25 Engaged & Newlywed Holiday Cards for Couples

Celebrate the season—and your relationship—with one of these festive cards.
Joyful Arch Holiday Cards
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Updated Oct 13, 2023

The festive season is the perfect time to announce your happy news, whether it's a recent engagement or the fact that you've just married your long-term love. A newlywed Christmas card is a great way to send warm wishes to your loved ones and show off your favorite photos from your special day. These holiday cards from The Knot don't just celebrate Christmas, though—they also commemorate an array of cultural celebrations, from Hanukkah and Diwali to Kwanzaa and the Lunar New Year. Below, you'll find 25 of our favorite cards highlighting your first holiday season as a married or engaged couple.

1. Just Married Christmas Holiday Cards

Just Married Christmas holiday cards for your friends and family
Photo: The Knot

The Knot offers a variety of just married Christmas cards, including this sleek and simple design. It features a trio of your favorite photos against a contrasting background in your chosen color, with shiny foil detailing that adds a festive touch perfect for the holidays. If you need help with what to write on the reverse, check out these just married holiday card wording examples for inspiration.

2. Happy Holiday Holiday Cards

Happy Everything holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

This newlywed holiday card has you covered, whatever occasion is significant to you and your spouse. On the front, your chosen snapshot appears with your names, wedding date and a universal message of well-wishes reading "Happy Everything" in trendy typography. There's even space for another photo and your season's greetings on the back, complemented by a plaid background.

3. Flannel Type Holiday Cards

Flannel-pattern holiday cards for your happy holidays
Photo: The Knot

When it comes to newlywed Christmas card ideas, there are so many ways to send love and warm wishes. You don't necessarily have to include a photo in your greetings if you don't want to. This festive flannel design features the word "Merry" in large patterned letters, with your names, the year and a message reading "Happy Holidays" adding a sophisticated finish. Choose from several color schemes to make this rustic design your own.

4. Brushstroke Holiday Holiday Cards

Brushstroke artwork holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

Did you and your partner get engaged this year? Share the happy moment with your loved ones with this art-inspired holiday card. At the center, you can display a special photo (like a sneaky snapshot from the moment they got down on one knee) surrounded by a textured brushstroke design in your chosen festive colors. Your names and a simple message reading "Peace and Love" appear underneath, with space on the back of the card to write your seasonal greetings.

5. Hanukkah Hues Holiday Cards

Hanukkah hues holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

If you're looking for holiday cards that celebrate Hanukkah, consider this elegant and understated design. A gilded foil border adds a subtle shimmer to a beautiful landscape photo at the center, with space for a short message below. Choose from three color palettes and foil finishes to suit your tastes.

6. Painted Merry Holiday Cards

Married and Merry holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

This married and merry Christmas card is a sweet way to celebrate your recent wedding and wish your friends and family well during the holiday season. The combination of serif typography and loopy script brings an element of sophistication to this playful design. There's room for a photo and your names on the front, while the back offers plenty of space for a heartwarming message.

7. Holiday Arch Holiday Cards

Round arch photo holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

Whether you've recently got engaged or just married your special person, this modern holiday card is a great option to celebrate the joy and cheer of the festive season. The understated design features an arched photo set against a solid color background alongside a warm message in a tree-shaped layout. Choose from three paper types—signature, pearlescent or recycled—for your preferred finish.

8. Diwali Grid Holiday Cards

Diwali holiday cards to send to your family this season
Photo: The Knot

If you and your spouse celebrate Diwali each year, we've found the perfect holiday card for you. With this particular format, you can pick three of your favorite snapshots from the past year, arranged in a grid layout with your message and family name. Choose from several vibrant palettes to decide on the backdrop color for the front and back.

9. Snowflake Window Holiday Cards

Foil snowflake holiday cards reading Happiest Holidays
Photo: The Knot

Here's a couples holiday card that'll appeal to anyone who loves seeing snow during the festive season. Whether you live in the mountains or got engaged (or married) somewhere snowy, this cute design is the perfect tribute. It features your selected photo surrounded by foil snowflake motifs and your season's greetings rendered in neat sans-serif font. Use it to send warm wishes to loved ones while celebrating your latest milestone as a couple.

10. Triptych Trees Holiday Cards

Photo collage holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

Looking for a newlywed Christmas card or something festive for an engagement announcement? This triptych tree design works well for both occasions and is a lovely way to share your happy news. The front shows three of your favorite photos against a muted background, finished with seasonal greetings and a rustic forest-inspired motif. On the back, you'll find the year, a small branch and lots of space for your personal message.

11. Home for the Holidays Holiday Cards

Home for the holidays gingerbread house holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

There really is no place like home, especially if you've just moved into a new house with your partner. With this charming card, you can share this major milestone with loved ones, along with warm wishes for the holiday season. It features a cute illustration of a house surrounded by snowflakes and conical Christmas trees, finished with the message "Season's Greetings." Choose from a variety of color schemes for a backdrop that best fits your new abode.

