11 Best Men's Topcoats For Winter Weddings

Stay warm and look great all season long.
The Best Men's Topcoats for Weddings
Photos, left to right: Express, Suitsupply, Charles Tyrwhitt
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Nov 21, 2023
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Sometimes a flannel-blend suit or a tweed jacket isn't enough to shield you from the elements at a winter wedding. When the cold is too much, it's time for a men's topcoat. Weddings aren't often the time or place for a GORE-TEX jacket or a big puffer coat. You need a garment that serves equal parts fashion and function, something that looks like it belongs at a wedding but also gets the job done when it comes to keeping you warm. Topcoats are the sweet spot for this. These days most menswear brands have their take on the winter wardrobe staple, from J. Crew to Banana Republic to high-fashion brands–and most of these places make wedding-ready suits, too. They're available in a wide array of styles, colors, and fabric blends. If you're looking to pick up a topcoat for your wedding, here's everything you need to know to nail the look.

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What Is a Men's Topcoat?

A topcoat is a man's coat worn over a suit or other ensemble. It's not inherently formal but has a more formal look than a lot of other outerwear. Topcoats are secured by button fasteners and tend to be available in single or double-breasted cuts. They may feature high collars or flat lapels. They differ from overcoats in their break–while the former may reach your ankles a topcoat tends to hit around or above your knees. These garments are made of fabric blends like wool, flannel, and cashmere, which can give them a particularly luxe look and feel that's ideal for more events such as weddings.

The Best Men's Topcoats for Every Style

From solid peacoats in sedate cashmere or more accessible blends to timeless designs made modern by bold patterns, there is no shortage of great options out there for anyone looking to wear a topcoat to a winter wedding. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Bang For Your Buck: J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat

J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat for winter weddings
Photo: J. Crew

I know, I talk about J. Crew's Ludlow range a lot (and for good reason). This topcoat is an undisputed classic in a failsafe single-breasted three-button silhouette and is available in black, brown, and navy. It's under $600, though J. Crew is always running some sale or another, and it'll keep you warm against the elements while also protecting you against fleeting trends.

Size Range: 36S-46L

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Classic

Best Car Coat: Banana Republic Viedma Wool-Blend Car Coat

Banana Republic Viedma Wool-Blend Car Coat for winter weddings
Photo: Banana Republic

A car coat is a single-breasted coat with an elevated collar rather than lapels. Banana Republic's take on the silhouette, which comes in a beautiful brown herringbone with a quilted inner lining, is a showstopper that brings texture, dynamism, and warmth to any wedding fit.

Size Range: S-XL

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Classic

Best (Affordable) Cashmere: Quince Cashmere Overcoat

Quince Cashmere Overcoat for winter wedding attire
Photo: Quince

Cashmere coats don't come cheap, but Quince has your best budget-friendly option. For just $500 they'll get you fitted in a coat with a flowy drape that brings an air of elegance and a whole lot of comfort to any wedding look.

Size Range: S-XXL

Fabric: Cashmere

Fit: Classic

Best Oversized Fit: Todd Snyder Oversized Double-Breasted Topcoat

Todd Snyder Oversized Double-Breasted Topcoat for winter wedding attire
Photo: Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder's double-breasted topcoat comes with blown-up lapels for a look that's both fashion-forward and functional (they're gonna hold up great against the wind).

Size Range: XS-XXL

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Oversized

Best Affordable Option: Uniqlo Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat

Uniqlo Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat for winter weddings
Photo: Uniqlo

Uniqlo has long been the place to go for affordable clothing that over delivers on quality. Their topcoat is, predictably, a steal–a classic wool-cashmere silhouette for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay.

Size Range: XXS-3XL

Fabric: Wool, Cashmere

Fit: Classic

Best Twill Option: Polo Ralph Lauren Brushed Twill Topcoat

Polo Ralph Lauren Brushed Twill Topcoat
Photo: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's twill topcoat comes in a classic cut and an unconventional fabric blend. It's made from wool blended with brushed twill, giving the coat a unique texture and feel. A great addition to any wardrobe and that would pair great with a wedding suit.

