5 Ways to Ring in Your First Holiday Season as a Married Couple

Your first holiday season together just got cozier.
by Catherine Jessee

Break out the mistletoe! There’s nothing sweeter than your first holiday season as newlyweds, no matter what you're celebrating. With a new year—and the rest of your lives—ahead, the holiday season is the perfect time to share time-honored traditions and also start some of your own, such as cooking a special meal, adopting an angel tree or reading a book passage. Even if it’s simply curling up with eggnog and your favorite Christmas movie, this is your chance to create your own holiday traditions.

1. Make an Ornament Together

Remember those extra wedding invitations you saved? They’re too beautiful to let the dust settle. Put them back to use as commemorative ornaments by shredding or hole punching the paper to fill clear paper or plastic DIY ornament bulbs. Use a crafting lever punch to make beautiful shapes like stars, hearts and snowflakes.

2. Cook a Special Meal

Choose a scrumptious recipe you’ve always wanted to try to cook and prepare it together. Nothing steps up date night in like some holiday spirit, and there’s no need to get too fancy—just have fun! We recommend extra candles, extra wine and extra dessert. If it doesn’t turn out quite right, there’s always next year.

3. Invite Guests

If it’s your first holiday season together with just you two—and you’re not traveling to visit family or the in-laws—invite family and friends to come to you. Throw a festive soiree the night you decorate your first tree as a married couple or have a festive movie marathon with hot chocolate and spiced cookies. It’ll feel good to host your loved ones as a new family.

4. Start a Tradition

Nothing makes the holidays more magical and memorable than special traditions, and your first holiday season together is the perfect time to start one of your very own. Love all of those feel-good holiday stories? Pick your favorite and make it a tradition to read it together.

5. Watch Your Wedding Video

It can be tough to take your mind off everything on your holiday to-do list. Make a point to sit down together every year and watch your wedding video. Trust us—it’s impossible to be a Scrooge when you’re looking back on the day you vowed to love and support each other forever.

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