Q&A: Invitations: Include Reception Entree Options?


Our reception hall says that the menu choice (chicken, fish, or meat) should be given on the response card so that the count of how many of which meal can be given to them, not just the total head count. Is there an attractive way to do this? None of the response cards I have seen have listed any menu choices.


These days, more and more caterers are requesting this information beforehand, so brides and grooms are getting creative with their menu selection cards -- and no, it's no longer considered tacky to include it in your invites. You can have this information printed on the response card itself, or on a separate card that matches your invitations. Keep it simple (Menu Selection: Chicken__ Fish__ Beef__) or make it wacky (What would you like to eat? __Chicken, __Fish or __Meat? Check one!) -- whatever suits your style.

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