Size Range: XS-XXL

Fabric: Wool, Twill

Fit: Classic

Best Taupe Coat: Suitsupply Taupe Overcoat

Suitsupply Taupe Overcoat for the best winter wedding attire
Photo: Suitsupply

If you're looking for a topcoat in the hazy beige-gray that is taupe, look no further. Suitsupply's taupe overcoat comes in a double-breasted cut with fashionable peaked lapels that will elevate any winter wedding suit.

Size Range: 32R-50L

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Slim

Best Statement Piece: Percival Car Coat

Percival Car Coat for the best winter wedding attire
Photo: Percival

Who said a topcoat has to be neutral? It might not fly at every wedding but if you're looking to make a statement (and the dress code allows for it) try Percival's gradient blue car coat.

Size Range: XS-XXL

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Classic

Best Plaid Coat: Express Plaid Double-Breasted Topcoat

Express Plaid Double-Breasted Topcoat
Photo: Express

If you're looking to bring some plaid to your winter wedding suit, Express's topcoat is a great way to do so. It comes in a bold check and a double-breasted cut, and it's a steal at under $300.

Size Range: XS-XXL

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Classic

Best Selection of Colors: Charles Tyrwhitt Wool Overcoat

Charles Tyrwhitt Wool Overcoat for the best men's winter attire
Photo: Charles Tyrwhitt

If you're looking for as wide a variety of color options for your topcoat as possible, look no further than Charles Tyrwhitt. Their classic single-breasted topcoat comes in ten colors as of publication, with plenty of choices for those looking to find the right fit for their suit.

Size Range: 36-46

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Classic

Best Two-Tone Collar: Rag & Bone Elias Heritage Wool Topcoat

Rag & Bone Elias Heritage Wool Topcoat for winter wedding attire
Photo: Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone brings a fashionable touch to their herringbone topcoat with a two-toned collar. Featuring black and the coat's regular herringbone, it's a small detail that makes a big impression.

Size Range: XXS-XXL

Fabric: Wool

Fit: Classic

How to Choose the Best Men's Topcoat for You

Choosing the right topcoat largely comes down to personal preference. The garment is meant to be versatile and play well with almost any outfit, so what you're ultimately looking at is finding the right style, color, and fabric that suits your personal taste.


With the exception of statement pieces and patterned topcoats (plaid is a popular style), topcoats tend to come in a handful of intentionally neutral colors. This allows for maximum versatility. After all, a neutral topcoat is one you can pair with any suit you own. Generally, topcoats come in black, brown (often a camel shade), and navy, with gray being another common option. The only thing to note here is that you may want to get a different topcoat color than the suits you wear most often. Navy on navy or black on black isn't a bad look, but you can bring some dynamic contrast to your fit by mixing neutral shades.


Topcoats most commonly come in a wool blend. It's a fabric that looks great, holds its shape, and can withstand the elements with ease. Topcoats that skew on the more luxurious side may come in cashmere blends or even full cashmere. The latter is worth the splurge and will look and feel great, but will require a bit more care in the long run when it comes time to clean it. Other popular topcoat fabrics include twill blends, which are a bit lighter than wool and drape differently.


Topcoats traditionally break around the knee or slightly above it. A fit like this is going to make your coat a bit more versatile outside of formal scenarios–a topcoat can be worn with a sweater and jeans as well as a suit. Coats with longer breaks are technically called overcoats and have a bit more of a formal vibe. They'll look great with a suit but might not look as good outside of formal events.


Unless you're going for a stylized fit (oversized coats are fairly fashion-forward), a topcoat should have a classic fit. It shouldn't be too slim as you want to be able to fit a couple of layers underneath it (especially when it comes to suiting). Generally, you should be able to fit your hand comfortably between your topcoat and the layer beneath it when it's buttoned up.

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