Do You Need to Include a Meal Selection on Your RSVP Card? Here's What We Think

It might not seem glamorous or aesthetically pleasing—but is it necessary?
by The Knot

Knowing your guests' meal choices prior to your wedding day will help you (and your vendors) immensely—especially if you're having a seated dinner. Your caterer (or reception space, if that's who's catering your wedding) will need the numbers to know how much of each dish to prepare. In fact, they'll probably request the information in advance.  

(But even if you're having a buffet or family-style meal, you'll be happy to be aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions in advance too.)

Oddly enough, incorporating a meal selection option on your RSVP card has previously gotten a bad rap. It may not seem like the most glamorous or aesthetically pleasing thing to add to your RSVP cards, but we'd say it's pretty necessary and no longer considered "tacky" at all—and there are tons of ways to get creative with it. You can have the info printed on the response card itself, or on a separate card included in your invitation suite. You can keep it simple (Menu Selection: Chicken__Fish__Beef__) or make it a little more casual (What would you like to eat? Check one! Chicken__Fish__Beef__).

Basically, do whatever suits your style (and taste buds). 

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