7 Options for Premarital Counseling in San Diego, California

Say "I do" to building a strong foundation for your marriage.
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Updated Jun 10, 2024

Did you know that counseling is not just for navigating marital issues, battling hard times or learning better ways to cope when life gets you down? That's right, even in a time of total bliss—like, for example, after getting engaged to the love of your life and planning your picture-perfect day—premarital counseling is a wonderful way to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. And luckily, if you're on the West Coast, there are tons of premarital counseling options in the San Diego area.

"Premarital counseling lays a crucial foundation for a lasting marriage," Mike Worley, a certified premarital counselor with over 15 years of experience tells The Knot, "It helps engaged couples talk about key topics like communication styles, conflict resolution, financial expectations and even family planning." Plus, research indicates that couples who invest in premarital counseling are 30% less likely to seek divorce.

Whether you and your future spouse are looking to learn more about finances, your sex life or even how you both will handle the good and more challenging times in your marriage, you can always find a great premarital counselor with us. And while counseling apps might seem like the way, sometimes an IRL counselor can be a better experience. With us, choosing the right one is super easy—just visit our Officiants & Premarital Counseling page, and then filter to "Wedding Events" and select "Premarital Counseling"—and you're sure to find a counselor that fits you and your honey's needs.

But to help kickstart your search, we've got seven recommendations for premarital counseling in San Diego to check out, below.

Dr. Gail Smith in Del Mar, California

Are you on the hunt for premarital counseling experts in San Diego? Well look no further. Dr. Gail Smith, a pre-wedding counselor and ordained minister, has been in the counseling game since 1976 and specializes in a Christian approach to learning about yourself (and your future spouse!) With other Christian premarital counseling San Diego options out there, we think Dr. Smith is high on the list.

Jennifer Warkentin in La Jolla, California

If something starts with a great foundation, it's bound to last. Whether you're thinking of buildings or relationships, licensed family and marriage therapist Jennifer Warkentin believes that premarital counseling has the power to set the foundation for your happy marriage, helping it to last a lifetime. While she's not affiliated with any specific religion, her approach spans to a broader view, helping couples of any background to succeed.

Bernard and Priscilla Chen in San Diego, California

Struggling to find premarital counselors in the San Diego area? With Bernard and Priscilla Chen, two licensed therapists with expertise in helping couples to leap into the next steps of their relationship with confidence, may just be the duo for you. While they cater to any couple's premarital counseling needs, they prioritize helping folks to find the right tools and support to begin marriage on the right foot. Plus, they're available for in-person sessions or telehealth, too.

Rev. Rachel Ministry in San Diego, California

For couples who are looking for a premarital counselor with a Christian background, Reverend Rachel might be 'the one' to help you marry 'the one.' With an open and affirming ministry, she helps couples of all backgrounds—from different gender identities to different sexual orientations—to celebrate and empower them to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Simple Marriages in San Diego, California

Looking for premarital counseling in San Diego that feels simple and casual? Simple Marriages, a service helping couples to feel less stress before and after marriage, could help. Plus, they can cater to anyone: non-religious folks, those who consider themselves religious, LGBTQIA+ couples and more. If you want premarital counseling that feels easy, simple and above all, rewarding, check them out.

Spark Discipleship in San Diego, California

Are you a couple looking specifically for Christian premarital counseling San Diego options? Mike Worley and his wife, the owner's of Spark Discipleship, take the approach of guiding couples toward Christ-centered marriages. They incorporate a blend of biblical teachings and practical tools, plus, they address things like intimacy, finances and communication.

Before "I Do" in San Diego, California

Nothing has to be wrong with your relationship for counseling to be helpful. That's what Jennifer Chappell Marsh, a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Diego, firmly believes. In fact, she believes it so much that she offers 'Before 'I Do' packages to couples, to show them more about themselves and what counseling can be, even when nothing is "going wrong." Using the Prepare-Enrich method and the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) approach, she is available to help you start your marriage off on a healthy and beautiful note.

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