25 Just Married Holiday Card Wording Ideas to Celebrate the Season

'Tis the season to show off your wedding photos with a holiday card.
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Sep 08, 2023

Your first holiday season as newlyweds is truly special. It's likely a season of firsts: your first time splitting time between two families, your first time making new holiday traditions together and your first time sending a combined holiday card. And with that comes some "just married" holiday card wording. After all, this is the perfect time to start embracing those photo holiday cards—preferably one prominently displaying your fave wedding shot. Holiday cards not only allow you to wish your loved ones a happy season, but also to showcase your recent nuptials.

While there are plenty of prewritten holiday cards online, this is an exciting year for you, so you may want to add some special newlywed Christmas, Hanukkah or other holiday card sayings to keep the love and excitement from your wedding flowing.

As our holiday gift to you, we've compiled some wording inspo that'll truly make spirits bright. Be it cute, funny or simple, your first holiday card is sure to set the standard for many happy holidays to come.

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Just Married Christmas Card Wording

For those celebrating their first Christmas, 'tis the season for some just married Christmas card sayings. Whether you want to keep it simple or make it as cute as your Christmas Instagram caption, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your marriage into your newlywed Christmas card. These first-Christmas card messages will inspire a merry and bright season for all your loved ones.

  • We're thrilled to be married and merry!
  • Merry Christmas from the new [Mr./Mrs./Mx.] and [Mr./Mrs./Mx.] [last name].
  • From our newly minted family to yours, have a very merry Christmas.
  • This year, we're celebrating faith, hope and love. Have a blessed Christmas!
  • The [last name]s wish you a very merry holiday season!

Just Married Hanukkah Card Wording

Celebrating Hanukkah? Send a holiday card worthy of eight days of light. A Hanukkah card is the perfect opportunity to wish your loved ones happy holidays and share precious memories from your wedding day. You can keep it simple or mention some of your favorite Hanukkah traditions.

  • The newlyweds want to wish you a Hanukkah season full of peace, love and light.
  • We wish you a happy Hanukkah and we can't wait to celebrate all of the blessings this year has brought us with you soon!
  • This year, we're celebrating love and light. Happy Hanukkah!
  • If only our wedding could have been eight nights! We're excited for a lifetime of love. Have a happy holiday season!
  • From our new family to yours, wishing you a Hanukkah full of love and latkes.

Cute Just Married Holiday Card Wording

How about a cute and cheeky holiday card? A one-liner sweeter than a candy cane will make your card memorable and warm. And adding a cute, first-marriage-themed message will make your card feel personalized and special for this milestone year.

  • We're so excited to be celebrating our first holiday season as spouses and we hope yours is full of love and joy!
  • May your holiday season be wrapped in love…just like us!
  • Your presence at our wedding was the best gift we could ask for. Happy holidays!
  • This year, we're beyond blessed. May you also have a blessed holiday season.
  • Merry and married. Happy holidays!

Funny Just Married Holiday Card Wording

Show off a little personality with this year's holiday card. As long as you keep your message inclusive and light, a funny phrase or pun will bring a smile to your relatives' and friends' faces. Laughter truly is the best holiday gift (especially in the midst of holiday stress).

  • Not to brag, but we've had the best year of all. Happy holidays and happy New Year!
  • May your holidays be as joyful as our honeymoon phase.
  • This year, we're making spirits married and bright!
  • Ringing in the new year—literally!
  • New last name, new year, new rings. We hope you also get something shiny and new this holiday season!

Simple Just Married Holiday Card Wording

There's nothing wrong with following the KISS acronym (keep it simple, silly), even if you just celebrated your big kiss at the ceremony. Classics are classics for a reason. A simple holiday message is inclusive, kind and heartwarming. You don't need something elaborate to have a card full of holiday spirit. Try one of these classic holiday wishes instead.

  • Holiday "cheers" from the newlyweds.
  • We're wishing you a very happy holiday season.
  • We're celebrating so many blessings this holiday season and wish you many blessings, too.
  • Happy holidays! Love, the [last name]s
  • Our first of many holiday seasons is here. Happy holidays!
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