Wedding Gifts: Wedding Gift Value Etiquette?


We are paying for most of our wedding, which is quite lavish, and so far most of our wedding guests have given wedding gifts costing around $40 per couple. My sister's husband's parents gave us a $16 gift from our wedding registry. Is this an acceptable gift? What is the wedding etiquette for biting our tongues?


Bite hard. Although people generally do give them, wedding gifts are not mandatory. Their gift isn't necessarily of normal wedding-gift caliber but calling attention to that fact would be extremely rude. You don't necessarily know what their circumstances are; maybe they simply couldn't afford something more expensive. But even if they could, just let it go and send a gracious thank-you note. And remember that the amount of money you spend on your wedding -- and the amount the majority of your guests choose to spend on gifts -- has absolutely no bearing on what kinds of gifts you are "supposed" to get.

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