The Mental Wellness Guide

With the unexpected challenges of this year alone, The Knot's wellness destination is a place where you can explore several mental health-related topics, from getting sufficient sleep to taking the steps to go to therapy–all for yourself and your future.

Meet Our Experts

We tapped licensed experts and therapists to provide their insights into mental wellbeing and what that looks like for couples and individuals in 2022.
Alyssa Mancao - The Knot contributor

Alyssa Mancao, LCSW

Therapist & The Knot Wellness Contributor
Alyssa has a decade of experience working with individuals and families.
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Jeff Guenther - The Knot Contributor

Jeff Guenther, LPC

Clinical Counselor & The Knot Wellness Contributor
Jeff is a relationship and mental health advocate who's amassed a following on TikTok.
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