15 Couples Subscription Boxes for a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Keep the spark alive with a weekly, monthly or quarterly surprise.
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Updated Nov 10, 2022
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Bonding over new experiences is a great way to strengthen relationships—it can spark meaningful conversations, encourage emotional vulnerability and ultimately, increase feelings of security. So, if you're looking for a gift for your partner or a couple you know, a subscription service is a romantic and thoughtful option. That's why we've scoured the web to find the absolute best subscription boxes for couples. Whether you need a wedding, anniversary or holiday present for two lovebirds or you're shopping for your special someone (and yourself), one of these regular deliveries is sure to satisfy.

1. A Subscription Box for Gamers: UnboxBoardom

Couple playing board game subscription box gift idea
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Giftable plans:

  • Gaming Guru (monthly): $34/box for 1 month, $33/box for 3 months, $32/box for 6 months, $30/box for 12 months

  • Casual Gamer (bimonthly): $34/box for 1 shipment, $31/box for 6 games over 12 months

  • Board Game Beginner (quarterly): $34/box for 1 shipment, $32/box for 4 games over 12 months

If friendly competition is their thing, this is the ideal subscription gift for them. Monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, UnboxBoardom ships recipients a new board game—perfect for couples to play (and master) together. Better yet, gamers can choose the specific game before each delivery, ensuring they always get something appropriate for two players. And gifting is a breeze. You can add a personalized message at checkout and specify when the digital card should be sent to alert them of their present. Make sure to use the code KNOT20 for 20% off your first shipment!

2. A Subscription Service for Gourmands: Mouth

Mouth snack subscription box for couples

Indie States of America plans:

  • Pay monthly: $60/box

  • Prepay 3 months: 3 deliveries, $60/box

  • Prepay 6 months: 6 deliveries, $57/box

  • Prepay 12 months: 12 deliveries, $54/box

If you fell in love with a foodie—or know two foodies in love—you'll fall for this subscription service. Mouth delivers curated boxes of sweet, salty and crunchy goodies so their pantry is never empty. There are monthly subscription boxes for couples who love pickles, cheese and more. Simply pick what best suits their taste preferences and select the duration of the subscription. Need help deciding? We recommend the Indie States of America box, which gives couples the chance to taste the country's best flavors without leaving their home. Once you receive your order confirmation, you can forward the email to present your gift.

3. A Quarterly Houseplant Delivery: Lively Root

Quarterly plant delivery subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • Easy Care Plant Gift Club: 1 plant every 3 months for a year, $152 total for small plants or $200 total for medium plants

  • Pet-Friendly Plant Gift Club: 1 plant every 3 months for a year, $200 total

  • Rare & Special Plant Gift Club: 1 plant every 3 months for a year, $210 total

Whether you're shopping for newlyweds moving in together for the first time or your partner with a green thumb, a plant delivery service is a great gift idea. Lively Root sends quarterly boxes of either easy-to-care-for, pet-friendly or rare plants for the couple to tend to. Plus, the greenery comes with care instructions so they know exactly what to do with each delivery. Just make sure to mark your purchase as a gift when you're checking out—that way, you can write a personal message to the recipient(s) and even choose gift wrapping for an additional cost.

4. A Cocktail Subscription Box: Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon cocktail subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • 1-month gift: $59

  • 3-month gift: $169 ($56/box)

  • 6-month gift: $319 ($53/box)

  • 12-month gift: $599 ($50/box)

Shopping for a pair of mixologists? Love concocting drinks with your partner? Help them discover new creations each month with a specialty craft cocktail subscription. Shaker & Spoon delivers everything they need (besides the liquor) to make artisanal beverages right from the comfort of home, like Italian-inspired spritzers and whiskey-based elixirs. Each box comes with four recipes and enough ingredients for four servings of each—which means there's more than enough for two people. Choose the subscription duration, then Shaker & Spoon will send an e-gift card to be redeemed. The brand also offers cute printables to supplement the email so you can hand them something in person too.

