15 Long-Distance Valentine's Day Ideas to Celebrate Your Love From Afar

V-day knows no distance.
Long-Distance Valentine's Day Ideas
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Updated Dec 26, 2023

With its sweeping gestures and heartfelt words, Valentine's Day is easily one of the most romantic days of the year. Even if you and your hunny are miles apart, it's still important to celebrate. You just need to use your imagination when it comes to long-distance Valentine's Day ideas.

"Passionate, fulfilling intimacy isn't something that just happens out of the blue, despite what Hollywood rom-coms tell us," says Dr. Laura Berman, a sex, love and relationship therapist. "We have to consciously create the feelings of desire, appreciation and connection that we want to feel in our relationship. Valentine's Day, anniversaries and other special occasions give us the chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate our love."

She adds that being in a long-distance relationship presents challenges, of course, but that it also lends itself to some unique opportunities. When you're physically apart, you can focus on the building blocks of your relationship instead of getting distracted by the minutiae of day-to-day life.

"Couples tend to get lost in surface-level distractions like lingerie, candles or date nights when it comes to things like Valentine's Day," Dr. Berman says. "But since you are long-distance, you have the opportunity to [go] deeper and really make the most of this holiday."

To help you come up with the perfect plan, we're showcasing our best Valentine's Day ideas for long-distance relationships.

1. Send Video Messages Throughout the Day

The distance between you two will likely feel greater on Valentine's Day. To ease it a bit, surprise your partner with video messages sent throughout the day. Reflect on meaningful memories you've had together, express why they mean the world to you and share silly moments that still make you laugh to this day.

2. Ship a Plant (It'll Live Longer Than Flowers!)

A bouquet of flowers is definitely welcome, but consider switching things up a bit this year. Since it will last longer, it'll serve as a memento of the romantic holiday (and all that you share) in the months and years to come. "[This gift] is one you can acknowledge each time you are under the same roof and remember that it was sent with love," says Tammy Shaklee, a certified matchmaker and founder of H4M Matchmaking.

3. Create a Photo Album

A photo album filled with your favorite pictures together is a lasting memento that celebrates your relationship. "Include your favorite memories and reflections about your time together as a couple, such as everything you love about your partner and how you knew they were the one," Dr. Berman suggests. "Share your funny inside jokes and the special memories you've created over your time together as a partner."

4. Craft a Special Spotify Playlist

The old-school mix tape was a way to curate a perfect playlist of songs for another person—but the digital world makes this gift all the easier to create. Include the songs that are special to your relationship, songs that remind you of your partner, lovey-dovey Valentine's Day songs and bops you know they love. For an extra touch, create a custom art cover for the playlist.

5. Cook a Meal Together

Since going out to a fancy sit-down dinner isn't in the books when planning a long-distance Valentine's Day date, do the next best thing and whip up a meal together. Purchase the ingredients in advance (and consider having the ingredients DoorDashed to your partner) and then follow a recipe together. Enjoy it with a nice glass of wine and conversation.

6. Send a Meaningful Gift

It's always nice to receive a gift on Valentine's Day—even if you're far apart. Whether it's a timeless piece of jewelry that reminds them of your bond, a box of their favorite candies or that item they've been talking about for a while, a surprise package at their doorstep will show that you care. For inspiration, check out our long-distance Valentine's Day gift guide.

7. Deliver Boudoir Images

Ooh la la! Sultry, artistic images of you are a classic Valentine's Day gift that makes even more sense when you're a world apart. "Find a photographer near you who does boudoir photo shoots and send your partner the sexy portfolio when it is completed," says Dr. Berman. "This will get them in the mood and empower you when you realize how beautiful you really are."

8. Take Some Online Personality Quizzes Together

There's a good chance you've already got plans to hop onto a video chat with bae on Valentine's Day, but consider ways to put extra effort into your virtual date. One way to do that is to take online personality quizzes together and discuss the questions and results as you go along. Some good ones include Briggs-Meyers, attachment styles, love languages, and Enneagram.

9. Dive Into a DIY Craft Night

Another option is to work on a craft project together. Choose something that's easy enough that you'll still be able to chat while getting crafty. Some fun options include paint by numbers, plant potting, terrarium making, sand art or candle making. Share your progress and show off your finished work at the end.

10. Ask and Answer Intimate Questions

There's always something new you can learn about your partner even if you've been dating for years. Carve out some time together to ask and answer virtual questions. Each of you can come up with a list of 10 questions you want to ask, and then take turns asking them. For inspiration, check out our list of deep and fun questions to ask your girlfriend and boyfriend.

11. Sip Champagne and Eat Sweet Treats

Elevate your virtual date by sipping on some top-notch bubbly and gourmet treats. "Give yourselves permission to indulge a bit," Dr. Shaklee says. "Whether it's sweets, bubbles or spending a little more than on an average day or evening, it helps make the day special and shows a commitment to prioritizing your partner."

12. Explore a Virtual Museum or Art Gallery

A few years ago marked a boom in virtual events. (You can guess why…) That included the ability to tour museums and art galleries from the comfort of your own home. Museums offering this feature include The British Museum in London, Washington D.C.'s National Gallery of Art, and the stunning Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

13. Visit an Online Escape Room

Are you and your partner up for a challenge? Explore a virtual escape room together this Valentine's Day. These involve solving puzzles and working as a team to "escape" within a set time frame. Echambered, Virtual Escaping and Let's Roam are all great options.

14. Shout Out Your Love on Social Media

Showcasing your love for all to see is a guaranteed way to make bae feel like the true apple of your eye on Valentine's Day. Share a beautiful picture of you two together and caption it with a meaningful message. Check out our Valentine's Day captions to help craft the perfect text.

15. Plan a Surprise Trip to See Each Other

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but too much time apart can start to weigh on partnerships. Surprise your love with a trip that involves spending time together—in person! Maybe this is a visit to them or buying them tickets to visit you, or perhaps it's a trip to a completely new destination to explore hand-in-hand.

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