8 Premarital Counseling Services Across California for Couples

Find premarital bliss in the Golden State.
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Updated Jun 13, 2024

Whether you've just popped the question and they said yes (congratulations!) or you've been on the California wedding planning train for a while now, every couple can benefit from a little premarital counseling. Going together for premarital counseling in California is a way to not only solidify the health of your partnership, but bring important topics to the table, so you're both on the same page before the wedding day.

To get started, there are many wonderful counseling apps to consider, of course. Fortunately, though, if you and your honey prefer IRL sessions, you can use our officiants and premarital counseling section of The Knot Vendor Marketplace. Just visit the page, and filter to "wedding events" and select "premarital counseling." It's super easy. For now, to help kick off your counselor search, we've got a few premarital counseling California options—both for wedding officiants and couples' counselors—below.

The Marriage Minister in Fresno, California

Looking for premarital counseling in Fresno, CA? The Marriage Minister is run by Erica Rose, an ordained minister with more than fifteen years of experience in helping couples, both pre-marriage and beyond. With a degree in psychology and a passion for successful marriages, Rose is an excellent and caring counselor. While she considers herself non-denominational, she has helped partnerships find the path toward marriage through Christian faith and start their lives together on the right foot.

Happy Humanist in Riverside, California

Are you and your lover more spiritual than religious? Not all counselors are of the religious variety. In fact, for the Happy Humanist, a premarital counseling service in Riverside, CA, your counselor could be one who specializes in working with LGBTQIA+ couples and uses modalities outside of faith-oriented counseling. If you want someone to walk you through pre-marriage questions, and then be the one to seal the deal, the Happy Humanist could be the one for you.

Trellis Family Coaching in San Francisco, California

If you're in the San Francisco area, Trellis Family Coaching is a premarital counseling option in California for couples looking to strengthen their bond, get to a deeper level of emotional intimacy and communicate about the things that matter most. Founded by Brian Kim, a husband and father of two, Trellis provides many different counselors to fit any couples' needs. After a brief interview process, they'll match you with someone who can help you and your spouse build a foundation to last a lifetime.

Allison Adamovic, LMFT in Long Beach, California

Just got engaged? Consider booking an appointment with Allison Adamovic, a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in helping newly engaged couples find their footing and help them work as a team the moment they tie the knot. Located in Long Beach, this premarital counselor will be an amazing addition to your marriage.

Love Builders in Beaumont, California

Do you and your honey live more inland? This Inland Empire-based husband-and-wife duo Woodrow and Jaryn Thomas helps couples to make the most of the time before they say "I do" with premarital counseling in California. Love Builders not only work with coaching modalities to strengthen your relationship, but they can be a couple's right-hand man, right down to being at the altar.

Daniela Stevens Sex & Intimacy Coaching in San Jose, California

Maybe you and your partner are looking to discuss more than just having children and finances—like learning how to keep the spark alive in intimacy long after marriage. For Daniela Stevens, a premarital counselor in San Jose, her focus is on building a foundation of intimacy that will bring couples closer together, encourage them to share their desires and become one with another. She uses modalities like somatic attachment therapy, neuroscience, holistic healing and trauma healing to bring couples together again and again.

Father Jeremy Bellamy in Santa Barbara, California

Are you and your partner both Catholic? If you're looking to stay within Catholic Church marriage requirements in California premarital counseling and want someone who works in the Catholic faith, then Father Jeremy Bellamy could be the right fit for you. He has more than 50 years of experience as both a minister and counselor, helping couples to set a faith-based foundation for their marriage and say "I do" in the ways of the Catholic church.

Tracy Thomas Services in Rialto, California

Bring every conversation to the table with premarital counseling in California with Tracy Thomas. Tracy has more than 20 years of experience helping couples begin their next chapter together through a non-judgmental, safe environment. Plus, with her woman-owned and black-owned business, she offers wedding officiant services for individualized wedding ceremonies.

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