Wedding Registry: Is It Okay to Buy Wedding Gifts That Aren't on the Wedding Registry?

by The Knot

Do you think it's impolite to buy wedding gifts that are not on the wedding registry?


A very interesting question. It's not necessarily impolite (after all, you are giving a gift, which is a lovely gesture no matter what), but off-registry gifts should be bought with caution. In fact, it's a good idea to opt not to do so unless you are a very close friend or relative who knows the couple well and knows that the gift you're getting them is going to make them ecstatic. For example, if you know the couple adores camping and they've been moaning about the state of their battered old tent for two but haven't registered for a new one a tent would be the perfect off-registry gift. Gift certificates for stores or services you know they love are good ideas too. In general, however, using the registry to purchase a gift is smart. It doesn't mean that you, the guest, are not creative or that you're too lazy to search for an original gift. What you're doing is buying the couple something that they need and want, so you know they'll love it. If you just can't bear the thought of buying them sheets or flatware, choose one of the more entertaining luxury gifts they've listed -- a cappuccino machine or a bread-maker maybe -- so they'll always remember it was from you.

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