Expert Ideas for Men's Winter Wedding Attire in 2024

'Tis the season for some of the year's sharpest and most festive fits.
The Best Men's Winter Wedding Attire Ideas of 2024
Photos, left to right: Grand Le Mar, Spier and MacKay, J. Crew
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Updated Oct 31, 2023
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I've already declared fall the best season for guys looking to get dressed up and I stand by that. That said, men's winter wedding attire comes in a close second, offering plenty of incredible wedding fits thanks to luxe fabrics and countless opportunities for layering. The drop in temperature also opens the door for seasonal accessories and unique touches that can elevate winter wedding looks for groomsmen, grooms, and guests alike. For everything you need to know to put together a great winter wedding outfit, including my personal edit of some of The Knot's favorite seasonal collections, read on. I promise to have you looking great while staying warm, regardless of the level of formality or your budget.

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What Is Men's Winter Wedding Attire?

Winter wedding attire for men reflects the changing weather, wedding venues, and seasonal colors. As the days get shorter and temperatures drop you're far more likely to see weddings taking place indoors rather than outdoors. You're also going to be more in need of suits made from fabrics that stand up to the cold. Flannel and wool blends are great for winter wedding season, as are three-piece suiting options (it never hurts to have an extra layer between you and the cold).

In terms of colors, this is a great time of year for suiting in saturated hues such as burgundy, emerald, and pine green. You can also incorporate these winter-friendly into accessories such as socks, pocket squares, and ties. If you're hosting or attending a black-tie or black-tie optional wedding, the hard work of picking out a great winter wedding outfit is done for you–winter is a great time of year for tuxedos and a shawl-collar feels perfect for the season. On the other hand, less formal dress codes see a significant break from what you'd expect during the warmer months of the year.

Men's Formal Winter Wedding Attire

For a black-tie or black-tie optional wedding, your best bet is to go with a tuxedo. It's the perfect time of year for one given the generally festive vibes and you won't run the risk of showing up underdressed. For formal dress codes where a tuxedo may not be required of you, this is the ideal time to dive into winter suiting. Glen plaid is a winter suiting mainstay and entirely appropriate for a wedding around this time of year. The season also allows for thicker suiting fabrics such as flannels and thicker wools. Corduroy is also a great left-of-center pick for a winter wedding suit but can skew a bit more casual depending on how you style it. In terms of style, three-piece suits are great for winter weddings but don't sleep on double-breasted ones–they'll have you looking like the sharpest dresser at any winter wedding.

Men's Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

Semi-formal winter weddings are where suit separates and turtleneck sweaters take the stage. Mixing suit separates is a year-round option for this kind of dress code and the options a winter wedding presents for putting together great combinations are tough to beat. Tweed jackets are a can't-miss look around this time of year, especially when paired with a dress shirt and a sturdy pair of trousers. This is also a great opportunity to work turtleneck sweaters into a winter suiting look. Try pairing a fine-gauge merino turtleneck with your favorite winter wedding suit for a dapper ensemble.

Men's Dressy Casual Wedding Attire

In short, it's sweater season. A dressy casual wedding doesn't require showing up in a suit, but it does require showing up in a presentable outfit. Leave the jeans at home for a wedding like this and pair your favorite winter sweater (cable knit is a surefire hit here) with a pair of nice pants (another great opportunity to work Glen check patterns into your wedding look) and maybe a sports coat for both warmth and an elegant finish to your winter wedding outfit.

If your winter wedding is outdoors, this is also the time to accessorize and layer accordingly. Topcoats are a foolproof winter wedding look that will also keep you toasty warm. When it's time to accessorize, wrap up in a warm scarf or leather gloves.

Winter Wedding Groom Attire Ideas

Are you walking down the aisle at a winter wedding? Take a pointer or two from us to ensure you look your best while you do it. Groom winter wedding outfits are a great opportunity to show off a great fit, from tasteful tuxedos to suave seasonal suiting. Look back on those wedding pictures with pride years from now thanks to some of our favorite winter wedding outfits for grooms.

Shawl Collar Season

shawl collar tuxedo from The Black Tux
Photo: The Black Tux

A shawl collar tuxedo is always a great look but there's something about one in winter that just looks right. Nail the look with this rental ensemble from The Black Tux without breaking the bank–for just over $300 they'll deliver a full wedding outfit directly to your door, shoes and accessories included. You've already got plenty to worry about when planning your wedding; this look will help you cross one thing off of that list with ease.

Don't Get Mad, Get Plaid

Plaid wedding menswear
Photos, left to right: J. Crew, Indochino, J. Crew

Plaids are a winter wedding outfit cheat code, instantly making for a great seasonal look. This made-to-measure option from Indochino comes in a great neutral plaid that pairs well with a classic white dress shirt and a tie in a seasonal fabric like wool or flannel. Consider this option for formal weddings, or for semi-formal ones (ditch the tie in this instance).

