25 Long-Distance Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Make You Feel Super Close

Ensure they feel your love with one of these romantic presents.
25 Long-Distance Valentine's Gift Ideas for Your Other Half
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Updated Jan 26, 2024
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Dating at a distance can be challenging, especially when it comes to romantic holidays like Valentine's Day. If you and your partner are on opposite sides of the state, country or even the world, you're probably looking for a long-distance valentine's gift to celebrate your love. While presents obviously don't compare to seeing your S.O. in person, they can help bridge the distance and make the time you spend between visits go a little faster. Wondering how to express your love from afar? Don't worry—we've got you covered with our specially curated Valentine's Day LDR gift guide. From thoughtful care packages and cute jewelry to meaningful wall art and matching loungewear, here are our favorite valentine's gift ideas for long-distance relationships.

1. Spinning Heart Messenger

Spinning heart messenger valentine's day gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

There are tons of cute valentine gifts for long-distance relationships out there, but this one gets our top vote. The spinning heart messenger works with an app where you can send a short message to your partner—once they receive the text, the box's heart will spin and they can open the lid to see it on the screen. Sweet and sentimental, it's a great gift that'll make a virtual message feel much more intimate than an ordinary text, especially if you don't see each other that often.

2. Thoughtful Care Package

spa care package valentine's day gift
Photo: kismetbyme

A thoughtful care package is a sweet way to let your valentine know you're thinking of them and is guaranteed to give them a little boost during the day. This box of goodies includes herbal tea, a mug, lounge socks, a scented candle and a small jar of honey—basically everything they need for an evening of R&R. There's even an option to add a sweet greetings card that reads "Sending You Love and Hugs" for an extra special touch.

3. Cute Coffee Mugs

two mugs for soulmates coffee gift
Photo: Amazon

Sometimes, the best long-distance valentine's gifts are also the simplest, as this cute pair of mugs clearly demonstrates. Made from stoneware, they feature an adorable illustration of a couple using a cup and string to talk to each other from a distance, with a little heart motif adding a romantic touch. Your partner will be reminded of you every time they make their morning coffee in theirs, as will you with your matching cup.

4. Colorful Touch Lamps

colorful touch lamps for the best long-distance valentine
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Searching for a long-distance valentine's gift that's sweet and practical? Look no further than this colorful touch lamp from Uncommon Goods. This glowing light has smart features that allow you to "communicate" with your partner when you're apart—simply tap one lamp and it will illuminate both, letting them know you're thinking of them at that very moment. You'll get top marks for creativity with this unique gift.

5. Birth Flower Necklace

birth flower necklace valentine's day gift
Photo: Made by Mary

A stylish jewelry gift is always a good idea, no matter how long you've been dating. This elegant pendant from Made by Mary takes inspiration from your partner's birth flower and can be stacked alongside up to two other stamped discs of your choice. Pick the month you met, when they were born or any other time that's significant to them for a Valentine's Day gift that's layered with meaning.

6. Adventure Challenge Travel Edition

Adventure Challenge Travel Edition gift
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

While you may not see each other often, being in a long-distance relationship is a great excuse to travel a bit more. The next time you meet up for a road trip, gift your love this cool scratch-off notebook from The Adventure Challenge. It's designed specifically for traveling and is filled with fun activities you can do while you're on the go. Can't wait until then? Send it to them in the mail, along with confirmation of your upcoming travel plans, so they can look forward to using it with you.

7. Unique Wall Art

personalized wall art from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Do you and your partner live at opposite ends of the country? Embrace the distance (and your home state pride) with this unique piece of wall art. This framed keepsake features a 3D image of two interlinked hearts, each displayed within your chosen state. It's a super sweet way to celebrate your romantic connection and remind your partner that your love really can go the distance.

8. Relationship Journals

relationship journals for the best valentine's day gift
Photo: BestSelf

Valentine's gifts for long-distance couples are all about celebrating that special connection you share—and making time to maintain your unique spark. With this pair of relationship journals, you and your partner can focus on building intimacy and sharing your appreciation for one another. They're filled with prompts to help you recognize the positives in your lives, as well as areas you can work on. Bonus: This bundle includes an online course to help you complete your journals together.

9. Soundwave Art

personalized soundwave art for valentine's day
Photo: VoiceAndSound

Here's a really great valentine's gift for long-distance relationships: A piece of art created from a soundwave of your voice saying "I love you" fused onto aluminum. Wherever your partner chooses to display it in your home, this one-of-a-kind keepsake will always remind them of you. Have a special song you'd prefer to reference instead? Use a snippet of your chosen track for an equally touching tribute to your long-distance love.

10. Touch Bracelets

touch bracelets for the best long-distance gift
Photo: Bond Touch

Great long-distance Valentine's Day gift ideas don't stop here. This pair of touch bracelets is a really clever way to help you feel connected to your significant other. Once you touch your bracelet, it will immediately send a special light and vibration code to your partner's corresponding one. How's that for a romantic jewelry gift with a difference?

11. Personalized Love Letter

Personalized Valentine's love letter in a bottle gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

Charm them the old-fashioned way by sending them a personalized love letter in the mail. This one comes rolled up in a glass bottle that features both your names inside a heart. The bottle is filled with silver confetti, and the letter includes the date and your personal message. It's sure to woo them all over again.

12. Custom Star Map

Personalized star map for the best long-distance relationship gift
Photo: Twinkle In Time

No matter how far apart you two are, you're always under the same sky. Celebrate this simple (and romantic!) fact, as well as the day the stars aligned in your relationship, with this custom constellation map. Add your names, a sweet quote or even the coordinates of your first date location for a super meaningful keepsake that may provoke a few happy tears.

