10 Slimming Accessories

Finally, hitting the mall can help you shed pounds.
by Heather Levine

Linear Earrings

Shoulder-skimming danglies can make round or heart-shaped faces look longer and leaner.

High Heels

Every inch in height is equal to about two pounds. We did the math: A pair of five-inch stilettos eliminates 10 pounds.

Oversized Clutch

If you're top-heavy, wear something that hangs below your waist. Bottom-heavy? Tuck the bag under your arm.

Long Gloves

Forget buying a gown with sleeves. A pair of gloves that stretch to your upper arms will hide any flab.

Large Pendant

A necklace with a large drop balances out your overall look and is especially flattering with gowns with wide straps.

Colorful Sash

Take inches off your tummy with a dark-colored sash. The contrast with a white gown will create a defined waistline. Strategic


Self-conscious about your hips? A well-placed pin at your neckline (or in your hair) will keep eyes looking up.

Lariat Necklace

Invest in a longer chain. Like vertical stripes, these knotted necklaces can make your torso look longer.

Floor-Length Veil

Fingertip- and elbow- length veils are beautiful, but they can cut your body in half. Chapel-length styles that hit the floor will stretch your figure.

Pointy Shoes

Whether or not you plan to wear heels, toes that come to a tip will make your legs look slimmer than rounded styles.

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