Earn Your Stripes

A striped blue suit, wedding menswear
Photos, left to right: Eton, Grand Le Mar, Proper Cloth

A double-breasted flannel suit in a bold pattern is a failsafe look for formal or cocktail attire winter weddings. To really shine, pair it with a spread-collar dress shirt and a solid or geometric-print tie in a fabric like silk.

Turtleneck Time

Cozy winter mens wedding wardrobe
Photos, left to right: Charles Tyrwhitt, Todd Snyder

Grooms looking to leave dress shirts at home can rely on pairing a great suit in a seasonal color or pattern with one of our favorite winter menswear staples: a turtleneck sweater. This plaid suit from Todd Snyder would look great with a fine-gauge turtleneck like Charles Tyrwhitt's black merino wool option at a semi-formal wedding.

It's Easy Being Green

Green suit, mens winter wedding attire
Photos, left to right: Beckett Simonon, Spier & MacKay

Deep greens are an easy way for grooms to nail a winter wedding suit for formal or black-tie optional. This option from Spier & MacKay blends this winter-friendly color scheme with another seasonal classic: the three-piece suiting option. With wide peaked lapels and the suit being available in slim and contemporary cuts, it's a look anyone can pull off. Finish it off with these beautiful black oxfords from Beckett Simonon, the king of accessible made-to-order dress shoes.

Men's Winter Wedding Guest Attire Ideas

As a guest at any wedding, you'll want to show up looking your best (without detracting from the groom). If you're going to be wearing a suit and find yourself in doubt as to whether or not it's appropriate for the event, always ask the couple first. It's a great way to make sure you don't show up wearing the same bold-colored suit as the groom or attend in a tux when they're getting married in a suit (a big no-no). Other than that, winter wedding attire rules apply equally to grooms and guests alike. Three-piece suits, wools, flannels, and sweaters are all game for winter wedding guest attire.

Call In Some Corduroy

A navy blue menswear ensemble for your wedding
Photos, from clockwise: J. Crew, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Wythe

Corduroy is a suiting fabric largely associated with fall weddings but in the right color, it can work just as well at a winter event. This deep navy option from J. Crew is the ideal shade. Wear it with a light blue oxford shirt and a striped tie for a perfect formal winter wedding outfit.

Break the Tweet Limit

A cozy winter wedding outfit for men
Photos, left to right: Bonobos, Banana Republic

Tweed is one of the most reliable winter wedding fabrics, and mixing and matching it with great suit separates will have you looking your absolute best at a semi-formal wedding. Try this jacket from Banana Republic with these brown dress pants from Bonobos–you won't regret it.

Check It Out

A chic winter menswear wedding wardrobe
Photos: Suitsupply

With a soft checked plaid pattern and a double-breasted fit that can't be beat, Suitsupply's light grey checked Havana blazer is an instant winter wedding classic for any nuptials with a dress code calling for a suit (especially when paired with a roll-neck sweater at a semi-formal wedding).

Cableknit Corner

A cosy menswear winter wardrobe
Photos, left to right: Madewell, Buck Mason, Huckberry

For dressy casual affairs, a cable-knit sweater is an easy look. Choose one with a chunkier knit and pair with a nice pair of dress trousers with a stylish pleat. Finish the look off with an unstructured blazer like this one from Buck Mason and you'll be the right amount of both dressy and casual.

Tips For Choosing Winter Wedding Groomsmen Attire

Dressing groomsmen for a winter wedding? Fear not. It's easy to have your wedding party looking great in seasonal winter suiting and accessories. That said, you'll want to keep in mind that any options should be accessible and easy for your wedding party to order en masse. A complicated look is a great way to ensure someone shows up on the big day with a piece that doesn't match the others. Outside of streamlining things, here are some of the best tips for winter wedding groomsmen attire.

  • For Tuxes, Go With Rentals: If you plan on having your groomsmen dress in tuxedos for your winter wedding, rentals are the best way to ensure coordination. Brands like The Black Tux and Generation Tux make it easy and affordable for your loved ones to have matching suits and accessories delivered to their door (plus returns are a breeze).

  • Bring Out Color With Accessories: Want to add a pop of seasonal green to your groomsmen's outfits? Feel like a bit of festive red? Matching accessories are a great way to accomplish this. A pocket square, tie, or matching boutonniere set (mistletoe, anyone?) is a great way to get your groomsmen looking ready for your winter wedding wonderland. Is snow in the forecast? You can even go with a set of coordinated scarves for an accessory that's just as fashionable as it is functional.

  • Keep the Weather in Mind: Even if you're getting married in an indoor venue, don't leave your groomsmen out in the cold. Remember that seasonal fabrics such as thick wool and flannel are just as much about staying warm as they are looking great. If it's possible to coordinate outfits in winter-friendly fabrics, do so. Your groomsmen will thank you when that winter air hits them.

  • Save the Patterns for the Groom: A groom should stand out from his groomsmen, and a great way to do this is to select groomsman suits in a solid color while opting for a pattern for yourself. This works best if you all plan on wearing suits rather than tuxedos (which tend to come in solids). A classic choice such as a glen plaid will ensure your suit pops against your groomsmen's solid ensembles.

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