13. Stress-Busting Pillow

stress relief pillow for long-distance valentine's day gifts
Photo: Bearaby

Being apart for long periods of time can be stressful, especially when you can't just cuddle with each other to feel better. Help your partner navigate those tricky times with this stress-busting pillow from Bearaby. Available in three sizes, it's made from squishy plant-based foam covered in 100% organic cotton and is guaranteed to help them relieve any built-up tension. It's a thoughtful and helpful gift that's (almost) as good as curling up together on the sofa.

14. Forget-Me-Not Grow Kit

Forget-Me-Not Grow Kit
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Want to show your long-distance S.O. just how much you miss them? This forget-me-not grow kit could be the answer. It comes with everything they need to cultivate these dainty blue flowers (which symbolize love and memories), including a glass pot, soilless medium and seeds. As well as being a heartfelt and creative gift, it will help keep them occupied and a little less lonely while you're apart.

15. Matching Couples Sweatshirts

matching couples hoodies for valentine's day
Photo: Walmart

Don't be afraid to embrace your goofy side when picking an LDR valentine's gift for your love. These matching sweatshirts are just the right side of cheesy and will remind your partner how much you adore them. Each one features half of a message that comes together to read: "I love you to the moon and back" when you're reunited. Throw them on for your next video call and enjoy the novelty of coordinating with your long-distance love.

16. Instant Photo Printer

instant photo printer gift for valentine's day
Photo: Best Buy

If you spend hours scrolling through your phone looking at photos from your dates, chances are your partner does too. Encourage them to transform their favorite social media snaps into some home decor (or a fun project) with this pocket-sized photo printer. This portable gadget connects to their phone using Bluetooth and can print high-quality color images in seconds—allowing them to create display-worthy keepsakes. Bonus: The printer comes with 10 sheets of photo paper to help get them started.

17. Romantic Mapmaking Class

Romantic Mapmaking Class
Photo: Uncommon Goods

What better way to celebrate your long-distance relationship than a personalized map of your love story? With this online mapmaking class from Uncommon Goods, you and your partner can create your own artwork in a cool date-night experience. During the 90-minute virtual tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a visual timeline of your relationship, like your first date, anniversary or even Valentine's Day. Bonus: This class comes with all the supplies you'll need, so you won't have to stock up beforehand.

18. Engraved Keychains

Personalized engraved keychain gift
Photo: thelightandthedark1

You don't always have to splurge to find a meaningful long-distance valentine's gift for your S.O. This stainless steel keychain may be simple, but it's deeply symbolic. It's laser engraved with two states, countries or provinces of your choice, which are connected by a dotted line and a heart. The materials are waterproof and tarnish-resistant, so they won't fade (just like your enduring love).

19. Leather Jewelry Case

Leather Jewelry Case gift for valentine's day
Photo: Mejuri

If your other half is always traveling to visit you and likes to look good while doing it, they'll appreciate this practical (and stylish) gift. This leather jewelry case comes with compartments to stash rings, bracelets and necklaces and is perfect for getting dolled up on the go. Choose from two colors (black or beige) and add your partner's monogram to the outside for a personalized finish. Feeling extra generous? Hide a new piece of jewelry inside to really wow them.

20. Cute Heart Earrings

cute heart earrings for the best long-distance valentine's gift
Photo: Gorjana

Whether you're looking for a new relationship gift or something for your long-term love, you can't go wrong with a piece of jewelry. These gold-plated huggie earrings are super cute and feature a pretty heart charm for a romantic touch. They look equally great worn alone or stacked with other studs and are sure to become a firm favorite in your partner's jewelry collection.

21. Stylish Overnight Bag

stylish overnight luggage gift for valentine's day
Photo: BÉIS

Ensure your S.O. is prepared for any upcoming trip with this stylish overnight bag from BÉIS. With a roomy interior and a separate shoe compartment, this gorgeous tote makes packing nightmares a thing of the past. It also has a zipper pocket on the back that transforms into a handy trolley sleeve for easy toting at the airport. Choose from a variety of colors, including black, pink and navy, to suit your partner's tastes.

22. Custom Couples Scrapbook

personalized couples scrapbook for valentine's day
Photo: RedBerryGuestBooks

No matter how long you've been dating, you and your partner probably have many highlights from your time together. Gift your S.O. this custom scrapbook as a long-distance valentine's gift that doubles up as a project they can work on while you're apart. The binder features a cherry or maple wood cover engraved with your names and sheets of lined paper or cardstock inside to record memories like date nights, holidays, birthdays and more. Our tip? Send this to them with a few of your favorite snapshots or ephemera collected from past date night experiences.

23. LEGO Valentine's Bear

LEGO Valentine's Bear gift
Photo: Walmart

Is your partner a big kid at heart? Show some appreciation for their playful side with this valentine-themed LEGO set. It comes with 150 brick pieces they can assemble to make a cute bear holding a heart-shaped balloon for a long-distance relationship gift that's equal parts fun and sentimental.

24. Romantic Cabin Getaway

romantic vacation for the best long-distance valentine's day gift
Photo: Getaway

Okay, so a romantic cabin getaway may not technically be an LDR gift, but we think it's worth bending the rules for. If you want to sweep your partner off their feet, book a relaxing weekend trip so you can celebrate Valentine's Day together. Getaway offers cozy cabins located within a couple of hours of major cities (including Dallas, Portland and New York), which hopefully will make working out the logistics a little easier.

25. Flower Gift Set

floral arrangement gift for valentine's day
Photo: 1-800 Flowers

Flowers will always be a classic romantic gesture, especially when they arrive in the shape of a cute puppy. This uniquely formed arrangement is crafted from white carnations and comes in a woven basket for a thoughtful presentation. Red and pink roses and a pretty bow add the finishing touches to this charming floral sculpture. Animal lovers will really fall for this one.

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