12. Scripted Feliz Navidad Holiday Cards

Feliz Navidad Holiday Cards
Photo: The Knot

Embrace your cultural traditions and a much-loved Christmas song with this newlywed holiday card. The simple design features your favorite snapshot on the front, topped with the phrase "Feliz Navidad" in a textured cursive script. The handwritten-style typography continues on the back with the warm message "y próspero año nuevo," framing your heartfelt message.

13. Married and Bright Holiday Cards

Holiday card reading Married and Bright
Photo: The Knot

Don't be afraid to have a little fun when picking out your first married holiday card. This cute design features a collage of three photos, overlaid with a playful message that reads "Married & Bright" in a flowing script. Glittering foil accents bring a festive touch to the front, while the back features your chosen color scheme as a solid blank canvas.

14. Handwritten Holiday Holiday Cards

Jolly handwritten holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

Newly engaged or just married? Whatever your relationship status, this handwritten card is a lovely way to spread festive cheer during the holiday season. On the front, a sweet holiday message appears in bold painted lettering with the year above and your names at the bottom. The back provides plenty of space for a personal message and comes in a matching color to complete the look.

15. Kwanzaa Hues Holiday Cards

Kwanzaa Hues Holiday Cards
Photo: The Knot

If you and your spouse are celebrating Kwanzaa, you can send this holiday card to your family and friends. The landscape design features your chosen photograph framed by a shimmering foil border, with a brief message underneath in serif typography. It's available in a variety of vibrant color palettes, with a gradient wash on the front and a solid color on the back.

16. Just Merried Holiday Cards

Holiday cards reading Just Merried
Photo: The Knot

Here's another newlywed Christmas card with a playful touch. It features the punny greeting "Just Merried" in modern typography, along with your name and the year above a favorite photograph. Foil accents bring a touch of sparkle to the front, while the back provides room for a more personalized note.

17. Holiday Greenery Frame Holiday Cards

Watercolor frame holiday card
Photo: The Knot

Wish your loved ones "Happy Holidays" with this gorgeous greenery-inspired holiday card. Your chosen photo appears on the front, surrounded by a delicate frame of watercolor leaves and blossoms, with a short message underneath. On the back, your personalized wishes are displayed in cursive script and serif typography against a solid background.

18. Joyful Arch Holiday Cards

Joyful arch holiday cards with your four legged friends
Photo: The Knot

Newlywed and engagement holiday cards come in many forms, like this cute design celebrating life's joyful moments. Available in a range of vibrant color schemes, it features an arched photo above your names and a simple holiday message. A mix of script and serif-style fonts gives this modern holiday card a fresh, fun touch that's ideal for the season.

19. Happy Lunar New Year Holiday Cards

Happy Lunar New Year holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

Send your family and friends best wishes for a Happy Lunar New Year with this festive pick. A photo of your choice appears on the front of this holiday card, accented with a combination of serif, sans-serif and cursive typography. The back offers space for a longer personal note against a solid backdrop in your chosen color.

20. Elegant Holiday Holiday Cards

Elegant foil holiday cards reading Happy Holidays
Photo: The Knot

Bring a touch of elegance to your seasonal greetings with this stylish holiday card. It features your selected photo on the front, edged with shimmering foil on the bottom for a festive finish. The phrase "Happy Holidays" appears over the picture, along with your names and the year in a simple font. On the back, your seasonal greetings are displayed in print, with your names rendered in a calligraphy style.

21. Happy Everything Holiday Cards

Holiday cards reading Happy Everything
Photo: The Knot

If you and your spouse aren't tied to any particular holiday but still want to send cards to your nearest and dearest, this versatile design is an excellent option. The message "Happy Everything" is displayed in a simple font and fine calligraphy over your favorite romantic snapshot, with foil accents bringing the overall look together.

22. Modern New Year Holiday Cards

Modern Happy New Year holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

An engagement or newlywed New Year's card is a really good way to wish someone well while looking forward to a bright future. This modern style features a collage of three photos, allowing you to highlight each special memory from the past year. Shimmering text appears over your snapshots on the front, reading "Happy New Year," while the back displays the new year as numerals in the center.

23. Sparkling Plaid Holiday Cards

Foil plaid holiday cards reading Merry Christmas
Photo: The Knot

If you're looking for a newlywed Christmas card with more traditional vibes, how about this sparkling plaid design? Fun and festive, it features three of your favorite photos set against a check pattern with glimmering foil accents and a simple "Merry Christmas" message. Choose from various gradient color schemes that are perfect for the holidays.

24. Garland Frame Holiday Cards

Holly garland frame reading Love Peace and Joy
Photo: The Knot

Swap photos for illustrations with this festive garland-inspired design. This newlywed holiday card features a joyful message in sans-serif typography, surrounded by a simple sketch of a holly wreath. The back shows your favorite snapshot with your names and the past year against a solid background. Choose from a variety of muted color schemes to fit your personal aesthetic.

25. Extra Joy Holiday Cards

Extra joy holiday cards
Photo: The Knot

The festive season is all about spreading joy and cheer, and this sweet card says it all. On the front, your favorite photograph appears within a white border overlaid with the words "Extra Joyful This Holiday"—making it a great choice, whatever event you're celebrating. Your names, wedding date, address and message appear interspersed with the main greeting, while the back shows your initials joined together in your chosen color.

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