taco bar caterers on The Knot Marketplace.

  • Denver Taco Truck: This food truck serves the Denver, Colorado area and started making tacos in 2019. The food truck offers catering for their appetizers, and fusion-style tacos and has plated and buffet options.

  • Maudie's Tex-Mex: This restaurant has served Tex-Mex for over 30 years and has multiple locations in Austin, Texas. For an additional charge, Maudie's Tex-Mex offers alcohol, bartender service, cake-cutting and much more.

  • Taco Bar Catering: This catering company was founded in 2017 and is a family-owned business in San Juan Capistrano, California. The company has a special taco bar menu for weddings with numerous meat, salsa and topping choices.

  • Kon-Tiki Taco: This catering company has a team with 40 years of combined culinary experience and serves the Southern California area. To ensure all your guests feel included, Kon-Tiki Taco has pescatarian and vegan wedding taco bar catering.

  • Taco Zone: This restaurant is based in Lawrence, Kansas, and is known for its tasty slow-braised meats. They provide pick up, drop off and full-service catering packages.

  • Taco Buddha: This restaurant is located in University City, Missouri, and claims to have the best tacos and margaritas in Saint Louis. They have four catering packages, grab and go, deconstructed, special event and private party, which means you have plenty of options for your wedding or wedding-related event.

How to Plan Your Wedding Taco Bar Menu

If you're wondering what to have at a taco bar wedding reception, we've got you covered. Read our list of wedding taco bar must-haves so you can create the most delicious menu with your caterer.

Figure out your taco bar proteins and vegetables.

The foundation of the perfect taco is a flavorful protein or vegetable. Your catering company will take care of the taste, but you have to decide what you want to serve your guests. And don't forget, you need to have choices that take dietary restrictions into account. Here are some meat and veggies you can offer at your taco bar wedding buffet:

  • Chicken (grilled or shredded)

  • Carne asada (translates to "grilled beef" in English)

  • Shrimp

  • Fish (mahi mahi, tilapia or cod)

  • Tofu

  • Grilled veggies (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchini)

  • Sweet potato

  • Cauliflower

Pick your taco shell options.

This is the easiest part of creating your wedding taco bar menu. We suggest serving a traditional taco shell, like the corn tortilla, to give authenticity to your taco bar and a gluten-free option for your guests. Flour and hard shell tacos are must-haves too, since they are often seen at every Mexican restaurant. If you want some unique taco shell choices, you can have multicolored hard shells, taco shells made of bacon, cheddar cheese shells and even lettuce wraps for people who want a healthier option.

Have an abundance of toppings.

Some people think a taco isn't truly complete until a yummy topping is added, and we wholeheartedly agree. Having a wide array of toppings for your guests to choose from increases the chances of everyone being satisfied and decreases the chances of you worrying about if you and your caterer created the perfect taco masterpiece everyone will enjoy. Here's a list of the essential taco fixings you need at your wedding:

Serve complementary drinks, dessert and wedding favors.

Why not match the vibe of the taco bat at your wedding with tasty beverage pairings, desserts and wedding favors? Nothing goes better with a taco than a margarita or crisp Mexican beer, so talk to your wedding bartender about what margarita flavors, like spicy pineapple or watermelon, and beers you should serve at your reception. Some Mexican desserts we think would be the perfect addition to a wedding taco bar are churros, flan and tres leches cake. Finally, at the end of the night, give your guests a wedding favor they'll actually use, like a bottle of your favorite hot sauce, a miniature bottle of tequila or a bag of chicharrónes de harina, a crunchy wheel-shaped Mexican snack.

Taco Bar Wedding Ideas

Need more inspiration for your taco bar mood board? Look at these mouthwatering taco bar ideas from real weddings.

1. Mini Taco Appetizers

As self-proclaimed foodies, the bride and groom wanted their guests' experiences to be delectable and unique. Instead of having a classic taco bar wedding buffet, the couple had numerous food stations. One of the stations included these small but mighty mini beef tacos placed in freshly cut limes.

2. Authentic Tortilla Station

At this fiesta-themed wedding, the happy couple had an avocado bar and street taco station. The flour and corn tortillas were home-made and cooked on a comal, a smooth, flat griddle used to heat tortillas, toast spices, sear meat and much more.

3. Fresh Guacamole Station

The fresher the ingredients, the better. Have a made-to-order guacamole station next to your taco bar, which can act as a place for your guest to get their favorite green topping or an appetizer. We suggest adding chips and salsa to your guacamole station too.

4. Premade Soft Shell Tacos

If you want a free-flowing reception with short food lines, consider a premade wedding taco bar. You can still have a taco fixings table for people who want to add a little extra to their meal, but having the tacos premade helps guests get their food quicker, which means they'll have more time on the dance floor.

5. Mini Margaritas and Tinga Tacos

Pair your favorite handheld food with a classic margarita. You can start the taco feast with miniature versions for the appetizer course or go big for the main course. Either way, we know your guests will be hungry for more.

6. Custom Hot Sauce Wedding Favor

This hot sauce-loving couple gave bottles of their favorite hot sauce to their guests. They went the DIY route with this wedding favor idea by bottling the hot sauce and creating personalized stickers for each bottle.

7. Self-Serve Wedding Taco Bar

The best way to ensure every guest gets their fill is by having a self-serve wedding taco bar. The couple offered tequila lime chicken, al pastor (spit-grilled pork) and lengua (beef tongue) at their wedding.

8. Wedding Taco Bar Toppings

Have a taco bar and still stick to your wedding theme. This couple had a rustic taco bar at their wedding, using wooden platforms to display their taco toppings. They also had a taco bar sign, which we think is the perfect opportunity to use your favorite taco puns.

9. Casual Wedding Taco Bar

Just because it's a wedding doesn't mean you can't make your taco bar casual. At this wedding, the guests were encouraged to make their own tacos, while the catering staff made tortillas and informed guests of the ingredients in each food item.

10. Modern Taco Holders

Every taco lover knows leaning your tacos against one another on a plate can cause a lot of food spillage. That's why taco holders are the perfect solution since they take the messiness out of the equation and make your taco setup look more refined.

11. Taco Bar Wedding Menu

This bride and groom did their taco bar wedding menu the right way by having plenty of options for their guests. "The food was so delicious, and everyone raved about it," says Amanda, the bride.

12. Family-Style Tacos

You can still have a taco bar at your wedding without having your guests stand in a line. Consider doing a family-style dinner service. This couple served fish ceviche, queso and guacamole before passing around assorted platters of four different types of tacos.

13. Chocolate Ice Cream Taco

No one said your wedding taco bar had to be savory. Think outside the box, like this couple did, and have sweet tacos for your wedding dessert. We've seen couples offer s'more, strawberry cheesecake and apple pie tacos.

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