5. A Meal Delivery Service: Blue Apron

Blue Apron meal delivery subscription box for couples

The details:

  • $70, $140 or $280 meal e-gift card

  • Gift cards can be used toward any meal subscription plan

Kick things up in the kitchen with a meal kit subscription suitable for couples. Blue Apron sends everything needed to make two servings of two, three or four chef-designed recipes each week—hello, cooking as a team; goodbye, grocery lists. Give a gift card so the pair can build a personalized plan that works for them (think: quick-and-easy recipes or veggie-only dishes). It's an especially great subscription box idea for engaged and newly married couples, because it takes one less thing (meal planning) off their very full plates.

6. A Record Subscription Membership: VYNL

VYNL record subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • Trio 1 Month: 1 delivery of 3 records, $40

  • Triple Triple 3 Months: 9 records across 3 deliveries, $120 total

  • BFF 12 Months: 36 records across 12 deliveries, $420 total

Music buffs usually agree that albums sound better on a record player. Anytime you're shopping for someone in that camp, VNYL makes a great subscription gift. This fun and unique service connects couples with new—you guessed it—vinyls. The recipient creates a profile so the music matchmakers know what they like, taking all the pressure off you. Each month, they'll get three new albums so they can jam out to new music or set the ambience of an at-home date (the retro aspect makes things all the more romantic). You can send them a gift box with their unique invite code to set up a membership or, if you're shopping last minute, send them a digital invite over email.

7. A Mystery Box for Couples: Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer crime and mystery subscription box for couples

Membership gift cards:

  • Full Season Pass: 6-month subscription, $165

  • Double Season Pass: 12-month subscription, $300

Do they love true crime podcasts? Do they also think they could solve a murder themselves? Hunt A Killer is a really fun monthly subscription for couples who are obsessed with mystery. Every month, they'll receive a box filled with different clues, from autopsy reports to witness statements. Then, over the course of six boxes, or "episodes," they'll work together to find the suspect. Gift the detectives one season of Hunt A Killer (six months) or two (12 months) so they can play whodunit themselves. Their gift card will ship in a miniature Hunt A Killer box so they have something to unwrap before going online to pick which story they want to embark on.

8. A Subscription for Caffeinated Couples: Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee subscription box for couples

Gifting options:

  • 2 bags: $40

  • 3 bags: $60

  • 6 bags: $108

  • 9 bags: $162

  • 12 bags: $216

  • 24 bags: $430

Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning to discover your spouse used the last of the coffee? Avoid a shortage with Trade, one of the best subscription boxes for couples with a caffeine dependency. The company delivers ground or whole coffee beans from the nation's top roasters right to your door. Just choose how many bags you want to gift your spouse (and, thus, you), then they'll be emailed a digital gift card. From there, they fill out a quiz on their taste preferences and choose a delivery frequency (available in weekly increments). Now, next time you make morning coffee, you have enough to make two cups.

9. A Monthly Tea Subscription: Atlas Tea Club

Atlas Tea Club loose leaf monthly tea subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • 3-month gift: 3 deliveries of 2 bags each, $65 total

  • 6-month gift: 6 deliveries of 2 bags each, $109 total

  • 12-month gift: 12 deliveries of 2 bags each, $199 total

If they prefer tea over coffee, don't worry—there's a couples subscription box for that too. Each month, Atlas Tea Club will send two new bags of loose-leaf, single-origin tea from places around the world (like Colombia and Indonesia) to brew and enjoy. Options include herbal tea, black tea, green tea or a sampler pack. Choose the first shipment day for a surprise in the mail or send an email letting them know their gift is on the way.

10. A Romantic Box for Couples: The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge subscription box for couples

The Adventure Box details:

  • $50/box for up to 9 months

  • The dates correspond with challenges in the Couples Edition activity book ($50 extra)

How about a date night subscription gift for couples to shake up their Netflix and chill routine? The Adventure Box subscription helps lovebirds spend quality time together without too much forethought. Every month, they'll receive the supplies needed for a unique at-home date (think: hand-stamping leather journals together) delivered right to their door. There's a total of nine curated boxes, and every date idea comes from the brand's best-selling Couples Edition book—an activity book filled with fun scratch-off challenges for couples.

11. A Sweet Subscription for Couples: Universal Yums

Universal Yum candy subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • Yum Box (5-7 snacks): $19/box for 1 month, $18/box for 3 months, $17/box for 6 months, $15/box for 12 months
  • Yum Yum Box (10-12 snacks): $33/per box for 1 month, $31/box for 3 months, $29/box for 6 months, $26/box for 12 months

  • Super Yum Box (15-18 snacks): $51/box for 1 month, $48/box for 3 months, $45/box for 6 months, $41/box for 12 months

This cool couple's monthly subscription box will introduce them to new candy from around the world—like iced tea wafer cookies from Thailand and passion fruit-flavored bubble gum pops from South America. It won't just satisfy their sweet tooth, it will also inspire their wanderlust. Choose the size of the goodie box you want to gift along with a duration (one, three, six or 12 months), then pick the first location you want them to taste. You can add a gift message to their first box or have them receive an email after it arrives letting them know who it's from and what the gift entails.

12. A Monthly Bubbly Subscription: The Sip

The Sip champagne delivery service subscription box for couples

The Sip e-gift cards:

  • 3 boxes: bimonthly over 6 months, $177

  • 6 boxes: bimonthly over 12 months, $330

  • 12 boxes: bimonthly over 24 months, $624

Champagne is a classic gift for couples, so why not up the ante for a special occasion like their wedding or an anniversary with a subscription of sparkling wine? The Sip Society will send a custom email to the recipients on the date and time of your choosing for them to redeem their personalized membership. Then, every other month for six months, a year or two years, they'll receive a curated box of champagne, allowing them to toast to their love regularly.

13. A Pasta of the Month Club: Sfoglini

Sfoglini Pasta Shop pasta subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • 3 months: 3 deliveries with 2 boxes each, $65 total

  • 6 months: 6 deliveries with 2 boxes each, $120 total

This is pasta-bly the best monthly couples subscription box on the list. If their go-to weekday dinner is a heaping bowl of spaghetti, make the dish better with Sfoglini's organic Brooklyn-made pasta, which is crafted with unique, locally sourced ingredients. The subscription will keep their cabinets stocked with signature noodles and seasonal varieties (like fennel in October or chili pepper in August, mmm!). Each box also comes with recipes and pairing suggestions from well-known chefs so they can up the ante on their pasta nights. Once you place your order, Food52 will email a printable gift note you can pass along to the intended recipients. Then, they'll get their first shipment in two business days. Che buono!

14. A Seasonal Home Decor Delivery: Decocrated

Decocrated home decor subscription box for couples

Gifting option:

  • E-gift cards are available for $50, $100, $200, $250, $300 or $350

  • Gift cards can be applied to box memberships, add-on boxes or shop purchases

If their house is the go-to spot for all holiday parties—we're talking Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth—then they'll love to receive exclusive home decor products that are timeless and seasonal. A Decocrated membership for couples includes quarterly decoration deliveries plus access to the brand's online storefront to stock up on even more home treasures. Decocrated even provides members with styling tips so each piece sent or purchased is on its best display. Just send the couple an e-gift card to redeem a box subscription or shop add-ons.

15. A Charcuterie Subscription Box: Platterful

Platterful charcuterie kit subscription box for couples

Giftable plans:

  • Month-to-month subscription: From $75/box

  • 3-month prepaid subscription: 3 boxes, from $179 total

  • 6-month prepaid subscription: 6 boxes, from $349 total

Cheese and crackers and meats, oh my! Charcuterie is all the rage for dinner parties and date nights, but the process of purchasing and plating the perfect spread can be daunting. This subscription for couples will take out most of the legwork so they can have beautiful and delicious appetizers no matter the occasion. Each kit comes with cheeses, meats, crackers, spreadables and other accompaniments like dried fruits, olives, nuts or chocolate along with an instructional sheet and a video tutorial on how to lay everything out. Simply choose between large (feeds six to eight) or standard (feeds two to four, perfect for a couple) kits, then the amount of months you want to gift.
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